Obviously, I love food! Love cooking, eating, drinking, and friends. I'm a yoga instructor, graphic designer and a bass player. I started my first garden last year (2008) and canning same year.

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Favorite foods: everything!
  • Last bite on earth: roast beef dinner with all the fixings especially yorkshire pudding & gravy!!

Jamaican Beef Stew with Rice

it's snowing and i'm making this - perfect! thanks for the recipe.

Differnt take with Breadcrumbs

@ Saria: I like the thought of them being coated with "Pablo" ; )

Eat honey for beauty and health

My friend decided to get healthly and added a bunch of bee pollen to her salad and ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction - we all had a good laugh.

YES to honey!

I had to read meatntaters twice before realizing I didn't lose brain cells and couldn't make sense of anything. ha

Beer-Braised Bison Pot Roast

I am by no means Kenji BUT I think it would work, YankeeHotelFoxtrot - I, however, am going to try the bison version this sunday evening. Or maybe I'll make it tomorrow and let it sit a few days! Yup. That's what I'll do.

Off topic. Right now I've got Kenji's "Traditional Beef Pho" on the stove, only 1 hour to go. Smell soooo good! Thanks!

Will raw garlic cook once pureed in a mash?

yes to the roasting of the garlic. the only way to go, garlicy, nutty & milder! I usually throw a full bulb of roasted garlic for about 4 potatoes (idaho).

South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

you are using canned jalapenos I suppose... have you used fresh?

South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

Thanks so much Titus. I'm making it this week!

South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

Anyone have a good recipe for carne en su jugo? Looks soooooo good! I've never heard of it but I want it!

Sunday Supper: Slow Cooker Pho With Eye of Round

@weezel: you'll end up with lots of broth that you can freeze for later. As well, you don't have to stay at home to make it. And it's nice to taste your cooking. Also, ingredients aren't that expensive and then you have those for next time : )

at the same time I hear what you are saying, I live in vancouver and every second store is pho.

Just the scent alone...

just good food! : ) and coffee and wine!

Marinating meat with dried or fresh herbs

I marinated the chicken & roasted the potatoes with dried. I made the salad with fresh.

Sunday Supper: Slow Cooker Pho With Eye of Round

how does this compare to

I guess I'll have to try both myself. I keep meaning to do it all up, but pho is so good and cheap and plentiful here in Vancouver that I haven't got to it.

My plan for this week is to do both... I'll let you know my results.

thanks so much for this recipe.

From the Archives: Nicaraguan Chicken and Rice

what would you serve with this?

A Day in the Life: Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

you must work out!

Authentic Bolognese

thanks everyone. i'm going to try some of your recipes next.

@Lorenzo - I guess I meant "Authentic Italy"

Authentic Bolognese

3-4 ish hours (not 3/4)

Open Thread: What Food Are You Dressing Up as for Halloween?

I went as a male flasher and won best costume! although by the end of the night I was so tired of people asking to look at my.....

Slurping everything you consume: Is it cultural?

I cannot answer your question, but slurping or any eating noise (gulping, loud chewing, chewing ice! even breathing ha) annoys me to no end. I am a soup lover, eat chinese, vietnamese, japanese noodle soups at least 2-3 times a week and it drives me mad - all the slurping. But, wow, dry foods.... you poor man.

Cook's Illustrated's Pumpkin Pie

i had the perfect amount for one 9" deep (3") dish. in oven - hope it sets : )

Apple Crisp

4 apples? that's it?

River Cottage's Grilled Trout with Fennel

This was really good, but with the fennel stems under the trout (with my bbq at 500) didn't crisp up the skin and it really could have used some lemon and maybe a bit more garlic. Great base recipe - maybe I did something wrong, but followed to a T. I will build on this recipe. Thanks

Scallops with Pea Puree and Vermouth Sauce

Watch Alton Browns Video - so easy, just google it.

Classic Sage and Sausage Stuffing (or Dressing)

I halved. Looked a bit dry so I put in an extra 1/2 cup or so of stock - hope I didn't mess up - just put it in the oven. Smells great! (Doing it with a smoked rotissarie turkey in June!) Yum

Culinary 'To Do' Lists

@ Jedd63: Any tips on the Ramen?
@ Kengk: That's my plan next year! Would LOVE a brick wood oven. I have the room for it, so why not! Good luck for you...

Culinary 'To Do' Lists

• A ham my ham hating husband will love or at least like.
• Smoked salmon (both lox & candied) which will be this year as we have a boat and rods now!
• With you on the Ravioli
• The perfect fried egg - why I can't do it is beyond me!
• My own Ramen Broth with even homemade noodles
• And so much more.

Skinny Shortribs (Like the Maui Ribs)

Any suggestions on what else to do with the skinny shortribs besides Maui Styles?

I was going to do vietnamese with the noodle pancakes (fresh banh hoi) but I can't get to the viet. store so any other suggestions?

Authentic Bolognese

What really is the "Authentic" version of a Bolognese Sauce?

