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Iranian Recipes

@ginapet....I'm assuming that's 1/2 CUP of walnuts?

Both recipes sound yummy...I love trying new things.

So Proud!

That's awesome, Foodiegal! Perhaps he needs to come to MY house to show my 6 year old that good, flavorful food will NOT kill him. :) Although I have to admit, he will eat my sushi.

OMG! Obama seen drinking in public!

Wow! And I bet he actually sits on the john and takes dumps too! :P

I'm so sorry...I really couldn't resist.

Ketchup on Hash Browns: Way or No Way?

No for me. I too prefer just salt and pepper. I'm not a big ketchup person, and will only eat in on fries, if that.

You live where?

Kalamazoo, Michigan area here too....Portage to be exact.

Oral Surgery - What the heck do I eat?

Baby food! Not the meats or veggies (unless that's your thing), but the fruits and desserts. After I had oral surgeries, I always liked a nice cold jar of peach cobbler or blueberry buckle. :) Seriously!

Best Farmer's Market you've been to

@redhead....Yay, another Kazoo'er! I've been in the area for over 20 years and have yet to stop at the Bank St. Market. *cringes*. I WILL make it there this year! I read in the Gazette that they have a farmer's market (albeit very small) at Bronson Hospital every other Friday until April sometime...have you been to that?

What food(s) did you love as a kid and now can't stand?

@PumpkinBear....same here! I buy them for my 6-year old only because that's the only kind I can get him to eat on sandwiches. Bleah.

Milk. I used to drink it by the gallon and now I can only tolerate it IN things or on cereal. I don't even like chocolate milk.

I rediscovered _______, and now I love it!

Brussel sprouts here too. They're still not my favorite, but definitely more palatable than when I was a kid.


Oatmeal and cottage cheese (definitely a texture thing)
Steak (laugh all you want...I hated it as a kid)
Mashed potatoes

I have 6 hard boiled eggs now.

If I had 6 hard-boiled eggs handy, they wouldn't last long around here. I like egg salad, or I'll eat them with salt.

What time do you eat dinner?

It varies for us (I'm a single mom with 2 elementary school-aged boys). Some days it's "normal" (ie 5:30-6pm); other times it's closer to 8. All depends on how I'm feeling that day and if I want to cook. :)

Is anyone here giving up a certain food for Lent?

Nothing here. Consider me a heathen as well.

And @lambowner....yes. ;)

Recurrent food related injury

@ word....ewwwwww! :)

New York Times on Dirty Food

What about those people who adhere to the "5-second rule"? I'm sure there's TONS more ick on those pieces of food, than in a single 6-oz can of tomato paste! Just sayin'...:)

Recurrent food related injury

I'm always grabbing the leftover bits of fried chicken out of the oil...usually while it's still hot. Why I don't use a utensil for this baffles me.

Hand-held foods?

Glad to know I'm not the only one who eats pizza with a knife and fork. Or fried chicken. And yes, I've even done chicken wings with them. No, I'm not OCD. I eat at my computer quite a bit, and would rather not be wiping my fingers after every bite.

And for those of you keyboard tray slides in and out, so no crumbs there. :)

I heart stuffed ________

Olives stuffed with anchovies
Eggplant stuffed with spicy Italian sausage
Chicken Kiev
Green peppers stuffed with fresh mozzarella, corn and extra-firm tofu.
Flounder and crabmeat.

I don't have a ___ in my kitchen and I don't want one.

@meganesta...Don't feel bad about not having a KitchenAid Mixer...I'm the exact same way. The ONLY time I break out my hand mixer is when I make cheesecake, I can get the filling a lot smoother. Everything else I mix by hand.

I don't have a ___ in my kitchen and I don't want one. can come do my dishes ANYTIME. I would LOVE a dishwasher :)

I have to admit...I love kitchen gadgets...but I don't have a whole lot of room in my apartment. One thing I can definitely do egg peeler. Have you seen those? You're supposed to put a hard-boiled egg in this bellows-like thingie and it pops the shell off. Geez louise...I can peel them faster than that! Waste of money IMO.

Am I the only one on the planet who dislikes ___, or loves ___?

@nightowl....Nah, we just love salt too much. Growing up, my dad used to kid with me that he'd have to buy me a salt-lick (you know...the kind that deer like)...LOL. Soy sauce rocks...I love it on scrambled eggs.

Am I the only one on the planet who dislikes ___, or loves ___?

Hates: Cooked carrots, cooked peas, low-fat ice-cream, popsicles, PB&J sandwiches, lobster.

Loves: Anchovies, raw hamburger and raw beef in general (yes, I know the risks), licking flakes of sea salt off my fingers, liver and carmelized onions, crispy turkey or chicken skin, okra, scrapple (God, I miss having family on the East Coast...LOL), creamed herring, dulce, mussels and crab legs.

I'm sure I could think of lots of other items, but I'm drawing a blank right now.


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