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Ask a Cicerone: The Best Märzen and Oktoberfest Beers

@mattcoz I would have to agree about Two Brothers' Atom Smasher. Just had it for the first time last week during lunch and went out that night to successfully track down a 6 pack.

HELP with pizza dough recipe

I would also suggest using parchment paper. I have had decent luck with it. The sticky dough problem I would suggest adding more flour but I am by no means an expert baker and am also trying to prefect my dough recipe just my 2 cents. I would imagine a bit more flour would help with the thickness and limpness issues as well.

Chili Cheese Tater Tots at Crif Dogs

Not often can I say this about Serious Eats New York posts but I have been there and Crif Dogs is amazing and their tots were legit. Wish I would have looked and saw this option though that started a night of VERY heavy drinking for my in NY so it may have been a good thing the chilis weren't in my system.

Crispy Fried Chickpea Cake and Slaw Sandwiches

Not to be "that guy" BUT in step 3 you have "and half of chickpeas" in there twice and then step 4 you have "Add remaining chickpeas".

Taste Test: Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces

While I don't see myself buying any of these sauces I am very intrigued by the idea of apple bourbon bbq sauce. I may need to find a recipe and get some cheap bourbon and make it. Anyone know any good recipes for it?

Gift Guide: Fun Burger Gifts

@imwalkin fashion of course because you is stupid!

Cook the Book: Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son'

Some of my main cooking memories are around my mom's chili. It's nothing special and most people would laugh at the recipe but it warms my souls and my belly and damn it that's good enough for me!

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

just re-read the drool comment. I take back my statement about needing a doctor. I am a jerk. I will leave go buy a freaking waffle iron to make these every day forever!

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

must go buy waffle iron this weekend!

oh and if your drool is heavy enough to make keys press on your keyboard i would recommend seeing a doctor of some sorts. Just saying :)

We Try All the Desserts at the Olive Garden

Link at the bottom of the page does not work FYI. One at the top does. Thought I'd throw that out there.

How to Carve Any Photograph Into a Pumpkin

Pretty sure it would go like this.

1) Pick out pumpkin
2) pick sweet photo to carve
3) get mad when I can't get the levels right
4) throw computer out the window in fit of frustration
5) buy new computer
6) get a pic to sort of maybe look like it will work
7) start transferring/carving
8) mess up
9) throw pumpkin out window
10) buy new pumpkin
11) repeat steps 7-10 about 5 times
12) end up carving out typical triangle eye jack-o-lantern
13) get notice from the city about amount of pumpkins and computer on lawn
14) disregard notices
15) get arrested for junk on lawn
16) die a slow lonely death in jail

so really i'm doing myself a favor by not even trying.

5 Pumpkin Beers You Should Drink This Fall

I saw Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale in the store last night which I am wanting to try but at $15 for a 4 pack was out of my Thursday night drink budget without knowing if it was any good. Anyone tried it yet?

Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

Made these last night. I used less than 1/4 for each cookie and the suckers are HUGE! I thought I had to bake mine a little longer since they didn't look done so they turned out a little crispier around the edges last night and are pretty crispy after sitting but they still taste amazing.

Next time I will make them a little smaller and bake less but rest assure I will be making these again.

Breakfast Tacos With Charred Zucchini and Red Pepper

How hot should the burners be for the veggies and eggs?

Share Your 2003 Blackout Food Stories

If memory serves me correctly we grilled hot dogs, ate potato chips, drank beer than ate all the ice cream we had which by the grace of god was a lot of ice cream for some reason

Tater Tots x Nachos = Totchos

There is a restaurant in Columbus that does this but put an egg on it and calls it brunch. I never argue with that logic. Perfect for hangovers

Chain Reaction: CiCi's Pizza

I haven't been to CiCi's in years. My friends and I use to go there too often on Monday's with a trip to the dollar movie. Talk about one cheap trip out. The pizza from what I remember is nothing special but I always enjoyed the visits there. I guess sometimes good company makes food better.

We're Cooking Up a New Serious Eats

I also agree that the test site feels very narrow and that there is a lot of empty space.


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