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What would you do with $50/week?

Hi all -- We are also trying to cut our grocery bills but $50/week seems very difficult to me. Just curious, for those of you who have said they spend about this much, does this amount include alcohol? Also, for how many meals a week do you typically eat out?

Fresh Artichoke Pasta

It's whole wheat pasta, so it's brown.

Napa Restaurants

Thank you all for the responses! I think I will go with ad hoc since they do take reservations.

Alt. for gelatin in marshmallows

You can use Xantham gum instead of gelatin. I made this recipe and they came out great:

SE'er Food Blogs

Hi! Mine is here:
Very new. Lots of desserts and some uncommon Indian recipes.

Buying Vanilla Beans

Thanks for the tips. I knew I'd get some helpful advice here!

Authentic Indian recipes

This site has very good authentic Indian recipes, but only vegetarian recipes:

New Orleans, when to go, what to eat

I lived in NOLA in the summer of 2007, and I must say that one of the best meals I had was at Dante's Kitchen. It is often overlooked, since it is not in a central location (it's located uptown), but the food is divine. Everything we had was unbelievably good.

As for when to go: I think June will still be comfortable, July and especially August can be extremely hot/humid/uncomfortable.
Have fun!