Pasta With Chickpea Sauce

If using canned beans, why leave out the onion and garlic? Wouldn't I still want to add flavor?

Barbara Kafka's Tandoori Chicken

Anyone know how this sauce freezes? I just noticed that I also commented on this in 2012, but haven't made it since. My now 4 year old and 1 year old couldn't get enough. But I have a nearly full can of coconut milk leftover - I'd love to make a big batch and freeze to easily use next time.

Recipe Update: Even Better Vegan Mushroom 'Bacon'

Kenji, will you marry me?

How to Make the Best French Onion Soup

Dare I dream that if chicken stock can be used successfully, that a good homemade veg stock would work too??

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

For a special occasion I always have to try something new. My other copies of Baked books are very well loved (their caramel apple cake and pumpkin bread are requested over and over again), and it's time for a new one - this one looks perfect!

NY vs. DC for a Californian

NY. I'm a NYer living in DC. No contest.

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

This is always fun for the vegetarian, who just by nature orders a dish that's $10-15 cheaper, and doesn't share the shared appetizers that someone ordered for the table. Add in being pregnant and not drinking either. Usually someone notices the difference and automatically mentions I should pay less, but with larger groups it goes unnoticed and I end up paying close to double what I consumed.

What food would you miss most as a vegan?

Marshmallows. Please help me with a recipe Kenji! If anyone can help me, you can!

Petition for McDonald's to Add a Healthy, Meatless Item Reaches 90,000+ Signatures

Eh. I'm a vegetarian and have no desire to go to McDonalds - their fries are even made with beef based flavoring. It would take more than a veggie burger to get me to go there for any reason.

Craving Replacement Fail

OMG yes, the lemonade issue is a big one. I love fresh, and I make it myself all the time. When I was pregnant and craving it constantly, I would sometimes order it when we were out, or get it at a vending machine and it was awful. Made me want to cry. I only make it myself now.

Roasted cherry tomatoes

Never thought to freeze them...good idea! I like them for sandwiches and things, so it would be nice to have them on hand.
I roast them by slicing lengthwise, you can seed the bigger ones or if you're using plum tomatoes, face up on sheet, drizzle olive oil, salt, roast at around 200 for a couple of hours.

Start with a graham cracker pie crust....

I use them for apple pie when I'm in a rush - fill one with thinly sliced apples tossed with cinnamon and sugar and a little flour. Take another and crumble it completely, mixing it with honey until just moistened through. Use the honey graham mixture as a topping for the pie and bake.

How to Make a 7-Layer Candy Bar Dip and Become a Halloween Hero

This makes me so happy I want to shed tears of joy.

How to make apple pie for a group? Individual portions?

You can do disposable mini pie pans, but making them that small might screw up your crust to apple ratio...

advice: a vegan at an omnivore thanksgiving

Also, have your bf ask around in advance about what's on the table - to make sure there's no butter or chicken broth etc hiding in things that look harmless. It's better to ask in the kitchen before hand or the day in advance rather than at the table, potentially embarrassing the host, and then you end up with nothing on your plate, which is always awkward.

advice: a vegan at an omnivore thanksgiving

I always bring something that can serve as my main, and a side dish for everyone (one recent big hit was lentil "meat"balls with pesto). I also bring along a few things that are my tradition to make, since I miss being with my own family (like cranberry sauce), but we've been married as few years now and they're used to me.

5 Coffee Myths Debunked

Biggest pet peeve ever - places that don't have iced decaf. I'm pregnant and could live on the stuff, but too many places don't have it at all.

Other uses for an Air Popper?

When I saw so many replies, I clicked on this thread, wondering if I would regret having recently ditched my popper. No regrets, but glad I clicked. Thanks for the laughs!

if you make your own vanilla extract...

Again, too logical. I swear I usually have more common sense than this!

if you make your own vanilla extract...

Oops... I guess that would have been the smart thing to do. :)

a chemical smell/taste?

What kind of packaging is it in? Could it be a type of plastic container that's used? Sometimes those smell a little off to me.

Fresh Tomato and Caramelized Onion Jam

You have left me speechless. I NEED this. NOW!!!

Montreal Dining with a Vegetarian For poutine.

Marche Jean-Talon for piecing together a lunch of fun market foods - cheeses, veggies, crepes etc.

We didn't go anywhere particularly fancy, and since we were only there for a few days I was content to have croissants and crepes and cheese and other snack-like lunches. And beer.

Cliff Huxtable Sandwhich?

@lorenzo - That makes sense. I had no idea that Cliff was also supposed to be from philly. Though of course if I really want to be picky, teenagers would have rolled their eyes and said "Da-ad, it's CALLED a SUB". But I'll accept the explanation as is ;)

Cliff Huxtable Sandwhich?

Side question - why did he call it a hoagie if he was from NY??

if you make your own vanilla extract...

What do you do when you're at the end of a batch? I know you can reuse the beans indefinitely, right? But if I just refill the bottle with more vodka, it'll be diluted and unusable for a couple of months. (And hard core baking season is upon us!). How do you keep a fresh rotation when you're running out?

Need a great pizza tone

Since I moved out of NY I've been forced to make my own pizza. I'm getting pretty good at it, but I just CANNOT get a good crispy bottom crust. I'm using a round metal tray, good quality from a restaurant supply store, and still no crunch. I have a thermometer, and I can get my oven up to 500. I think it's time for a pizza stone.

Recommendations? I don't want to spend a lot, but I want something good. It'll be getting plenty of use!

