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Meet Tonnato, the Italian Tuna Sauce That Belongs on Your Meat

Vitello tonnato is fantastic. The last time I ordered it in a restaurant the waiter was surprised and said it is a "very Italian" thing to order, i.e. apparently not often ordered by Asian women. Hurr.

Thanks for the recipe -- I have a couple of cheap tenderloins in the freezer right now...

Homemade Wonton Soup

I occasionally throw wonton-making parties -- my standard is a pork/shrimp filling with a tortellini-like roll & fold that gives you the maximum floaty noodle cloud when cooked. However, we haven't managed to find a decent vegetarian wonton filling that binds into a decent ball and therefore can be used in a wonton style that isn't just a little dense packet. The recipes I've tried tend to fall apart in a sea of tofu chunks.

Would love to see SE tackle this one. Extra super bonus points for vegan...

How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

Yes please.

Also, all hail the pan-fry. While I support deep-frying of many things, it's so disappointing to go to a Japanese restaurant and find out they deep-fry their gyoza. I always check with the server before ordering. (And even then there's a good chance you're getting the same gyoza you can buy from Trader Joe's...)

The Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon Is the First Plastic Spoon Worth Owning

My husband has this faded pink plastic spatula he got at the dollar store probably fifteen years ago, and it is the only spatula he ever uses for eggs. Someday it's going to break and then he's going to be sad.

FWIW: My go-to stiff spatula these days is the Epicurean angled turner, which is light and wood-like but also dishwasher safe. I also use this Zyliss a lot, but it's too flexible for breaking up ground meats.

The Best Pizza by the Slice in San Francisco

Please let us know when you perform similar research on the Peninsula/South Bay. :)

(I'm not a New York native, but my go-to is Giovanni's in Sunnyvale. There are adherents of A Slice of New York in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara as well, but the last time I got a slice there it was snowed under by kinda-rubbery cheese.)

Use Your Potato Masher To Break Up Ground Meat in the Skillet

I actually find it kind of meditative to break up chunks of browning meat with a stiff wooden spatula. Break up a few chunks, leave to develop brown seared bits, break some more.

I've had occasional problems finding the proper stiff wooden spatula for the job, of course.

Taste Test: Who Makes the Best Natural-Casing Hot Dog in the Bay Area?

Welcome to the West Coast, Kenji -- I am glad that we'll be seeing food brand recommendations that I can actually get ahold of. :)

(Oh, East Coast-based food blogs and magazines, you and your "Pepperidge Farm loaf"...)

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

The "Every week" threw me until I read "extrovert." I could see a monthly gathering, though.

What's the Difference Between Dutch Process and Natural Cocoa Powder?

Interesting -- my go-to chocolate cookie uses dutch process cocoa and baking soda. The cookies come out pretty flat but are quite addictive, particularly since I use Callebaut or Cacao Barry cocoa powder and that stuff's way darker/more flavorful than Droste.

Martha Stewart's Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Lunch at Google HQ is as Insanely Awesome as You Thought

Here I sit in Silicon Valley at a company that does not have a cafeteria, upscale locavore or no. Alas.

The Apple cafes do pretty well too, though they're not free (they are subsidized). Which means my husband and I have a variation of this conversation regularly:

Him: For lunch today I had seared halibut with beurre blanc and a mushroom-farro pilaf.
Me: Yeah, I had Taco Bell. You suck.

The Food Lab: Hasselback Potato Gratin (These Might be the Best Potatoes Ever)

Oho. Might one assemble this in advance and finish it off at one's relatives' house?

Fast Food Chicken Dippin' Sauce Showdown: Popeye's Vs. McDonald's Vs. Burger King

The only sauce you really need is straight honey. Unfortunately, not all fast food locations offer it.

8 Essential Places to Eat and Drink in Silicon Valley

In re: Tamarine, for upscale Vietnamese we quite like Xanh in Mountain View, which may not be quite as refined (I haven't been to Tamarine in awhile) but is not quite as much of a schlep for San Jose folk.

Bake the Book: Red Velvet Cheesecake

Why scrape out the cookies? They make a perfectly good crumb crust if you pulverize and bake them for 15 minutes with some...oh, this is an icebox cheesecake. Never mind.

(I have never met an icebox cheesecake I actually liked.)

Open Thread: What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Grilled?

Krispy Kreme donuts. They get warm and gooey and collapse. I don't really like donuts as a matter of course but hot donuts with a hint of grill flavor are pretty damn tasty.

Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

I detest raw tomatoes as well as raw onions and especially cilantro. Life would be a lot easier if I liked all three of these since every time someone orders food for a group lunch, there is a high likelihood of something being covered in one or more of these. The worst is when someone orders non-customized burritos. /tiny violins

Shake Shack Coming to Las Vegas Next Year

Thought 1: I want to go to there.

Thought 2: "Outdoor park environment"? In Vegas? In the 110-degree desert? I can't see how this is at all conducive to a burger and fries pigout.

Taste Test: Every Flavor of Combos

I don't think I've ever had a Combo. Looking at them just reminds me inextricably of dog treats.

Valentine's Day Video: HeartBeet Pasta Filled with Goat Cheese

Scrolled down to make sure I was not the only immature person in the house. Thank you, Internets, for validating me.

Palo Alto, CA: Wishing for a Better Burger to Go with the Big Promises at LYFE Kitchen

Yikes. I am firmly in the camp of "eat traditionally prepared bad-for-you food on rare occasions" rather than "try to make bad food good for you."

When in Palo Alto, seek out the burger at the Peninsula Creamery, either the one on Emerson or the one in the mall.

Perfect Apple Pie

Usually I like to premake and freeze unbaked apple pies, which saves time on holidays (and when it's not a holiday, this lets me have a homemade pie stash).

If I'm freezing apples, with all that presumably does to the cell structure, is it worth doing the soak method?

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

Celeste is my preferred shitty frozen dollar pizza. I think this falls well within the parameters above.

Back-to-School Packing List for College Students

Pro tip: You can make a lot of things in a rice cooker. I used to make pasta in mine in college. I believe Roger Ebert has a rice cooker cookbook if you want to get fancy...

San Francisco: We Try the Award-Winning Pizza at Bay Area Chain Pizza My Heart

Eh. I'd hit up Giovanni's in Sunnyvale for a slice anytime over PMH.


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