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What to Eat and Drink on Cinco de Mayo

@resolutejc 'Drinko de Mayo'... so perfect, so fitting lol!!! I'm stealing that one. ;)

Cabbage recipe to feed 15?

Cabbage steamed with butter, sprinkled with salt... so simple, but so insanely delicious. I can seriously pack away half a head by MYSELF this stuff is so good...

What is in your salad?

Fairly ordinary: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, shaved onions OR sauteed onions and mushrooms, thick cut
Slightly odd: the mixture of cold and warm ingredients, addition of banana peppers
Fairly sure is odd: worchestire sauce MUST be in any/every homemade dressing I make for my salad.
I also have 'exclusions' which might be considered odd: beans and/or pasta NEVER ever go in a salad for me, nor any other carb. I don't consider it a real salad anymore if it's not all about the veg. It's ... a side dish.

Ravioli press.. kitchen worthy - yes, or no?

Yes! I think you should break down and get it... like so many have already iterated.. if it's something you make a lot, go for it... I, personally, have a few unitaskers in my kitchen... but I use them *all* the time... like my food dehydrator racks are cracked from moves/uses/washings/drops/ect and my apple corer blades are dull from many a slaughtered apple. :9 I imagine you could use your ravioli press to make fancy filled cookies and pastries, as well...

Poll: Would You Eat the KFC Double Down Sandwich?

I wouldn't purchase this myself (too little food for the price) but if someone bought it for me--sure! I'd dissect it and eat the individual components rather than the intended 'sandwich' method though.

Raw Foods

I'm with hmw0029. I tried going raw a few years ago--I never felt weaker in my life! ...except after that bout with salmonella poisoning... eesh. Also, my joints started hurting really bad--ecspecially my knees, which have been subject to no particular injury in my lifetime. I was 22 when I tried this diet--and had that bad a reaction.

Peepza = Peeps on a Pizza

Oh come on, all of you poo-poo'ing and griping... it's funny! And cute.

Chain Burger Brackets: Krystal vs. Whataburger

@eatorama nearly 2500 google search results (Whataburger never frozen beef in the search query box) pwn your frozen beef assumption. Google, it is your friend.

Beloved Texas-Based Chain Whataburger Makes a Fine Fast Food Burger

I'm surprised--ecspecially considering some of the smuggier proclivities of the Serious Eats board--that one of the prime selling points of Whataburger wasn't mentioned--the fact that the reason they don't expand beyond a certain region is because the family raises (and exclusively uses) their own beef cattle, and it's never frozen, so trucking it beyond a certain area is infeasible.

Regardless of their beefitudes, I love Whataburger because it's GOOD, ecspecially their milkshakes. Granted, it costs a little more (but when you think about it, the cost per ounce ends up being LESS than other places) but you can get this huge-ass-go-swimming-in-it sized milkshake. These things are nirvana in the hot Texas summers. My husband misses Whataburger so badly that he begs me to bring some up from my sporadic visits with family back there. Unfortunately-but-maybe-fortunately... the economy ate his job, so it looks like we're moving back to the land of Whataburger with family if nothing pops up.

And hey... I like their 'rabbit food'... I love a lot of veg on my burger. They add a nice contrast of cold and crunch and a bit of acid.

Your "Poor Era" Eats

I'm still in my 'poor era'... everything I make is in poor era food. I think we eat pretty well because of the financial prioritizing in the household...
And a lot of months, that's it. Sometimes, ecsp. after tax returns, we might have expendable income for new clothes, household things (omg, need new lamp for the living room, I will smash the damn lamp to pieces if I have to twist-tie the shade back onto the base one more time!!), and maybe, just maybe entertainment.

@lemonfair--only if you're one of those snooty 'it has to be all-beef, kosher, ect, ONLY' shmucks. Generic brand mixed-meat hotdogs are .89 cents for a package weighing in at 16oz. That's eighty nine cents for a POUND of meat.

Debunking the MSG myth

If someone tells me they're MSG sensitive, we're copacetic. If someone tells me they're allergic, I will have nothing to do with them. I've got too little free time to bother with mindless, gullible, whiny lemmings. Now I've met mindless, gullible, whiny lemmings who don't claim to have an allergy to MSG, but never the other way around. ;) It's a good 'spot the idiot' detector.

