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Most people are nice, but..

I do tip at 20% or more but if the server acts as if my coming to the restaurant is an inconvience to them I will tip less. I make sure to at least tip something, even if they weren't the greatest. They live on tips and this way they know the didn't do so well and I didn't just forget to tip. I also have Celiac so the first thing I do is make friends with the server and manager. If you walk in expecting them to bow to you and do everything your way you set yourself up for disappointment. OTOH, if you explain to them and work with them most will go out of their way to help. Once I had a server take the order correct but then put gravy on top of the entree. He was so upset I felt bad for him. I will also contact the manager and corporate and tell what an awesome job they did. Oh and for all the restaurant staff on here, Thanks for your advice. I have worked customer service all my life but never in a full service restaurant. It is good to hear how we can make you job enjoyable. :)

What food(s) did you love as a kid and now can't stand?

sardines. I used to sit with my Dad and eat them all the time. Now I don't even want to see the can.

weird sandwich making rituals

I have to put the mayo on the bread then put the ham, chicken, turkey, etc. The cheese goes on the other side by the mustard, with the rest in the middle

Dining with kids

I have a 10 and an 8 year old. They both are great at restaurants, in public in general. I have been taking them to places ( reastaurants, museums, zoos etc) since they were days old. My oldest will order from the kids menu but in certain places she prefers the adult menu. Like Applebees she will eat the chicken alfredo. My youngest likes black beans which at Chilis is on the kids menu. Both of my kids have loved spaghetti since they were little but on occasion will get just noodles with butter and parmesan cheese.

Another thing my girls love is salad. If I get a salad they help eat it. Many times we order them their own.

I believe manners is something that has to be refined constantly. you cannot go into anywhere and expect your kids to know exactly how to act. If we are going somewhere they haven't been I explain what it will be like and how they should act. I also do this when we take their friends out with us. Not that their friends are unruly but when you get a group of 8-10 years old together it is far too easy to get giggly.

I also do not let them take a video game in the restaurant. If I know the place doesn't cater to kids I will bring pads of paper and pens or color pencils to give them something to do. They love to draw and after they create the masterpiece they can easily become part of the conversation by explaining what they drew. Everyone is happy, including the other patrons of the restaurant

Decals for your appliances?

I use Stik-ees. They are static stickers that have a great range of themes. You can go holiday, seasonal, animal or just shapes. My daughters love them and they stick to the fridge, dishwasher or windows. When I am not using a set I put them in a photo album. Remember the old ones that you have to pull the plastic back and put the picture under? That is the ones I use but I don't put them under the plastic just right on top. It really livens up the room. :) :)

Watching food shows for the chef, not the show.

I know I may stand out from the crowd but I like Racheal Ray. I would watch her 30 minute show and her $40 a day show and she had another (tasty travels or something). I like her personality. I can say though I did try one of her recipes and I hated it but it may just be my personal preference not her recipe.

I also agree with LoCo I enjoy Alton he is very creative in his show. And you can learn about why things do or don't work.

Thanks To The Serious Eaters

@Listener. I haven't been with SE for very long and I don't post very often, but I too love to read the comments. I will even read about finding food in other states that I have no plans on visiting in the next 10 years. But the comments are very fun and encouraging.

Welcome aboard, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. :) :) :) :)

What do you drink?

I make an raspberry iced tea and it is great. I got the recipe online somewhere and it uses tea bags, water and frozen concentrated raspberry-ade. My husband even liked it (which is something because he only likes colas and mountain dew).

A change of heart concerning Sandra Lee.

I did see the Chefography but still do not like her. I personally went through alot and know many others who have also. I just do not like her personality, recipes, her show in general. This is not to be mean to her but I just don't like her. I also find it distrubing that coincedentally everytime I flip channels and pass her show she has some alcholic drink in her hands, is making one or is talking about how great a certain drink would be with what she is making. I personally do just as Karen suggests, I change the channel. But that is just me.

