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Paul Yee

Paul Yee

Paul Yee is a brooklyn based filmmaker who loves cooking and eating. He also runs the Brooklyn Table supper club.

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  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: pastrami, crab cakes, vegetable juice, ice cream sandwiches

Al Safa's Counter Serves Up Solid Lebanese

Sitting at the window in one of the booths at Al Safa offers a framed view of the ever-evolving population of Bay Ridge. Once an enclave for Irish and Italian immigrant families, it's now home to Brooklyn's largest middle eastern community. Looking into the restaurant, you'll find Zein Safa, the amiable chef/owner of Al Safa preparing an abundance of middle eastern dishes, heavily influenced by his Lebanese roots. More

Stan's Cafecito is South Williamsburg's Neighborhood Burrito Spot

During the dog days of summer, Stan's Cafecito hides behind a bamboo roller shade that provides cover for the few lucky guests who have snagged a stool at the window while they wait for their iced coffee or breakfast burritos. The tiny, table-less space in south Williamsburg houses a sparing kitchen with little more than an electric skillet and griddle; it would be easy to miss all together, if not for the line out the door. More

Karczma: Polish Comfort Food with a Side of Shtick

Stepping into Karczma is like entering an Epcot Center version of a Polish farmhouse. Wagon wheel chandeliers and gas lamp fixtures light up a dining room that centers around a prop water well. The waitresses, costumed in billowy peasant dresses, push the vibe dangerously close to theme restaurant territory. Thankfully though, that's where the tacky facade ends—the kitchen is genuinely Polish, putting out food that rivals any other restauracja in Greenpoint. More

Feast: Tasting Menus for Group Dining in the East Village

Group dining can be a hassle in New York City—just try scouring Opentable for a 'table for six in a few hours from now.' If you don't have a reservation, and don't want to go to Chinatown for a big table, you could find yourself with something of a hassle. Feast, with its communal tables, is designed for just such an outing, with service we found swift and attentive. More

Sakamai, Japanese-Inspired Small Plates and Sake on the Lower East Side

Lobster, caviar, foie gras, black truffles, sea urchin: The ingredients featured on the menu at Sakamai are what I imagine would be served at an upscale wedding banquet with champagne fountains, not in a sake bar in the Lower East Side. But Chef Takanori Akiyama is using such provisions to make intensely flavored and smartly constructed Japanese small plates. More

Kevin's Reopens in Red Hook

The flood waters of hurricane Sandy were deceptively cruel to the Red Hook seafood restaurant. "At first, it seemed like all items above the flood line were okay," says chef Kevin Moore. "We thought we'd replace the sheetrock, the wainscoting... but then we noticed the floor tiles were buckled, and the fear of mold became paramount... there was a dull quiet in the place like the life had drained with the sea." But after a long rebuilding period, the restaurant, which opened in 2008, has returned. More

Snapshots From Pizza Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town' Since 1958

that uncle sam has VERY high cheek bones.

A Hefty Pastrami Burger for a Hefty Price at Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village

19$ and up burgers are common in NY restaurants that have $30 entrees. Minetta, Spotted Pig, Blue Ribbon, Hudson Clearwater, Waverly Inn... and that's just in the West Village. I would personally rather eat at 5 guys.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Veggie Burgers

These aren't frozen, but are delicious, but only available in NY so far: http://www.madebylukas.com/

Behind the Scenes in Robyn's Home Kitchen

oh man, I wish I could get that bowl with the nunchuk bunnies.

A Hefty Pastrami Burger for a Hefty Price at Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village

maybe when color correcting, you should use the jpeg instead of the RAW file. ZING!

A Hefty Pastrami Burger for a Hefty Price at Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village

Hey Noah, is there a cured or smoked aspect to the burger? Or does the 'pastrami' taste just come from a pepper/coriander seasoning? Looks like maybe the meat was cured because it's so red, but also possibly just cooked rare?

2 Hour Wait at Battersby? Where to Eat and Drink Nearby

I had a reservation at Battersby and STILL waited 2 hours, and it was still worth the wait!

Pistachio Milk is Awesome, and You Should Make Some at Home

Made this last night and weirdly had NO leftover pulp. Has that happened to anyone else? I did soak the pistachios for longer than advised (close to 20 hrs) and I use a high powered blender.
Definitely ended up being thicker than a normal nut milk. Pistachio flavor is great though.

Video: One of the Most Beautiful Pastrami Sandwiches We've Ever Seen

Rabi, do you know if this sandwich is on the menu? It's not on their site or menupages. looks super delicious!

The Food Lab: For the Best Baba Ganoush, Go For a Spin

post title made me think that the eggplant would be roasted on an engine block!

Pistachio Milk is Awesome, and You Should Make Some at Home

I love nut milks and can't wait to try this one. I also initially thought that making nut milks would be uneconomical, my almond milk usually ends up being about 2.50 a quart and tastes so much better than the store bought stuff.

