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Lifespan of Lunch Meat and Leftovers

Eatingoutwest is right. I'm not sure what's going on that most things *have* to be thrown out on the third day because if it's cooked and kept cold, it'll keep a week easy.

That observation depends on:
*how cold you keep meat. (meat drawer or on the shelf?)
*how you store the meat (airtight ceramic or glass helps)

There are some corner cases where a week doesn't apply, but lunch meat certainly isn't one of them....

More Fish Fat, Less Human Fat?

I was so sick two weeks ago that I literally spent five straight days on the sofa

Illness definitely leads to weight loss unless you were plowing through junk food on the couch. Has your sodium intake gone down?

There aren't any alternatives to burning more calories than you consume to losing weight. Make various physical activities a priority while halving the ice cream and beer and you'll lose weight.


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