I love all things food and spend much of my free time reading about it. Still honing as a cook, but I find it therapeutic. My current specialty is all things breakfast.

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: Cheese. Bread with cheese. Cheesy bread. Quesadillas. Sensing a theme yet? Oh - and brussels sprouts! (Yes, I realize they are a total food fad at the moment, but I am a shameless victim)
  • Last bite on earth: This changes daily and is subject to whatever the last best thing I ate was

Lamb shank conversion advice ?? (before 11pm tonight??)

Found the shanks I was looking for at Fairway and they turned out great - This is the recipe I used

Stayed pretty true to it other than cutting down on the wine since many of the commenters mentioned there was too much liquid left at the end. Served it over creamy polenta and it was definitely a hit. thanks for the help!

New York Surprise Dinner - Need some help

second the kin shop vote for amazing thai. good scene but rather laid back, small place

for a pricey but truly unique dinner send them to one of the sushi of gari restaurants. I've had an omakase dinner there and it was the best sushi I've ever had and unlike any other experience I had. Honestly amazing

Lamb shank conversion advice ?? (before 11pm tonight??)

Thanks guys - this was helpful. I decided that I'm going to make time to head to Fairway today to see what they have and choose from whatever is available there. Will be deferring to foreshank if that's all they have - I have plenty of time fro the braise so I think that sounds like it would be great! Will report back when dinner is done

26th birthday recommendations

Do the suckling pig dinner at the Breslin - it was amazing and the only way you can get a reservation there

College Care Package - what reheats well in microwave?

Last time I sent her back with homemade bread , she made it out of the lounge with little more than crumbs left, so I think I will definitely be making a loaf!

Yes, small fridge but only looking to give her a couple of portions.

Love the strata idea! The smitten kitchen spinach strata is to die for. Thinking that or slow cooker short ribs over brown rice...

Thanks Everyone!

NYC Bar for Bookclub??

Definitely in manhattan - we have a couple of Jersey City and Connecticut girls so we're trying to find a place that is somewhat convenient to the path and to grand central. not easy! We'll be 6 - 8, but these are definitely a good place to start. Thanks!

Thanksgiving Themed Sushi Competition - Help?

These are great - thanks everyone! Definitely planning on using some turkey skin and LOVE the turkey tempura roll idea. I think we'll have both sushi rice prepared for us and whatever else we want to use as a replacement in our rolls - the stuffing idea has come up several times. Will be taking lots of pictures of the results!

Cook the Book: Coffee Cake with Espresso Glaze and Cardamom Crumble

I don't have a bundt pan - assuming a loaf pan will work given the picture is in loaf form?

What to serve with shakshuka?

I understand it's a one dish meal, I just have a compulsion to have brunch tables filled with a plethora of options. The jalapenos I have at home have some pretty good heat right now so I'm going to taste as I go. Thanks-!!

What to serve with shakshuka?

ooooh, great idea on a yogurt sauce - will definitely include as a side for the bread. Thanks!

Dinner, Wed. 8/25: What's on your menu tonight?

Leftovers for me as well - some turkey "taco" meat - turkey with scallions fresh corn, gorgeous tomatoes with jalapenos and taco seasoning that I mixed up. However, some of your dinners are making me envious! Would love to know how the gnudi turns out - good luck!

Have Wasabi Root - now what?!

oh man ... all great suggestions! Loving the idea of some noodles (I happen to have some udon on hand) and the boiled shrimp + avo sounds delish. (my only issue with tuna tartar is that I know I won't realistically buy sushi grade tuna, but would love it!)

Serious Beer: California IPA

LOVE Lagunitas! Discovered it while in CA actually ... definitely have a hankering for one now with the weather in NYC today

Grilled Cheese ideas please!

I love white bread as a "treat" or sourdough grills up well, good real unsalted butter (margarine need not apply), sharp cheddar and something with a little more bit like hot sopressata instead of ham or bacon. Totally drooling, argh!

Another fave is fontina with pesto and tomato (in the summer) but light on the pesto - I find restaurants generally slather it on so thick that all you taste is pesto.

The Food Lab: Fresh Ricotta in Five Minutes or Less

I love me a Gilmore girls marathon ... but not so much standing over a simmering pot of milk

I tried reading through the comments to see if you answered this, but there was 1 million so I gave up. hope this isn't a repeat! Can you let me know exactly what brand / type of milk you used for this?

I tried once before with some fancy non-ultra pasteurized organic milk from whole foods, and it just didn't come out that well. Plus, it was expensive! Would love to try again ...

Chopped, Dressed, Do-Ahead Salads... Something Fabulous, Please!

I made this kale slaw for a group and it went over very well

Also - LOVE celeriac and apple salad - throw in some walnuts or pecans and use a light honey-mustardy dressing. A bit out of season at the moment, but it's fun watching people try to figure out what they are eating .

Casual lunch near NYU Med. Center?

Go to penelope! Love that place on 30th & Lex - depending on what time you're there (if it's the lunch rush or not) they are usually pretty accommodating.

What to cook when you are exhausted?