Does it have minced celery & carrots & bacon (pancetta)?

Does it have milk, beef stock, or wine in it?

Does it have herbs like bay, oregeno, basil, etc. or is it simple no herbs/spices except s&p?

Is it ground beef, pork or a mix?

Canned Tomatoes (Marzano?), or Sauce, or fresh tomatoes only?

What about tomato paste?

I am making my version right now, which is: Home Canned plum tomatoes, onion, garlic, ground beef, red wine, oregeno, chili peppers, grated carrot, and tomato paste cooked for 3/4 ish hours (depending on how hungry we are).

But this time decided to add milk & stock.... as one "authentic" recipe requested.

What do you think?


I purchased a ham leg (5lbs) and was suppose to (by the recipe) simmer for 2 or so hours with your usual onion, celery, herbs, etc. until tender and then put my jerk marinade on for 24 hours before roasting.

But I had band practice so tossed it in the slow cooker for 4 hours on high (as it takes 1 hour to even reach any temp). Just got home and the ham looks cooked but is tough as all hell. What I want is to take the skin off, score the fat and rub my jerk marinade on it, but it is so tough - when I thought it should be almost falling apart. What shall I do?

Mojo Chicken Rotissarie Marinade Time

Hi. I was planning on making the Mojo marinated chicken this evening and have had my 5 pound organic (fattier skin cause it is organic, don't know if that makes a difference) and have had it marinating now for 5 hours.
Mr. Tkach got called into work this evening so I am thinking of letting it sit until tomorrow evening.
Now I know that citrus cooks the meat if marinated too long, but does this apply with a full chicken that has fatty skin? Do you think I can marinate it for what would be 30 or so hours with good results. Or should I just cook it tonight, just for me!?

The marinade has 1/2 cup fresh orange juice, 1/4 cup of each lemon & lime juice, 1/2 cup oil and oregeno, garlic and cumin.

What is your favorite hot sauce recipe?

I've been making this recipe for Habanero & Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce lately and it is by far my favorite hot sauce yet! But I want some more recipes for hot sauces, please share!

Can't wait for your recipes!


Over-braising??? Braising NOW!

I am braising a flank and am wondering if you can overbraise? I read on the intraweb that there comes a point when the meat becomes dry, but then re-absorbs the fat once the muscles relax. Is this true. Cause my meat seems to be just about ready to pull apart but the peices I have are tasty but a bit dry.

Maybe a Food Lab project for the future?

New potatoes ARE falling apart, followed Lab?

I checked out the Lab on potato salad and there was advice on adding vinager to the water and of course starting with cold water.

But tonight I halved some small yukon golds with skins on to use to make a nicoise salad and added the vinager and salt, started with cold water, then when they came to a boil turned the temp down so they didn't boil away and break apart.

But now they are breaking apart. the skin is beginning to remove itself with the middle not cooked.

I want the potato piece to be intact as it is going to be served cold in the salad.

What am I doing wrong. Any advice?

Liked Recipes

Hi. I liked a bunch of recipes thinking I could look them up later, but can't find out where. I hope I wasn't wrong... don't want to have to search again.

How do you get out of a food rut?

Everything I eat lately is just not quite right, can't think of what to cook, recipes look boring, when I try a new one it never satisfies me like I think it will. Just so bored with food, but I LOVE food. Can't get into cooking dinner, but I LOVE cooking. I'm in a rut.

How do you get out of a food rut?
What recipe do you make to inspire?

Can you help me climb back to the LOVE of food & cooking?

How do you prepare Sausage for soups?

Do you fry them then chop and add?
Do you take off the casings and add little balls to the soup raw?
Do you leave casings on and slice raw and then add to soup?
What makes them more tender frying first or adding raw?
What do you do?

Prime Rib Roast Carving

Hi. I am making a prime rib on Sunday. I just read the lab & comments for Kenji's prime rib so this is what I'll do however there was no suggestion on carving.

I usually have always thinning carved my roasts but know have started to think that with the bone in is it nice to have a nice thick piece. What's your opinion?

Secret for the Perfect Meringue for a Lemon Meringue Pie

What are the secrets to the PERFECT Meringue? How to make it nice and fluffy and high!

Also, if you have any secrets to the perfect balance of sweet & sour for the filling this would be helpful too. I purchased a huge bottle of Lemoncello for the last pie I made - so still lots left, gonna use some of that!

what goes with roasted beets

what would i serve roasted beets with. they are so earthy and hearty i feel they will either take over a simple main or will muddle up a "comfort" meal such as what i'm making tonight (sage chicken & sausage with fingerling potatoes).

But i have tons in the garden and love roasted beets especially with orange.

Any good suggestions?

ps. i am already canning & using the beets in salads.

Kale & Swiss Chard for sceptic

I am a lover of kale & swiss chard. Have lots in the garden (too much!). Hubby doesn't like them. I tried basic recipe of garlic/shallot.

