I am a former professional cook. I work as a food consultant & write a blog called My philosophy on food is that if it looks dead, I should try it. If it turns out to taste bad, I can always politely spit it into a napkin.

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  • Location: Washington DC
  • Favorite foods: Portuguese sweet bread, nutella, goat meat stew, saffron risotto, chocolate!
  • Last bite on earth: Good lord, this is a hard question. This is like asking me to choose my favorite Golden Girl. If I absolutely had to choose, I would pick double chocolate cheese cake with nutella ganache and hazelnuts sprinkled on top for good measure.

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Dinner For Unwanted Guests

You guys are cracking me up. Next time a person shows up unannounced for dinner I'm employing all the tactics recommended. I guess that means answering the door naked and telling them I'm having juiced spam and grilled chicken hearts for dinner. If all that fails, and they still come in for dinner, next time I'm turning off all the lights and hiding behind the couch.

What Are The 5 Things Everyone Should Know How To Cook

Ok everyone, I am sorry that I didn't see the policy about linking to my blog. I promise not to do it again!!!

What Are The 5 Things Everyone Should Know How To Cook

By the way, sorry to everyone that I ended up posting essentially the same topic twice on Talk (Five Things To Learn How To Cook To Get A Man). I didn't realize that the first one worked.

What Are The 5 Things Everyone Should Know How To Cook

Sorry to hear that you have to take a dump Tupper Cooks. It must be all the spam you insist on eating.

Favorite Food Joke?

101 beans walk into a bar & the bartender says "we don't serve beans alcohol." The beans say, "don't worry we're already baked"


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