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Coffee Maker History: The Moka Pot

Can anyone offer suggestions for cleaning a Moka pot? Mine has gotten somewhat stained from years of use.

Do You Eat Out in New York on Halloween?

@tinybanquetcommitee, yup, on Fifth Avenue. I'll see you there next year, it's my Halloween tradition (after our trick-or-treater flow slows).

Do You Eat Out in New York on Halloween?

The amazing Mexican place in my hood - Nuevo Mexico - does an all-out "day of the dead" theme. All the servers dress up, they decorate the restaurant and kids trick or treat there. I frequent the place enough year-around, because the food is amazing, but this is the perfect day to make a trip there!!

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Parm at Forlini's

Forlini's eggplant parm is MUCH better than the chicken, which is good, but not great. I feel like by taking it out though, you're missing part of the reason you're going there in the first place...

I've also never been steered wrong by the recommendations from the staff!

Is The NoMad's $26 Brunch Chicken Sandwich Worth It?

What a great feature, as I've also wondered this about extremely expensive menus items, i.e. if it is mind-blowing I don't mind the price, but when its just meh, it could be defeating. Please keep letting your expert palate be our guide on expensive entrees!

10 Foods From San Francisco I Want to Bring Back to NYC

I am sorry but this list cannot be complete without ZANTE's Indian pizza. While you could argue that the Tartine Croissant is one-of-a-kind, you can find a much better than average one in NY in a pinch. But Indian pizza, alas I have yet to find here, I crave it. I would have it flown in if I could and instead just resort to a visit every time I am in SF.

Brooklyn: Grass-Fed Burger Bliss at Lot 2

I walk past this place all the time but now I will seek it out! Glad to hear you're moving to PS, I look forward to more reviews for the next time I have a burger craving!!

Cook the Book: 'My Bread'

Two words - football loaf. With roughly the same texture. I guess there was over-kneading involved?

'Cake Bible' Author Rose Levy Beranbaum Charged $25 'Forkage' Fee at The Breslin

although it could have been handled more tactfully, its not ok to bring outside food into a restaurant, and it actually irks me that people think her "celebrity" status should exempt her from this rule. being a good baker does not afford her to expect special treatment - i'm guessing dessert at the restaurant is most likely $9 per, so the restaurant could have charged her party $2 more for the three desserts she cost them.

btw- in her examples of "gracious" restaurants, to me it sounded like they were all cases where she had brought in a special dessert and cleared it with the well-known celebrity chef. therefore her complaints sound more like being annoyed they did not respect her fame than anything else...

Gadgets: Sodastream

I think the fact that people are so evangelical about SodaStream is that its really a fantastic product for seltzer lovers. I bought one after a co-worker was raving about hers, and I am probably directly responsible for about ten sales to friends of mine. As someone who used to go through about a liter of seltzer a day, its a lifesaver, like having a seltzer tap on the sink!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 104: My Five Rules for an Eat-All-Day Diet

Happy birthday Ed! Your rules are inspiring, and truly smack of what it takes to stay on a diet to see your goals through!!!

Mix It Up: A Bitter Opportunity

As a long-time Manhattan drinker, bitters is one conponant I would love to experiment with. Alas, I found out the hard way some flavors use tree nuts as an aromatic in the bitters recipe... and ingredients are not listed on the bottle.

Just a word of wisdom to those with allergies! For the record, Fee Brothers will tell you what's NOT in the bitters if you ask.

Has the NYC Department of Health Delcared War on Reheated Pizza Slices?

I remember in 2001, when the city was going through a bit of a recession the DOH ramped up violations to the ridiculous levels. This smacks of the same, coffer-filling behavior. Thank you Serious Eats for posting about this, getting the word out and the public angry will help to hold these fine-directed violations in check!!

Serious Heat: What's Your Secret Chili Ingredient?

Young's Double Chocolate Stout and beef shortribs, braised Italian style but in proper Mexican chili spices.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Fresh Southern'

My Italian Great Aunt would always serve so many traditional Italian sides, the "American" traditionals always seemed like an afterthought. I can still taste her paper thin, barely battered fried zucchini. That will always remain my favorite Thanksgiving side dish, even though no one in my family knows how to replicate it.

Impressive Lunch in NYC this Friday

@adamKuban So great! After looking at the menus our out of towners decided that Grammercy Tavern was sounded like a winner, we could only get in early, but they loved it. Impressive and not too expensive, so we could still afford to eat at a local nuevo Mexican for dinner!

@mookie agreed, and we did spend a day eating our way from midtown to chinatown. they were as impressed with fried chicken in koreatown, burgers from shake shack and cookies from mmff milk bar as they were with GT. but GT provided the nyc glitz they were looking for as well.

overall, i just feel lucky to have guests (family no less) who like eating around nyc as much as i do!

Impressive Lunch in NYC this Friday

These are all such great ideas, thanks everyone! I think we're going to try Jean-Georges, I don't think I would have guessed they had a $28 prix fixe lunch!

Cook the Book: 'The Barcelona Cookbook'

In Hong Kong... truly! I was visiting US expats for two weeks, and they were so excited to try a new cuisine, they missed the variety found in NYC. We went to a newly opened tapas bar, it was sleek, chic and the menu sounded wonderful. But the food... was something along the lines of if you had described tapas to someone who had never actually seen them before and just executed the idea in their native ingredients. Not quite Spanish, not quite Asian, quite weird! Not horrible but def. not tapas in the traditional sense. It was so memorable, and we had such a good laugh drinking "sangria" and marveling on how easy it was to get what would seem like fundamentals wrong anyplace else. I had some great Chinese, Laotian and Vietnamese meals in Hong Kong but this one stuck out as unforgettable, and I am smiling as I type.

In fact, I'm going to email those right now to remind them!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 73: Sometimes Only Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Balls Will Do: What's Your Weakness?

Ed, you are such an inspiration for putting yourself out there like this. There is nothing like having someone to relate to your real life struggles. Thanks so much.

Mixed Review: No Pudge! Brownies

I actually just made these tonight. They are surprisingly good.

Win a $1,200 Street Food Dinner for Two to the Citymeals-on-Wheels Fundraiser

not very original, but the dosa cart at the bottom of washington square park. mmmm. now i want one this minute.

Cook the Book: Eugenia Bone's 'Well-Preserved'

Pickled anything. Grapes, string beans, peppers, plums, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, beets, eggs and naturally, cucumbers. There is just something about a row of Ball Jars which satisfies the soul..

Curry Carrot Ice Cream

i've been crafting an idea for a banana curry ice cream at home, this is amazing!

Meat Lite: Mushroom, Sausage, Goat Cheese, and Chive Grilled Pizzas

@pizzaexpert: grilled, flatbread type pizza is the closest thing a home chef could have to an authentic wood burning pizza oven crust. yet you are unwilling try it and have never heard of anything like this before (seriously?!)? hmm, perhaps your handle is a misnomer?


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