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Where to Eat Chinese Food in New York City

"Yup, they do stinky tofu, and they do it well." - on Gu Shine

no. No they really don't.

Philadelphia: A Short Rib and Bone Marrow Burger at Ladder 15

@JacobEstes - no. Absolutely not. I'd prefer if we continue making up words and complaining.

@BigWoollyMammoth - please do! It does give off kind of a pretentious - douche - bro vibe, but the food isn't half bad. I can't think of many burgers I'd prefer in the immediate vicinity.

Philadelphia: A Short Rib and Bone Marrow Burger at Ladder 15

@texas blues - I dunno, but it's surely less than the number of adults who fail to realize how ridiculous using the term "foo foo" sounds

Looking For the Best Hand-Pulled Noodles in Chinatown, NYC

homogeneity - that is what this comparison needs. Putting eggs in some and duck in another upsets the uniformity of comparison.

On a side note, the photo of the noodles from Food Sing Corp 88 looks like it was prepared 清燉 vs. 紅燒... if that's actually the case, isn't it kind of unfair to call the broth bland? That's kind of what the name suggests.

Astoria, NYC: A Great Burger in an Unlikely Spot at Astor Bake Shop

"Ignore any of the advice you see on Yelp or Foursquare" that's all you had to say :)

those fries look unnaturally even in coloration/cooking. That is awesome to me haha.

Philadelphia Burger Brawl Roundup

@Kenji - nah, they have 'em. PYT does a really good thin classic cheeseburger, but most places like to do pub-style grilled burgers (which makes sense, since most places are bar-ish)

Philadelphia Burger Brawl Roundup

@sdfishtaco - you're right, the absence of McDonald's and White Castle really upset the balance of the competition. You should send them a letter so they're aware of this injustice.

Philadelphia: Sirloin and Tur-duck-en Burgers at Smokin' Betty's

@JeffreyP - holy crap you know your potatoes... and fries. I kind of just uh... put them in my mouth? Then I decide if I like them? Haha, I am clearly no expert on fried starch sticks. Definitely learned something today though!

@Erin - gimmicky yes. Totally delicious, also yes. I really like cranberry sauce in sandwiches. It should be a condiment option on everything.

@Rodzilla - to be honest... no. But that didn't detract the experience. It was mostly about the union of poultry, stuffing, gravy, and saaauce.

@jlewfoodie - werd. I'll probably get another one before I leave Philly.

Philadelphia: Sirloin and Tur-duck-en Burgers at Smokin' Betty's

@DavidPD - if turd tastes good...

@Burger365 - haha yeah, good eye. They're an add-on and not at all part of the standard burger, but I've gotten really bored with eating plain cheeseburgers all the time so I've gotten in the habit of adding frivolous toppings. It felt right at the time.

Chocolate Ancho Sorbet

what's to understand... you make ancho flavored syrup and a bowl of salty chocolate.

Then you hoard it.

Philadelphia: Fried Eggs and Cheeseburgers at Bridget Foy's

@sdfishtaco no one said it was new. I said it was good, and sorry... I forgot to convene the burger council to discuss what I'd be eating this week. I'll try to avoid that in the future.

Philadelphia: Fried Eggs and Cheeseburgers at Bridget Foy's

other people like medium-rare too? Good to know. Haha :)

@Adam - she's actually now running the ops apparently. I did not know this when I went (I actually thought it was a fictional name). In fact, I wasn't even planning on writing a review of the place until I saw the burgers.

'Travel + Leisure' Lists America's Best Burger Cities

good thing no one actually reads T+L. I'd know, I used to work for them.

Philadelphia is outraged.

AHT Giveaway: Fatty Melt Dinner for Two at Rub BBQ in NYC

I don't care if I win (nor do I think I'm even supposed to enter...)

but I'm gonna second the Luther Burger - for no other reason than to piss off the burger assholes purists :)

Philadelphia: A Surf and Turf Burger at Oyster House

@DavidPD - agreed. I have a great deal of love for a nice pungent bleu cheese, although this was a bit too much. I overheard a couple to the table next to mine ask for it on the side... seems smart.

@Burger365 - I love brioches :D (just an opinion, don't hate me). The bread definitely didn't detract in this situation, although I do agree there should be more bun diversity in Philly...

@sdfishtaco - yessssss, that sums up what I thought perfectly. Too much complication, not enough proper execution. The price is a tad high for what you get, but ignoring that... the beef is really really good.

New Burgers from McDonald's and MOS Burger in Japan

wait wait wait... so I'm paying MORE to get less? I demand they put my pesticides and fertilizers back where they belong.

Non-Beef Burgers on AHT: Way or No Way?

this is wack. I'm quitting if non-beef burgers wins.

Philadelphia: Cake Shakes and Round Burgers at Square Burger

@suerocks - oh. Good to know not to trust Yelp. Or 90% of the blogs in Philadelphia. Almost all of them were gushing over how great the burgers were... which makes no sense considering how good most of the pub burgers here are.

@Rodzilla - can't erase childhood memories man. I still associate French bread pizza with HS cafeteria pizza, regardless of how good it might be.

Gilbert's Craft Sausages; a great hot dog part3

@hotdoglover - just my opinion, but these are the types of things that belong in a blog post (hint hint)... not message boards for discussion. I have no problem with an opinionated post, but I can see why some would think this "three part series" sounds a bit... commercial?

Philly natives, please recommend a great cheesesteak place

I'm gonna assume everyone else is going to list the famous places so I'll leave that off the list... but Steak Queen on Penn's campus makes a cheesesteak marinated in soy sauce for something slightly different.

Aside from that there's the usual suggestions of Jim's and Cosmi's that are worthy of looking into.


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