How to Cook Crispy Tofu Worth Eating

@Siwasher: Google "wok hei." It's a pretty well-established effect, and one you can definitely taste as a subtly smoky flavor. In general, Kenji is not someone you'll find making claims that are just "speculatin' on a hypothesis" (great quote, by the way - one of my favorite movies).

The Vegan Experience: Over 100 Flavor-First Vegan Recipes!

What's the recipe in the lead pic for this post? Couldn't seem to identify it based on the linked recipes.

The Art of Tarte Flambée: Alsatian Pizza With Fromage Blanc, Bacon, and Onions

This isn't pizza, but Chicago deep-dish is? (*faints dead away from confusion*)

Chinese Lion's Head Pork Meatballs With Vermicelli and Cabbage

If there's rice noodles in the soup, why serve it with white rice on the side? Just curious... would the rice be stirred in, or the meatballs ladled on top of the rice? Not sure what role it serves here.

30-Minute Pressure Cooker Chicken With Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Chorizo

Made this tonight. Already had all the ingredients except the Spanish chorizo, so I subbed bacon for the chorizo (took it out after rendering the fat and then put it back in at the end). Delicious. The sherry vinegar really makes the sauce pop; if you don't have it, lemon juice would probably work well too. This is definitely a keeper.

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

The pic of the Fountain Porter burger doesn't seem to match up with the description - the text says "it's on the small, thin side" but the pic shows what looks like a full inch-thick slab of ground beef. Looks delicious, but definitely not small or thin.

The Best Slow Cooker Meatballs

@dholway - Fair enough. I should have said, the "Best Slow Cooker Meatballs" are meatballs that are not slow cooked. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a bit misleading to call these slow cooker meatballs - it's slow cooker sauce, to which you add meatballs at the very end. I'm sure it's delicious and I have no doubt it's the best approach, but these aren't really slow cooker meatballs. Kenji has simply proven that you can't slow cook meatballs, and found a workaround.

The Best Slow Cooker Meatballs

So, per the title of this article, the "Best Slow Cooker Meatballs" are meatballs that are not cooked in a slow cooker. Interesting.

The Food Lab: Introducing Lasagna Napoletana, the Meatball and Cheese-Packed Lasagna of Your Dreams

I'm with @rodertaker. I am actively angry that this is not on a plate in front of me, right now. Someone, please, make it so.

Your Beer Bucket List: 20 Must-Try Styles

@rhallen: Thanks! I'll check out your advice.

@terryturbojr: Well played, sir.

Your Beer Bucket List: 20 Must-Try Styles

I want to like Belgian beers, but so many of them have a difficult-to-describe flavor that I find really offputting - it's kind of sweet, banana-ish taste that I think has to do with the yeasts they use. Anyone know what I'm talking about, and whether there are particular types of Belgian beers that I can stick to that avoid this? (I know the sours like Gueuze and Flanders Reds are exceptions and I like both of those.)

In Defense of St. Louis-Style Pizza

This is just some straight-up trolling by Kenji here. No one like St. Louis pizza. It's unpossible.

5 Cocktail Recipes That Will Help You Love Mezcal

The owner of the Bitter Bar in Boulder, CO (source of the "All Bett's are Off" drink in the article) is also the director of the cocktail program at a place called Blackbelly in Boulder, and they have a drink called the Oaxacan Square that's a play on a Vieux Carre with mezcal taking the place of the rye. It's probably my favorite cocktail right now, with the richness of the original and a smoky overlay from the mezcal.

Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville: Who Makes the Best High End Blender?

CNET reviewed a Blendtec that apparently shredded itself. Made me wary of the brand in general.

Latkes with Sichuan Peppercorns

1) The ingredients don't list sichuan peppercorns.
2) The instructions don't explain how to prepare the sichuan peppercorns (i.e. toasting and grinding).
3) The recipe is just basic latkes with sichuan peppercorns sprinkled on at the end. Couldn't it at least include a sichuan-influenced dipping sauce (maybe something with chili bean paste, for example), or incorporate preserved mustard roots into the latkes or something?

Just seems pretty lazy. You can do better, SE!

Change Up Your Hot Toddy With Amaro

Seems like this might be a treat if you went 1/2 whiskey and 1/2 Averna. I imagine just Averna might be really sweet (it's one of the sweetest amaros (amari?)).

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Changing the Menu and Considering Feedback

There's a place in Nederland, CO that makes smoked chicken wings that are deliciously smoky but somehow also tender and not the slightest bit rubbery. As far as I understand it, they get smoked and then grilled, then doused with a smoky butter-and-hot-sauce take on buffalo sauce. Best wings I've ever had. It can be done.

How to Make 15 Minute Stovetop Roast Turkey and Mole Enchiladas

I second the call for Kenjiladas. Make it so.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I've never even had ONE deep-fried turkey at my office. Obviously I'm in the wrong line of business.

The Silver Palate's Corn Bread-Sausage Stuffing With Apples

This recipe is missing any liquid ingredients whatsoever - eggs, stock, etc. Seems like it would have to come out incredibly dry if you didn't cook it inside a bird, since there's nothing to add moisture to the large amount of dry breads. Is the recipe missing an ingredient, or does some kind of alchemy occur that renders it moist despite the lack of moisteners?

Ampersand Cocktail

Honestly, is there any drink made with sweet vermouth that isn't made better with Carpano? Maybe a Negroni/Boulevardier (Punt e Mes is my favorite there), but otherwise it's pretty rare that I don't reach for the Carpano if it's available.

Take Your Spatchcocked Turkey to the Grill for Extra-Moist, Evenly Cooked Meat

If I wanted a smokier bird - I'm planning on doing your Cajun smoked turkey recipe on a Big Green Egg - would it still make sense to spatchcock and just shoot for 325 temp instead of 425? Or is there something about that recipe that requires keeping the bird whole?

The Serious Eats Guide to Carving Turkey

Roasting turkeys are female. Frau Gobbles.

In Praise of a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the only day of the year that my family eats a turkey. We don't have a lot of food traditions, so having that one is nice. There are plenty of other holidays that don't have a specific food associated with them where you can get creative, so I'm content having Thanksgiving be the "traditional" one. (Plus, if you think of turkey as being dried out and chewy, you're obviously not following the recipes on this site. A well-cooked turkey can be fantastic and hold its own with any other centerpiece, it's just a little more work to make sure it's right.)

Ramos Fizz

First encountered these at the Carousel Bar in NO. It's basically like drinking a key lime pie. Delicious, but more of a milkshake than a cocktail in my book.

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Dinner Tonight: Seared Scallops with Salsa Verde

Salsa verde is a good, quick sauce to have in the repertoire. Not to be confused with anything out of Mexico, salsa verde is from Italy. The piquant, herb-based sauce usually features parsley, capers, and and olive oil. It's easy to prepare from pantry ingredients and reliably good with roasted vegetables and grilled meats; even robust flavors can stand up to this flavorful sauce. But until now, I've never had it with seafood. More

Cocktail 101: Introduction to Vermouth and Aperitif Wines

Vermouth used to be a relatively simple topic, at least in the States. The American market had sweet and dry styles and largely shunned both. When Paul Clarke wrote about vermouth for SE back in 2007, he had very few brands to discuss; not many brands or styles were available on the American market. In the past four years, though, that's changed, and now there is a wide range of options in vermouth and other aperitif wines. This week, I'll share a few of the available choices with you offer some suggestions on how to enjoy them. More