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'No White' Diet: What Can We Eat?

@ GuateGirl- I would think you are ok with the corn tortillas since they are hand made and not processed, but keep in mind that corn is typically higher in sugars (although natural) so whole wheat or whole grain would be even better.

Both Whole oats and steel cut oats are also fine. I would buy them in the most natural state possible (as in avoid the really "quick cook" kind). This will also help you add some variety as with this kind you can also make homemade granola.

For the record, you can add milk to your oats. The "no whites" diet does allow dairy. If you are doing this to lose weight it is recommended to give up cheese (at least to start with) but regardless you should have some milk in your diet (for the calcium).

Sour Cream and Pasta?

oh and by the way @ CFisher....try a mac and cheese dish that involves sour cream! I think it is some of the best I have ever had.

Sour Cream and Pasta?

No cold hard facts involved...just my opinion, but sour cream gives some dishes a little kick that Ricotta doesn't seem to have. Otherwise, I agree that it seems to be an edit.

Creme Fraiche is available at Trader Joe's for those of you that have them.

@ can I do what you do? Sounds like an awesome job!

Anyone enjoy eating at Sam's Club or Costco snack bar?

@ Potboiler- I am new to this site (today in fact) where do I find the Omnivore's Dilema? Here?

"no white foods" question

I thought they might be as well, but the whole dairy area has me really confused so I wasn't going to take anything for granted. (and to be honest I don't eat blue cheese so that comment went right passed me...blushing now!)


wow- never seen them. Does the recipe call for use of the oil? Honestly I would just drain the capers before use and add a tsp or so of olive oil to the recipe. Even add them to some olive oil and soak overnight if it is that crucial to the dish. Sound like they are not that available..... and it is probably more cost effective to "fake" it.

"no white foods" question

@ Salpico:

Really? I would think all American cheese would be's processed.
(but thank you, good to know)

"no white foods" question

Thanks! and I have one more! Potato's in general are in the "give 'em up" category....what about sweet potato's?


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