I've been doing "quesadillas" on whole wheat tortillas with vegeterian refried black beans, pre shredded cheese most often, whatever leftover protein is in the fridge (non if there is none) and some steamed (read: microwaved) spinach for "health". I usually sprinkle some chipotle powder on top for added depth and heat. It's filling and satifsying and really takes no effort.

Old browser support gone?

Ditto, here. So upset .... PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! If I had a choice, I would have gotten rid of IE6 ages ago, but I don't :(

McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken McNuggets: How Does It Taste?

Spent a semester abroad in Australia where the default dip for wedges (read: deep fried potatoes) was sweet chili sauce and sour cream. It was delicious but needless to say, I gained a few lbs while there!

No school tonight!! Instead I can cook-what's for dinner 2/16?

I have some ground sirloin that is in a use it or lose it situation, so tonight will be taco night. Spinach salad on the side and leftover coffee ice cream for dessert. mmmmmmm

winter stew suggestions?

You can make a bastardized version of caldo verde
Saute onions, add stock & chopped potatoes. simmer until cooked through - I usually mash them up at this point to thicken the soup or stick my immersion blender in, add a LOT of chopped up kale and cook 5 minutes and then put in dried chorizo and cook another 5 minutes. Delicious, hearty, healthy! (or so I tell myself)

Meat Lite: Mac & Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli

what kind of milk did you use?

50s Housewife Nibblers

Definitely something with Cheese wiz! And I concur on the deviled eggs

Car for a day

If you're coming from Brooklyn, Dinosaur BBQ is fun AND delicious.

Where to Eat & Drink in Willamette?

Taking a last minute trip out to Willamette County, OR in 2 weeks. There for 3 nights and are staying at the Allison Inn in Newberg, OR. Will definitely eat at the Jory one night - would love recommendations in the area for the other 2 nights or great lunch recommendations

Can't miss wineries?

All suggestions appreciated!

Lamb shank conversion advice ?? (before 11pm tonight??)

I am hoping to make braised lamb shank for Rosh Hoshanah on Thursday. I was hoping to find the individual 1 lb. ish pieces to serve to each guest on the bone - Whole Foods and Fresh Direct didn't have this! Not sure if I'll have time to go anywhere else so was planning to order food tonight for delivery tomorrow.

On fresh direct, my options are:
* leg of lamb shank portion (~4.75 lb piece)
* lamb foreshank (~2 lb piece)
* bone in lamb stew meat

What would you use for best results? I'm cooking for 4-5 people but leftovers are welcome. Need to finalize my FD order by 11pm tonight - thoughts please!

When I leave NYC, my kitchen will have ...

A caveat: For a NYC apartment, my kitchen would be considered nice (counter space notwithstanding)

But the one thing I always pine for is a refrigerator with an ice maker. I would blanche and make smoothies with abandon if only I had an ice maker on my fridge!

What's the one thing you have to have after living with a tiny kitchen?

College Care Package - what reheats well in microwave?

Don't worry, this is not going in the mail. I'm going to visit my sister in college this weekend and would like to bring her in portion sized tupperware that she could reheat and eat for some cooked goodness. She's in the dorms so only has access to a microwave.

Suggestions on what I can send that will hold up for a few days and reheat well???

NYC Bar for Bookclub??

My bookclub is trying something new and instead of someone hosting at their apartment we'd like to head to a bar to meet up where everyone can come and go as they please and eat and drink what / how much they'd like.

Obviously need somewhere that won't be too loud (we're going on a Tuesday) and ideally somewhere not too far east or west. Willing to compromise on location for a perfect place though.

Any suggestions?

Thanksgiving Themed Sushi Competition - Help?

A friend is hosting the 2nd annual Turkeyzilla in 2 weeks. We will be creating rolls out of typical Thanksgiving food and couples are competing against each other for the "best" roll. We were told we would have all the normal trimmings and rolling equipment available to us - as well as a small deep fryer. We can bring extra ingredients but must be stay within the turkey day theme

Would love to hear suggestions from the SE community on what roll they would make and maybe help me take home the trophy this year!

What to serve with shakshuka?

Making the smitten kitchen version on Sunday - what would go well with this? I ordered some parbaked bread from Fresh Direct, so we'll have warm crusty bread to eat with it. I just have a hard time having just one main dish on the table for a brunch!

Prague Suggestions Please-!

Heading to Prague for 4 days in September - saw another thread on this from last year, but thought there might be some new members who could help out!

Willing to try lots of good food - all suggestions welcome. Staying in old town, but will be traveling all over the city.

Help please! Would like to avoid tourist traps at all costs

Have Wasabi Root - now what?!

Someone gave me a small piece of fresh wasabi root. I clearly don't have a sharkskin whoziewhatsit to grate it - is a micro-plane going to get it fine enough?

Recommendations on what to eat it with are greatly encouraged! I'm not planning on making fresh sushi ... at least not this weekend. I'm a little at a loss of what it could spice up. Help please !

Best Brunch in Philly?

