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Robert Moss

Robert Moss

Barbecue & Southern Food Correspondent

Robert Moss is the senior food and drinks writer and restaurant reviewer for the Charleston City Paper and the author of Barbecue: The History of an American Institution and Going Lardcore: Adventures in New Southern Dining.

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  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Favorite foods: Barbecue and rye whiskey

The Elements of Barbecue: There's the Rub

Of all the elements of American barbecue, rubs and basting sauces are where pit masters differ the most from each other, even within the same regional style. Some use complex rubs; others don't. Some baste the meat while it cooks; others leave it completely alone. More

The Elements of Barbecue: What's in a Smoker?

The rich variety of American barbecue can be attributed to many factors—the kind of wood used, the types of meat selected, and the way that meat is seasoned, cooked, and served. But the differences between one regional style and another begins long before the brisket or pork shoulder ever encounters smoke and heat, and that's with the design and construction of the barbecue pit itself. More

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