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Italian-Japanese at Dieci, Where Small Plates Make Big Moves

Are the longer, proper SE review of the past no more? If so, I'll miss them.

What's it Like to Open a Gentrifying Restaurant?

@DCDreams No, I think if you pour all of your money into a business the goal is to make money back. I think doing something for the community would be the desirable byproduct. If you can't feed your family, you're not able to do anything for any community. I also don't think the article or the owner are saying that this isn't gentrification.

2 Hour Wait at Battersby? Where to Eat and Drink Nearby

Jakewalk is one of the most underrated bars (for drinks, food, people) in this part of Brooklyn.

Who Makes the Best Pasta in NYC?

Second Franny's; everyone talks about the piza, but the pasta is fantastic. Always seasonal. Always tons of butter.

Ask the Critic: My Brooklyn 'Vacation,' a Guide for Manhattanites

This article was worth the click alone to learn that Vinegar Hill House now takes reservations!

First Look: Cocktails and Pintxos at Toro New York

for $15 a pop those are some seriously shallow pours for a coupe glass

Ribalta: Neo-Neapolitan in Union Square

is the DOC $9 (slideshow) or $15 (article)? former would be a steal.

Wylie Dufresne's Alder: Better Bar Food Through Science

the liver looks tiny but the half-pours look mighty generous. i'm intrigued.

Brooklyn: New Franny's Going Strong

Question: I've been going to Franny's for a few years now, and just have been to afraid to ask. Is there are real reason not to cut the pie for a customer? Is it just an allegiance to being "authentic?" That logic just doesn't hold for me, particularly for this restaurant. But is there more to it than that?

A Sandwich a Day: Tuna Melt at Classic Coffee Shop

Any idea if the ham served on the breakfast sandwich is Taylor Ham (pork roll)?

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: John DeLucie's West Village

I previously thought this guy was the worst. Now, after reading him doing less with this feature than I think every other chef featured in the past, my thought has been confirmed.

Mayfield: A Welcome Addition to Crown Heights

sounds just wonderful. i live within walking distance and will be going

Upper West Side: Harriet's Kitchen's Cheeseburgers Haven't Aged Well

I don't know if it's just the photo, but that don't look pink to me.

Salvation Taco: April Bloomfield's Offbeat Taqueria in Murray Hill

I'm wondering if Carey is starting to get the star/noticed reviewer treatment. The Voice reviewed the Tortas today and had a totally opposite experience with the chicken. Pictures look totally different too.

American Flatbread: A Dose of Sweetness at NY Pizzeria

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but what exactly is in the Medicine Wheel Pizza? Just a plain pie?

Center Bar in the Time Warner Center: Michael Lomonaco Does Small Plates

I agree that the price for those cocktails is unfortunate, but given the location it's neither really surprising nor unreasonable.

5 Best Happy Hours in Nolita, NYC

Prima is a tad north (probably the EV), but their daily 5-7 PM, 2 for 1 on all oysters and cocktails bears a mention. So good.

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Fish at Maysville

Had dinner here for my birthday last weekend. Just a lovely meal.

Where to Drink Cocktails in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens

You really think the Radegast crowd/vibe is markedly superior to the Beer Hall? Every time I've been to the former it's been so loud (with yes, fratty types) it's impossible to hear the person talking across from you. I prefer it's beer and food to the Bohemian Beer Hall, but in my experiences there it isn't positively distinguishable in terms of overall environment.

Good Bread: Alfama, Portuguese Bread in Midtown East

As someone who spends a lot of time in Newark, I'd love a Serious Eats overview of the best of the Ironbound. Do I have any hope?

We Chat With Pastry Chef Alex Ray of North End Grill

It's not really important, but the point I was making was that if that's what she was doing prior to law school, it's likely she was never wanting for money, and going into pastry was not as financially risky for her as the article makes it seem. From personal experiences, I know that most people work through the period that they study for the test, or do so while they're still in college. Others, if they want to buckle down and just concentrate on the LSAT alone, quit their jobs and move home to study. I've never heard of someone moving to Micronesia to study. I obviously don't know her circumstances, but it sounds like a rich person thing to do.

We Chat With Pastry Chef Alex Ray of North End Grill

Moving to an island in Micronesia to study for the LSAT for 8 months? Thus ends the sympathetic-I-don't-any-money theme.


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