Need a new twist on peach pie

Making a dessert for this weekend using fresh peaches. I'm thinking peach pie, but would love to add something to it to jazz it up. This group has a very sweet tooth, so probably not something alone the lines of ginger or spice. Any ideas?

Make ahead donuts

I make donuts a couple of times a year, but always serve them at home and fresh out of the fryer. I want to bring them to an event where they won't be eaten for several hours. Mine are never as good several hours later.

Any specific types of donuts that hold up better? Most recipes I'm finding say "serve hot".

78 through PA

I unfortunately find myself lately driving straight through PA on 78 in both directions fairly often. Any favorite places to stop along the way that isn't a chain?

candy packaging

I'm making wedding favors for a bride, and she wants 2 truffles in a box with a bow. What size boxes do I want, and what's the most cost effective place to order from?

I've looked at nashvillewraps and papermart, but the sizes vary as do the prices.

Removing blueberry seeds from puree

I just made a KILLER blueberry sorbet. But it just wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be. I strained it first through a wire strainer, but still seeds and smaller bits of skin. The flavor is fantastic, but how would I make it smoother next time? Food mill? Cheesecloth?

Chocolate raspberry dessert

DH's bday is approaching. When I ask what kind of cake he wants the answer is always chocolate with raspberry filling. I'm tired of making chocolate cake with raspberry filling. I like to experiment.

So help me one-up the boring go-to choice with something else chocolatey and raspberry-y.


Found a recipe using tamarind, and I had never bought it before. I assumed it was a powder, but could only find a paste.

Does a powder version exist?
How long does an open jar of the paste last?
Refrigerate or in the pantry?
Any other recipes I can try since there's a ton left over?


A hard core craving for sweets kicks in. You have no ice cream in the house. Just a well stocked baking cabinet - nothing fancy, but all the basics. What do you bake to curb the craving?

Cake donuts

Talk to me about cake donuts. I kind of want one of those donut pans (like a muffin tin, but round openings).

Would I just use a regular cake recipe for batter? Any recommendations on the pan? Tips?

Gluten free and vegetarian

What does a vegetarian hostess make for dinner for her gluten free friend? We used to just eat out, but now we're both broke and figured it makes more sense to stay in. Help!

latkes for a crowd

15 people. 75ish latkes. (last year I thought 3-4 per person and we ran out early)

What's the best way to make them so that I'm not standing over the stove the whole time, and they are eating them faster than I can cook them? My mom says fry in advance, freeze, and bake day of. Is that blasphemy?

Blue Potatoes

I have a bunch of blue potatoes, and company coming this weekend. Roast them? What else? Can't decide if the color is beautiful or a bit of a turn off...

Chanukah Menu help!

15 people, roast chicken, latkes, sufganiyot.

What else? I need sides and appetizers - vegetarian for the non chicken eaters, and non dairy.

Raising a baby foodie

The other post about "finish you food and then..." got me thinking. I never say to my son (2 years old) "if you finish your veggies you can have a cookie". I don't want there to be rewards for eating veggies, and I don't want to have to use cookies as leverage.

He's a pretty good eater, but I'm always looking to improve my strategy. Anyone have good tips on getting a 2 year old to try new things, or how to react if he doesn't like anything at all on his plate?

So far he's pretty good about being coaxed into taking just one bite, and putting it aside if he doesn't like it. On the rare occasion that he won't eat any of the items on his plate, I hate giving in to fruit or cheese or whatever easy alternative there is, but I never want to force him to eat anything he doesn't want.

Cake baking for a crowd help!

My friend just "hired" me to bake a cake for our friend's bridal shower. I've made some awesome cakes for smaller family gatherings, but for some reason I'm intimidated by the bigger crowd (maybe 30 people). And since she's paying me I can't mess this up!

Here are my questions:

How many people does a regular 9" layer cake feed? That's what I'm used to making.

Should I instead make a rectangular sheet cake?

If so - how? What size pan? Double the recipe and bake a bit longer?

Someone please talk me down, and tell me this is no harder than a round cake.

Tumeric stained pans

I've only recently started cooking more and more Indian style dishes. After last week's attempt which was very turmeric-heavy, I made quesedillas the next night. My tortillas turned yellow while cooking. I yelled at DH for not washing the pan well enough. So I washed it myself. The next night I pan fried some tofu... and my tofu turned yellow. Oops. Do I need to designate one pot as "turmeric only"? My favorite wooden spoon is also now yellow.

Make or buy paneer?

I've finally built up a few basic spices in the spice cabinet for Indian cooking and am trying to do more of it. I've done some nice bean and veggie dishes, and want to try some things with paneer. Where do I buy it? Or am I better off making it? I don't make a lot of cheese because I hate how much liquid goes to waste. What's my best option?

Home based food business

Does anyone have a home-based food business? Making a product in your home, packaging and selling it locally? I know there are regulations in terms of using commercial kitchens, but are there ways around that to get started since it's not worth the rental fees for a few small test batches? Any tips?

Vegetarian St Pat's Dish

I'm going to a potluck, and of course the host is making corned beef and cabbage. I'm in charge of the vegetarian main dish.

I want to make something green enough to be kitschy and fun, but also taste awesome. It's for a main dish, since there will also be some veggie sides, so I want something with at least a bit of protein. Some kind of green fritter type thing? No food coloring please, just veggies or beans....

Do I need a crockpot?

Everyone tells me I need a crockpot. Do I?

I'm a vegetarian, so recipes would be limited. If I make soups and stews, do they taste as good in the crockpot? Will it make my life easier? I prepare dinner from scratch just about every night, and use few prepared products and ingredients.

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