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Screwed up my prime rib - can it be saved

BTW, I am cooking these for Thanksgiving and it will only be for my hubby and myself, which is why I wanted the smaller cuts. Regarding the post about wrapping them in lettuce, my question is: Doesn't the lettuce get soggy and stick to the meat?

Screwed up my prime rib - can it be saved

So, do you think it would be ok for me to tie them together and cook them as I would prime rib and still get the same flavors? I ended up with 12 very thick steaks. I could have probably gotten more, but I cut the end pieces larger because they had the narrow tips on the ends. But, I did package two up that weighed almost 4 lb between the two steaks. Can you tell I have virtually no experience cooking prime rib? To add more to my embarrassment I didn't even know that prime rib was made from rib eye steak meat. The butcher must have had a real chuckle out of that when I asked about it. He actually turned a little red when I asked. Guess I should have investigated this a little more before attempting this, but the price was right and I did not have much time to do any research on it. I know that the boneless is a cheaper cut of prime rib, but for $3.99/lb, I couldn't pass it up. The meat market I purchased this from has a good reputation for their meat, so I thought I would try it.

Screwed up my prime rib - can it be saved

Yes, created giant ribeye steaks, but wanted prime rib.


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