Food Trends: Yea or Nay?

and by pre-pared I mean pre-prepared. To those of you who might be all 'You just have to know where to LOOK for cheap meat blahblahblah'... usually, your ideas of cheap are not mine, AND, I don't have the gas money/time to drive all over Madison (which is laughable as a 'big city'... I come from Dallas, where the SUBURBS are bigger than the entirety of Madison and ITS suburbs), which has crap for selection anyway...

*Grousegrousegrouse* getoffmylawn *grouse*

Food Trends: Yea or Nay?

@Lorenzo--INCLUDING moderation! ;D

@Amandarama--you, with the sense-making, stop it! that's not welcome here. ;P J/k...


I am 'YAY' on the food trend bandwagon--because while some things get ridiculous, and even downright disgusting, usually at *least* 2-3 *good*, new, interesting dishes emerge out of a food trend that didn't exist before.... and at the very least, a person's awareness about the diversity and versatility of a particular food is vastly improved. That's never a bad thing.

I will admit, there is one food trend I'd like to see die down, and that's rage about 'cheap' cuts of meat (flank steak, ect ect) because I'm selfish--they're no longer cheap, and I can't afford them. :( It seems like the only affordable meat anymore is pre-pared (sausages, hotdogs, sammich meat), chicken, or ground beef.

Reality Check: Wendy's Bacon & Blue

@ratbuddy--someone at your local Wendy's must hate you, with a passion. The only explanation

@swafford and xRyanx--Agreed on the dryness of the burger. Never had the fry issue though.

My SO loves Wendy's... the only other fast food chain he prefers over it is Whataburger, which we can't get now that we're living in Madison. I think they have--by far, the most robust, freshest looking veg I've ever seen in a fast food joint... BUT, I personally don't like Wendy's as much because of, believe it or not... the lack of saltiness mentioned by jkdrummer. I actually LIKE lots of salt. To abnormal levels, even. So to me, Wendy's is bland, while McD's, JiTB, ect, are perfect in terms of seasoning.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Curries and More

@zilli--how could you write all of that, and make me salivate and rub my hands together in eager anticipation... only to slap me in the face with a startling LACK of recipe at the end of your tale? :P

Who loves Egg Creams???

Mods... why is this post still here?

Photo of the Day: Hard Boiled Egg Chicken Family

I'm a day nanny--now I *have* to make these for the families I work for!

Wow, my pizza delivery dude had his family w/ him in his truck

@susquehanna, you make entirely too much sense, chickadee. Some people just can't handle reason if it doesn't sync up with their antiquated perceptions of 'what should be'. :)

How to Feed a Political Vegan

@climbhighak I love you.

I was gonna say something to the tune of 'let him fend for himself'... it's not your job to run yourself ragged finding something to appease his whim of the moment. Let the boy live off of ramen for a few months till he feels like a pile of manure and gets off his own ass and persues what aligns with his preferences. Climbhighak said it better, though.

What do you eat for comfort?

MEAT. Preferably beef of some kind; salty and garlicky.
Or chocolate. I am a chick after all. Mmm.. love to lay down with a book and nibble at little bits of chocolate till I'm drowsy.

Steak Preferences

I offend pretty much *everyone* with my desired done-ness, but eh, it's my body, my preference, what can ya do? I'm a blasphemer--I like my steak medium. I get nauseated by the *texture*--not the taste or 'bloodiness'--of pink or red (or even purple, depending on the meat) steak. It's a texture that makes my body instantly go 'hurk!!!'--strangely enough I can stomach raw fish, though... O_o I don't have anything against raw meats in general..

Anyway, I like mine medium, with lots of steak sauce. NOT because the steak is bad, or lacking in any capacity, I just *really, really, REALLY* love steak sauce that much. :9 It also ends up getting into my veggies, baked potato/fries, ect.

What's your strangest afternoon cravings?

@PoorOldMama, sounds like your body is screamin' for a potassium kick :) (( Potatoes have 3x the potassium of a banana )) And ... other things. ;P

I tend to have the same staples over and over again--nothing really that strange, I think--because I'm on a very strict budget, and buy the same staples over and over... the only thing that varies is produce, with the season. I guess one strange snack would be popcorn with worchestire and hot sauce on it, or sprinkled with salt and onion powder (emulates the taste of funyuns almost *exactly) or dipped in salsa... or... yeah, everything goes on my popcorn, or my popcorn goes into everything. It's my potato chip.

Best food for weight loss?

caramel, jedd63, joyyy, and squeezebottle... ya'll literally made me LOL. Startled the baby.