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What do you eat when you're feeling under the weather?

ginger ale and saltines. that usually makes me feel human again.

Sunchang gochujang...korean red pepper paste.

i think i have a lot to learn about korean food. any suggestions for sites or books readily available? this is my new favorite cuisine. kimchee on everything! any korean recipes will be tried by me unless they prove too difficult, or contain ingredients unavailable.

Sunchang gochujang...korean red pepper paste.

i looked at the packaging to see what were listed as ingredients, but it's all in korean. and thank you wookie, i didn't know sunchang was a brand, i thought it was part of the name of gochujang. i'll try using it a couple of different ways suggested here. thank you!

Sunchang gochujang...korean red pepper paste.

thanks, i'll try some tonight with rice and veggies. i guess i thought you had to cook with it...sorta like curry paste. i never would have known it was a condiment.


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