Racial Tipping point

I also tip according to service. I was at a restaurant with a friend and had terrible service. I was going to leave without a tip. She had a better idea. She left 2 pennies. That way they knew that we didn't just forget to leave a tip. The wait staff knew we left a bad tip for bad service. I think it is a great idea.

Also, I will speak to the manager if I had great service. I have never been a waitress but I have worked sales and you always hear the bad even if it is the customers that are the problem. So I make sure to let the manager and/or headquarters know when I had great service.

Once I asked a waitress to get the manager. The poor girl was terrified. She didn't think she did anything wrong but I wanted the manager. After I spoke to the manager about how great she was the waitress came back and thanked me and told me about her feelings about getting the manager. She also said that the manager went into the kitchen and announced over the kitchen speaker system that this waitress received a glowing comment. It made the waitresses day and mine.

What do you do with a box of graham crackers?

I put peanut butter and jelly on them. Also I have used pudding of any flavor, applesauce, and frosting. My kids and I also made mini gingerbread houses with them. During the holidays there was a gingerbread flavor, these were great.

P.S. if you are in a pinch and really want s'mores you can make them in the microwave. Just put the chocolate and marshmallow between the crackers and put in microwave for a few seconds. The marshmallow puffs up and melts. The marshmallow will get hard if not eaten quickly but if you really need a s'more ( or a school experiment in our case) it works great.

Sandwich Lover? Let's build!

I just finished eating a fried egg sandwich on wheat toast with cheese and mayo. :) I had a craving for a BLT last night. Also, on Saturday I had a grilled cheese sandwich with mustard. The cheese was all melting .

As you can see there are many great sandwiches on my list.

Comfort Food Fest!

I'm with you in Michigan (southwest), my husband makes the best beef barley soup. He makes a huge pot of it and it will be all we eat for two days. It's the best. He also adds a lot of white pepper so it warms you from the inside.

I top my cereal with _____

I add brown sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup to oatmeal.

What do you eat for breakfast on the weekend?

Eggs Benedict. It is my husbands favorite. :) :)

Restaurant advertising

I;m with PerkyMac, I look up online and then check out the website if there isn't one with good info I won't waste my time. Oh, I'm with Perky Mac with the rest of the comment also.

What's for dinner?

Everybody's sound so good. We are having Mac & Cheese. We have sleet and snow coming down today so the warm creamy dinner is just right.

Herbs & Spices: Which ones are impossible to live without?

I cannot give up pepper
but I would also keep cinnamon, salt and garlic powder. Although, I always use cinnamon with nutmeg, allspice and ginger so I may have a problem in the long run.

Would you rather give up pizza or peanut butter?

I would give up pizza. I love pb on toast or pbj sandwiches, pb cookies, apples, celery, crackers, it makes good sauces, and if you are creative a tortilla with pb and j with fresh fruit is like a pizza or would I have to give that up too? :) :(

Emergency HUNGER ATTACK Food?

Mine is Twix bars. I can't say why but I love them and hide them in my home office drawer. So far the kids haven't found them and my husband doesn't like them. Yeah!!!

Mail order food: yay or nay?

I buy Honeybell oranges from Cushman. I have ordered them every January for 4 years now. I have had good results. Although, I did purchase their 9 month plan ( a different fruit every month for 9 months) I didn't have as good results so now I just stick to the Honeybells. YUM!!!!!:)

My favorite jarred food is _____

I friend of mine jars tomatoes in many different "sauces". She will jar just tomatoes, and diced tomatoes, and stewed tomatoes, then a tomato sauce, etc. I go "shopping" in her pantry for my many tomato needs. Can you get a better friend than that? I can strawberry jam. YUM. I make them in the small decorative jars so that when opened the jar is used up quickly, (no time to go yucky).

I drizzle honey on _____

I put honey on/in anything: tea, cereal, toast, pancakes, marinate chicken, ham, french toast, crepes, yams, etc, and on add days my finger and lick it off.:) :) :)


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