Anyone have any kick ass recipes for the haters!

chicken cordon bleu with sauce

hi. I make a fairly good cordon bleu, but would love some new suggestions/favorites. do you prefer a certain ham over proscutto or a certain cheese? do you like panko or bread crumbs? do you put melted butter in the crumbs to help to brown? do you have a favorite recipe.

AND THE SAUCE. I've never made one but always wanted to. any suggestions. I have company tomorrow eve and am making cordon bleu with gnoochi (sage butter) and some veggie. any sauce suggestions for the chicken. I love sauce... something easy and not too too rich.?

Artisan Bread Recipes (in a day)

I originally was looking for a roasted garlic & rosemary bread recipe (not garlic bread - bread bread :-) for a pot luck tomorrow night. Haven't found one. I tried a basic bread recipe today and it wasn't right.

Anyone have a good EASY recipe (dbcurrie?). I am NOT a bread maker!

If not, I think I'm going to make this one from dbcurrie which looks good too.

Deer Minute Steaks

My friend gave us some frozen Deer Minute Steaks. Any suggestions on what to do besides fast fry? Would something like a swiss steak recipe work? Is it going to be really gamey and tough?

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

I did these today. Sooo amazing. I used the links below for inspiration on the stuffing and to learn how to debone a full chicken wing with the leg as well...

I purchased a new knife to help out with the job. Deboning is definately an art - but after about 6 I started getting it.

I made 16. They turned out amazing! I would have liked the stuffing a bit less dense, not sure how to achieve that, but will experiment for the next batch.

They are filling and quite rich. Served with Nuoc Cham dipping sauce. I think they lend to be more like an appy. Filling is much like a spring roll.

And I baked mine and they turned out crispy - maybe not AS crispy as deep fried but my house doesn't smell now.

Go for it. It's worth it. Just try to get some meaty wings with drummets attached. My butcher has much meatier ones then the supermarket i purchased mine from. Next time i'll go to the butcher.

Meatloaf - White Trash? NO WAY!!!!

I have been a meatloaf fan most of my life. I can't say I remember exactly what my moms recipe was like but over the years I have adapted and just loved it (even won an office meatloaf contest - 15 years ago! ha!)

I have been making a recipe (****adapted****) from Bon Appetit Sept 2008 (Chef Andrew Weissman - Restaurant Le Reve, San Antonio) and it's always amazing. I went by the exact recipe for the first while but adapted to my tastes. It is sooo good.

So, I am making it tonight and thought you would love it - even if you DON'T LOVE meatloaf give it a try...... cause my hubby hated meatloaf before this recipe - always said it was white trash! NO MORE!

Turkey Infusion to Dry Turkey Brine

I read all the answers left on the Turkey Infusion Topic and have ultimately decided I am going to do a dry brine with this recipe:

I am terrified it will be salty even after scrubbing it. Originally I was only concerned about the affects the salt would have on my drippings for the gravy but someone had suggested making stock/drippings from another turkey (like the scraps, or wings legs). So that's great, I can do that the day before and my gravy will be done.

However, this still leaves me with the huge fear of too salty turkey! But general brining comments/reviews are usually on the plus side so I'm going for it.

Any tips for me to avoid disaster?

One-Pot Wonders: Easy Skillet Cassoulet

Don't scoff at the idea of a skillet cassoulet that's done in 30 minutes. We've managed it before, and we'll surely do it again—after all, this column is dedicated to reinventing classics to cut down on time without detracting from flavor. Here, beans, sausage, and pork tenderloin combine in a rich, garlicky stew with a crisp breadcrumb crust. More

The Food Lab Redux: How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen

There's no two ways about it: making ramen—and I'm talking tonkotsu, the rich, creamy pork broth of Japan's Kyushu region that leaves your lips sticky and your belly happy—is not an easy task. Each element takes time to prepare before they're ready to combine in the bowl just before serving, and some of those elements take hours or even days if you want to do it right. From the creamy pork broth to the soft-cooked egg to the meltingly-tender slices of pork belly chashu, we've painstakingly tested each and every variable to produce recipes that are guaranteed to deliver supremely slurpable bowls to your own table that will rival the best ramen-ya in the world. More

The Food Lab: Potato Salad Done Right

A really well-constructed potato salad can be as interesting as the burger it precedes (and believe me: I love burgers). Tangy, salty, and sweet with a texture that's simultaneously creamy, crunchy, and fluffy in each bite, a perfect potato salad should taste feather-light, despite being made with potato and mayo, two of the heaviest ingredients around. How to make that perfect potato salad? Find out in this week's Food Lab. More

Grilling: Mojo Marinated Chicken

On a quest to duplicate my one of my favorite chickens of all time, I finally hit the nail on the head—mojo sauce! A base of sour orange mixed with oil, garlic, oregano, and cumin serves as a marinade and baste for this bird, and what comes off the rotisserie in the end is a sight for sore eyes and a party for the taste buds. More