My Pie Monday: Bratwurst, Poblanos, Broccoli, and More!

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Poll: What Beer Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

When it comes to beer in the U.S.A. IPA is currently the popular choice of beer.
why that is, i'll never know. It's gross.. (well some are). Imperial Stout for the win!!

Pizza Delivery to Afghanistan Troops Sets Guinness Record

Modernist Cuisine Releases Special Edition Baking Steel

After trudging thru 6 1/2 inches of snow last nite in the twin cities, I peeked in the mailbox, as it had been quite a long time (and is a hike to get to. Yay communal steel mailboxes) to see Saveur Magazine's current issue, all about Napoli pizza. One of the tools they suggested? Modernist Cuisine pizza steel. Interesting.

Beer & Pizza: A recycling question.

lol. i would if i could. But my thought pattern was also 'hmm.. i bet a brewpub and pizza place could be feasible. would save on cost of pizza supplies (like yeast).. that is if i could recycle leftover live yeast from first fermentation" but yeah quite a few forums i've found said it could be feasable harvesting from the trub, and easier to gather from yeast strains floating on the top of the carboy. lol

Poll: Is Stuffed Crust Ever Legit?

It's good, if you're into that. The certain international redroof chain uses string cheese, and uses (or used to use) the sweeter sauce (which is different than their normal sauce) that was also reserved for a certain mega-sized new york themed pizza they had concocted, now extinct.

The United States of Pizza: Iowa

Another good pizza place: Pizza On Dubuque, Iowa City. Really fresh veggies. natural ingredients. loved their pizza when i cycled across Iowa ( back in the day. glad to see they have a permanent address.

Beer & Pizza: A recycling question.

Seeing as I live in the Twin Cities, surrounded by home brewing supply warehouses and home brewers (including my father), is there a technique/recipe to create a pizza dough using yeast from brewed beer? I know that you can "harvest" yeast from the beer, but wondered if it can be rolled over into a fine pizza dough. thanks!