Pistachio Milk With Vanilla and Cardamom

you can make nut milks with roasted nuts but some are salty, and may make your milk accordingly so.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Ed's got an awesome beard going on.

Snapshots from Hong Kong: My 10 Favorite Bites

oh my goodness I want all of this right now.

What Was Your Best Bite of New York in 2013?

I STILL think about ZZ's Beef Carpaccio with caviar sauce, spot prawns, razor clams, and uni.
Aska had a grilled leek dish with a brown butter and milk foam that I wish I knew how they made. Same with a burnt eggplant puree at the Elm.
Best bite though by far would be an oyster from the Glidden Point Oyster Farm in Maine. Not New York, but just really wish there was a place like it here.

Inside the Pages of 'The Photography of Modernist Cuisine'

I love the second to last graphic that shows the angle of incidence/reflection off of a rack of ribs.

Video: Noodles by Hand in Manhattan's Chinatown

awesome. what's the blue liquid in the sriracha bottle? lye?

Thai Grocery Shopping in Queens with Pok Pok Chef Andy Ricker

this is a great curry paste:

When I was in Bangkok, I bought a few dozen packs. Haven't seen them retail in the states at all, but can be found for a price online.

The Food Court at Fei Long Market in Brooklyn's Chinatown

Hey famdoc, thanks for reading. I do always enjoy a visit to the Fei Long food court, and I admit I edited down the description of LaoMa Ma La Tang for the sake of brevity. I definitely should have been more clear that I like and suggest that stall.
My only issue with them is that Ma La sauce/broth/oil is supposed to be inherently mouth numbing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mala_sauce
That being said, it's one of the few places in NYC where you can get Ma La stir fry.
Regarding the Maine Lobster House, they've been closed over my last 4 visits (spanning a few months). The signage is still up, but the tanks are empty.
We'll just have to disagree on the hand pulled noodles.

I'd like to emphasize that like the Fei Long food court, it'll definitely satisfy your appetite in a pinch, and it's pretty unique in Brooklyn. But if someone wanted to take a culinary adventure to Brooklyn Chinatown, there are better versions of most offerings within a few blocks.

Heavy Duty Freezer bag okay for pork belly sous vide?

Health and safety issues aside, it's not very practical to do long term, relatively high temperature sous vide in ziploc bags. In my experience, bags start to expand and float during extended high temp cooks (150-200). It could probably work if you could find a way to weight the bag down into the bath. Maybe with a plate or bowl or something.

Skàl's Nordic Cuisine and Service Leave You Hanging

We recently started our cats on a raw diet, and the tartare at skal was a little too reminiscent of the beef grind we make. I suppose that will be the case with all tartares from here on out though. :(

Glasserie is Greenpoint's Breath of Fresh Air

The whole Rabbit there is great, and easily feeds 3 or 4 since it comes with a bunch of pickles and labneh and other spreads.

Nothin' but Nuggets at the Nugget Spot

@BrooklynChef, I don't believe so, but i didn't follow up with the chef about recipes. Seemed to me like brined breast, their freshly fried nuggets are very juicy.
I am also a fan of dark meat nuggets and never understood why McDonalds proudly boasted their transition to all white meat nugs.

Nothin' but Nuggets at the Nugget Spot

I wish you were with me Robyn. I ate SO MANY NUGGETS.

Who Makes the Best Tuna Melt in NYC?

b&h dairy's tuna melt! with a cup of mushroom barley soup!

Mighty Quinn's: Has NYC Barbecue Come of Age?

Until Mighty Quinn's opened its doors, here are the words I would use to describe the better barbecue joints in town: sincere, well-meaning, tasty, digitally derived from copious sampling across the country, deferential, and stylistically derivative. Most people would come out any one of a half-dozen cue joints in town and say, "Hey, that was good barbecue, for New York." It'd be the culinary equivalent of damning with faint praise.

But the the arrival of pitmaster Hugh Mangum's East Village restaurant creates a new standard for barbecue in New York City. Smoked meat that is good—not just for New York—but for barbecue fans everywhere.


The Food Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Turducken

Ever since I was a wee little cook ripping up my first chives, burning my first steaks, and toughening up my first squid, I'd dreamt of poultry-stuffed-poultry-stuffed-poultry. The idea of a Turducken—a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey—is just so damn appealing. How could three such glorious birds not taste all the more glorious together? My goal for the last few years has been to try and perfect the ultimate Thanksgiving roast. This year, I finally succeeded, producing what is perhaps the finest roast to ever emerge from my oven. Turkey meat gave its juice away freely to anyone who asked. Perfectly rendered duck fat, tender to the teeth. And flavors that blended as harmoniously robotic lions joining forces to save the universe. Here's how it's done. More