Ice Cream Topping Debate: SHOTS (or sprinkles? HUH?)

Thank you everyone for your input! :) After carefully digesting all your suggestions (pun very much intended) clearly the overwhelming answer is SHOTS...I'll be happy to report this tonight at my friends barn party! (yes, the very same one in which she was raised), gonna be stellar! Vanilla ice cream and chocolate shots for everyone!

Meatloaf, and Salmon, and Honey...Oh My??

Hi Everyone....

I was having a conversation with my Grandmother (who by the way is a GREAT cook) and she mentioned that she has an old recipe she wanted to hand off to me. She told me it involves baking a Meatloaf, with thinly sliced Salmon Strips on top of it...when it is completed she drizzles Honey over it. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I know this is kind of sad of me to be thinking, but I'm not sure if she is going senile or if she was serious....your input would be helpful!

Ice Cream Topping Debate: SHOTS (or sprinkles? HUH?)

I need to settle a wager with an absolutely clueless friend. She seems to think the delicious toppings you put on ice cream (rainbow or chocolate) is called something along of the lines of Sprinkles? Was this person raised in a f*cking barn or what? Help me set her straight once and for all....

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