Talk amongst yourselves - will be there next Sunday and would love some recommendations. One caveat is that I prefer to go somewhere that I won't have to wait an hour to be seated.

where can I buy Chinese broccoli in NYC?

I am beginning to suspect that I love pad see ew more for the chinese broccoli than for the delicious wide noodles. Would love to prepare at home but I haven't seen it in whole foods, fairway or fresh direct. Does anyone know of an Asian market (or any market, really) where I can purchase the delciousness that is chinese broccoli in NYC ?!

Shiny New Slow Cooker, WWSED (What Would SeriousEaters Do)?

Hanukkah Harry just delivered a cuisinart slow cooker. We already made some amazing pulled pork (Oh the irony!) making me very excited.

So I ask - WWSED?? (What Would SeriousEaters Do). What would YOU make next? We eat all kinds of proteins and are only limited by the fact that the cooker is 3.5 Qts (smaller side - it's 2 people and a NYC apartment ... )

Looking forward to some inspiration!

Good Duck Ragu Recipe?

I have been requested to make duck ragu for Christmas eve dinner. Only snafu is that I actually have never cooked duck (though I enjoy eating it!) so I'm not sure what the best approach is. Some recipes use breasts, some legs, some the whole duck. Thoughts on what kind of duck I should use and what parts? Do I need to get the muscovy duck?

Help please!

HELP! Butter free stuffing?

I know what you're thinking ... I love butter and I understand it's necessity in this world. But I'm not asking to try to make a "light" stuffing! My little niece has a dairy and egg allergy so we're trying to make sure there are a few things that are safe for her to eat at the table. I love stuffing and would love her to be able to have some. What's the best butter substitute in a stuffing with something that is dairy free?

How to Poach Eggs in Bulk?

OK, so I finally got over my fear and learned how to poach an egg properly with decent (if not always perfect) results. Now the real question is - if I'm cooking for more than just me, what's the best way to poach in bulk? It just seems like a long process when you're doing 1 at a time at 3-4 minutes a pop

To Keep or to Toss: Accidental Freezer Chicken

I had a 2 day old half breast of roasted bone-in chicken. While cleaning up, I put the breast in a tupperware in the freezer instead of back in the fridge where I got it from.

(A) I'm assuming it's safe to eat, but please tell me if I'm wrong

(B) I'm more concerned that the texture will be off - do you think it will be OK? I don't usually freeze cooked chicken on its own (just part of greater dishes that I've made)

(C) Best defrost? Just let it defrost in the fridge?

Is the KitchenAid pasta attachment worth it?

The KitchenAid mixer is non-negotiable but the BF balked at the $150 pasta attachment for it. Does anyone own it and know if it's worth it? or should we just get a cheap table-top pasta maker?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I've never made my own fresh pasta but I'd love to try

Holy Apples!

Got some delicious jonah golds this weekend up at Masker's orchard in NY. The price was per bag, not by weight so we ended up with more than the 2 of us consume before they turn.

Thoughts on recipes other than apple pie / crisp / crumble?! I'm particularly interested in savory options but am open to dessert as well.


Does anyone else get totally bummed ...

.. when they buy lunch and it sucks? Just got my day ruined from a sub par portablella sandwich with goat cheese from bistro truck that was 75% bread, 25% fillins.

Sigh.... mid afternoon munchies are going to be a b*tch

Heading to Sonoma - Must Eats (and Drink), Por Favor

can't miss places? Vineyards and restaurants .... we'll do a nice dinner out but a budget option or two would be great as well!

I'm an adventurous foodie. While I love wine, I don't know much about it so we're not looking for anywhere to highbrow.

Any and all help is appreciated :)

HELP WANTED: proper way to poach chicken

Hey all - I have an abundance of boneless skinless chicken breasts. I wanted to try poaching them rather than the standard saute / broil / bake. (I do not have access to a grill, otherwise this question would be moot!)

I tried my hand at poaching 2 of them last night and somehow managed to come out with dry chicken breasts that were cooked in liquid!

Any advice on the best way to poach chicken breast? Or is this a a useless exercise since it boneless / skinless? for the record, I used martha stewart's method ... My liquid included a mix of stock, wine, water, oregano, thyme and a clove

Dear Whole Foods,

I am a huge fan of your prepared foods. They are delicious and fresh and (almost) reasonably priced for dinner. However, the naan that you have at your Indian steam table is blasphemous. It is cold and chewy and generally abysmal. Also: Please get some cilantro chutney.

Any other suggestions, serious eaters?

Best Empanadas in NYC?

Love me some empanadas but have yet to find ones that hold a candle up to the ones my friend's Puerto Rican grandmother used to make us in high school.

Please help!

How to make unstinky fish?

I love fish, but rarely buy it ... I'd love to incorporate it more to my dinner repertoire but I am petrified of stinking up my entire apartment (my small NYC apartment without proper circulation or an exhaust).

Please send any tips or tricks for cooking a non-smelly fish or the fastest way to unstinkify my place! Are some fish smellier than others? Is there a way to pan fry a fillet without coating my entire kitchen in fish grease?


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