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Weekend Cook and Tell: Meatless Mexican

Hi Folks

How about starting your day with some "Fresh 'n' Spicy Super Healthy Quesadillas", filled garden fresh veggies & richness of Pears + Citrus, check these out -

I have also tried this variation of Guacomole with some added tang in form of Tamarind paste, I call it " Tangy Avocado Chutney", check it out -

Both these recipes can be found here as well



Weekend Cook and Tell: Experimenting with Indian

Best thing I like about my Indian Cooking is use of yogurt in Curries, not many people realize how integral can yogurt be part of most indian curries, apart from providing consistency, texture & mouthfeel, yogurt counterbalances & compliments most of the spices. I Recently learnt how to marinate your paneer & veggies to barbecue them, & tried it - here's what you mike like to have a look at ;



Weekend Cook and Tell: Experimenting with Indian

Hi there

This is great, what better than Indian food to re-vitalize your senses.
Being an Indian I like playing with Indian flavors, creating various fusions with my favorites around the world.

You can find some decent varieties at my blog
Just finished posting recipe of "Shahi Tukda" a sumptuous Bread Pudding (Have a look !!!)

Here I am also Linking some of my posts at Photograzing...

let me know how you liked them