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Meet the Torta Ahogada, Guadalajara's Signature Sandwich

In Northern Virginia, La Mexicana Bakery and Tacqueria used to sell an excellent one, but it burned some poor gringo's face off and they stopped selling it. Tacos El Costalilla still sells it.

1-Hour Pressure Cooker Texas-Style Chile Con Carne

My go to Texas red recipe is Paul Prudhomme's, which I am now adapting using Kenji's sear/slice technique. As I type this, the pressure cooker is hissing away. Can't wait to taste how this turns out! Thanks.

How to Eat Falls Church, VA: The DC Area's Southeast Asian Food Mecca

Nice piece, Brian. I'd also include Miso (Korean udon and katsu) and Tanpopo for ramen, the latter not as hyped as Daikaya, Sakuramen, or Toki, but also not as expensive or agonizing to find parking for. Myanmar has been a favorite since Burma closed in Chinablock, but the waits can be excrutiating.

I'd make the case that a lot of the Asian places in Falls Church and Annandale, and even Rockville and Wheaton, are cruising on reputation and aren't what they were 10 or even 20 years ago, which is to be expected. Eden Center always gets plugged on social media, but the truth is, like Chinablock downtown, the Asian population has dispersed. I'm finding LOTS of great Indian, Pakistani, Korean, and Salvadorean in tiny run-down stripmalls (where the rents are cheaper and the portions plentiful) in Springfield, off Franconia, and out in Beltsville that never get any press. Da Rae Won still does hand pulled noodles and Myoung Dong has been doing Korean fried chicken for decades. Yet all I'm seeing are raves about chains like BonChon and KoChix.

The Best Southern-Style Fried Chicken in Washington, DC

DC residents of a certain age will always have a soft spot for wings & mambo sauce, which must be eaten on the curb in front of a bulletproof Chinese carryout long after midnight. With the loss of Wings & More Wings on Bening Road, I find myself ordering five with french fries (hold the saltpeppaketchup) at Lucky Carryout, a block from the Potomac Avenue Metro. Close your eyes and you'll swear you're eating Japanese karaage.

Washington, DC Cheap Eats: 10 Great Dishes Under $10

Mangialardos, Litteris, Deli City, Anh-Dao, Tortilla Cafe, and those are just downtown. My new favorite is Cafe Kimchi. They'll put kimchi on damn near anything, including a grilled bacon cheese sandwich, and they do a killer bulgogi steak & cheese. Everything under $9.

Grilled Cheese with Kimchi

Two places in DC serve this: a grilled cheese truck ($10) and Kimchi Cafe ($6), the latter with bacon.

Shake Shack is Expanding to Multiple Cities This Year (and Next)

I've had my fair share of lousy "local and authentic." Never had a bad Shake Shack experience.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

There are a lot of old recipes for this sandwich. I've actually made many times using a variation on the Two Fat Ladies recipe, grilled outdoors usually for summer picnics or winter camping. A couple of points:

1. I use rump steak or "London Broil." Tougher cut, but I think part of the fun is the chewiness.

2. I go with big, fat, portobellos cooked whole. Again, it's a mouth feel sorta thing for me. I like the "beefy" texture the whole mushrooms bring. I also used the bread crumbs to soak up the juices.

3. Coarse sea salt. I prefer the crunchiness. Also very coarse ground pepper for the extra bite.

4. Seriously, eat this outdoors. Eating outside improves any meal and changes your olfactory impression of the flavor of the food.

5. Try washing this down with a good whisky, preferrably from a silver hip flask.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

You made the critical error of not eating this outdoors, preferrably in a London's Green Park or on a rare sunny day on Howth Head with a copy of Ulysses, a bottle of burgundy, some watercress salad, a crock of hot chowchow, and your best girl by your side. Totally different experience from eating it standing up in a kitchen. Why do you think the Japanese spend so much efford on arranging food?

McDonald's Testing Custom Built Quarter Pounders in California and Illinois

I'm not seeing franchisees lining up to fork money over for an expensive electronic system that requires an additional tech support cost. Remember the Wendys owners who were pissed at having to install special bun toasters?

Video: Lou Malnati's Responds to Jon Stewart

Also, fish sticks are neither fish nor sticks. They are a fungus.

We Try Shake Shack's New Fresh-Cut Fries

Sigh. I'm gonna miss those krinkle cut fries. They were perfection. Years from now, I will tell my children that Shake Shack and McDonalds once had perfect fries then decided to mess with perfection. At least I can still get krinkle cuts at the bulletproof Chinese carrout.

Shake Shack to Premiere Fresh Cut Fries at UES Location Today

Frying fresh cut fries is something that professional chefs have to practice over and over and over again. It's not like you can grab anyone off the street, give them $6 an hour, and expect them to pull this off day in and day out. Franchises are about a consistent experience and, given the thousands of variables, frozen eliminates one. Really, really hope they prove me wrong here, but I've got sufficiently low expectations. Every upscale eatery in DC brags about their fresh cut fries; they're almost universally soggy, burnt messes.

Shake Shack to Premiere Fresh Cut Fries at UES Location Today

Oh, god. Have they learned nothing from Five Guys? WTF difference does it make if they're "fresh cut" if they aren't fried properly? They should probably throw them in a soggy bag so they steam up as well. Frozen crinkle cuts give a consistent crispy fry, something that's always hit or miss at 5G.

The Ramen Rater's Top 10 Instant Noodle Bowls of 2013

The only thing worse than pizza snobs are ramen snobs. This stuff is delicious, with the possible exception of the curry ramen which has a weird aftertaste.

Staff Picks: What's the Best Pizza in Chicago?

Gotta defend 2Amys. It's the super most authentic D.O.C. approved burnt pizza soup you can buy.

The United States of Burgers: 50 States, 50 Burgers, an Interactive Map

Jeez! The burgers in DC aren't so bad they merit being totally ignored. Granted, Spike's burgers stink, but the one at Komi is pretty awesome.

Should I buy lodge cast iron pizza pan?

I use mine constantly. Preheated in a hot oven, it gives a nice crispy crust. Not as good as the steel, but not nearly as expensive. Cold, roll the dough out and you can do a nice thicker crust pie. On the burners, it's great for flapjacks or eggs or hash browns just about anything you'd use a shallow skillet for. Great for tortillas with room for meats and toppings. It fits over two burners with a nice cool zone in between. On my Weber Smokey Mountain, I use it as a heat sink for doing pizzas outdoors. Also since it's cast iron, iron will leech into your food. You need iron in your diet anyway, so folks who tend towards anemia need to take this into consideration. And like all Lodge items, it'll last longer than you will.

Pizza Hut Strikes Again, Unveiling 'Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas'

Also, food snobbery is actually pretty entertaining. You're not a "foodie." You're 24. You ate in a restaurant.

Pizza Hut Strikes Again, Unveiling 'Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas'

Healthy dining might be "in" right now, but that doesn't mean they're making any money off it. McDonalds lost a ton on their healthy "wraps" which they're now discontinuing because nobody was buying them. Everybody SAYS they want healthier fast food but when it comes to buying the stuff, forget it. They eat fatty food because it's delicious. If they didn't, they'd stay home and eat a salad. Or go to TGI McPickle$h!tters and order their EXTREME Fried Chicken Caesar, which is basically a bucket of fried chicken swimming in dressing with a single strand of iceberg lettuce on top.

Dear Local Pizzeria: Ranch is NOT Tuscan.

This sounds like something from a pizza place in Japan, although there it would probably have octopus and Kewpie Mayonnaise on it as well.


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