Easy One-Pot, No-Knife, Lighter Tuna Noodle Casserole

As a huge TNC lover since childhood, I wish I could eat this right now!

A Closer Look at Your Italian Bakery's Cookie Case

The pignoli cookies at Moio's Bakery outside Pittsburgh are heavenly.

Manner Matters: Who's On the Grill?

Not only have I never been to a BYOG party, it sounds like a bummer to me - I am happy to bring any manner of side, dessert, beverage, even all of the above to a party, but it seems odd to me to bring a raw steak and hope that my host will have the time cook it properly while she also minds Jenny's chicken and Bob's salmon - am guessing this is something more common among younger folks who have limited funds?

Wicked Good Lobster Rolls

@Elevenrunelord - are lobsters really that expensive where you are? I have family in NH and Maine and when we were up there this past summer they were not expensive at all and really plentiful even in grocery stores. Plus, hot dog buns (in particular the brand and style Kenji mentions) are what a lobster roll is supposed to be served in. It's the classic combo. I'm not saying this is a cheap meal but perhaps the shore where you live has vastly different supplies and prices.

Manner Matters: Bagel Brouhaha and the Rules of Cohabitation

Something that wasn't addressed - did Neat Freak (I just realized there is no clue as to his or her gender) offer to foot the bill for the restaurant? If I offer to bring you bagels (gonna cost what, maybe $12 split with the other friend coming over, so $6) and you insist we dine out (no idea what city this is in but let's say brunch prices are $20-$25 a head plus tip) well, maybe a bagel was all I could afford. Not saying it wasn't passive-aggressive to bring a bagel back to your place but it wasn't in the least bit gracious to turn down the bagel offer. If your place was clean enough for company (I don't buy that an OCD person like the one described could clean for three weeks and have it be "a mess") you could have certainly set up some plates, juice, and coffee.

San Diego - where to eat?

Beth1, thank you so much! I do have a rental car and I will be there on a weekend! We also have a Penzey's in my town and I agree, it's wonderful!

Burger City Guides: Justin Severino's Favorite Burgers in Pittsburgh

Nice to see some love for the Burgh, and for Severino, who is a rock star!

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

@AndroidUser, ah, I was looking at the metric like @MargieNash was - and I can assure you no guest leaves my parties feeling under-served in any way. :)

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

@AndroidUser, If you think that you get fewer than 4 glasses from a bottle then think I want to come to your dinner party!

Do I Need to Soak My Grains?

When I saw "new Culinary Director" I thought Kenji was gone - glad to see that isn't so, but I note at the end of the article Daniel is listed as Culinary Editor? In any case, welcome Daniela and please don't leave, Kenji!

Irish Potatoes: The Sweetest Candy You've Never Heard Of*

* or Pittsburgh!

Behind the Scenes in Max's Home Kitchen

Max - I had a shelf that sagged just like that one - one afternoon I got disgusted, flipped it over, put a few cast iron pots on it and within a day it was flat as a pancake, never to sag again.

Moroccan-Spiced Roast Chicken With Creamy Cilantro Sauce From 'Kitchen Confidence'

Not to mention that by the time a whole chicken came to room temp it would be teeming with bacteria.

What to do With Leftover Sour Cream

Co-signing the concept that no one has leftover sour cream since there are so many great uses for it. When we were kids my mom would slice up bananas, sprinkle them with sugar, and top them with sour cream - delicious.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Cooking Measurements Tea Towel'

1/2 cup baking soda instead of 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. YUCK!

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Chocolate Vanilla Crème Pop-Tarts

What Luby25 said - I loved these when I was a kid - I will probably pick up a box just for nostalgia's sake.

Staff Picks: What's Your Least Favorite Dessert?

FRUIT. Because fruit is not dessert: fruit is attractive disappointment.

A Valentine's Day Ode to Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Try one fresh out of the toaster spread with salted butter. Yeah, it sounds gross, but try it anyhow, you won't be sorry.

Would You Date a Bartender?

I've done it and in my case would recommend that only a person who is really confident in the relationship AND the bartender do so - my bartender beau was hit on nightly (even women leaving him hotel room key cards) and it's pretty darned hard not to get frustrated, particularly when you're there and see it. One night a woman seated next to me at the bar pointed at him and tipsily confided "I'm taking THAT one home with me tonight." Ugh.

Sauced: Speculoos Spread

@tea-and-syncope - nope! I have a jar of Cookie Butter that I bought because so many people raved about it and I think it's kind of yucky.

Ask A Bartender: The Worst (and Best) Valentine's Day Dates You've Seen

@sarcon, I think what was meant by that statement was that the guy DRANK "put down" two drinks for courage and then pretended to be a teetotaler when his date arrived.

13 Great Kitchen Tools for Your Valentine

Can you comment as to what makes the Kitchen Aid hand blender worth the price tag difference from most other hand blenders out there?

We Try All the Desserts at Chili's

@BeavisPeters - AMEN. Also, what's with all the Google Ads with forward arrows on them to trick you into clicking an ad? I do love Serious Eats and am grateful that the content is free but there are moments when all the extra clicks you guys build in to increase your stats for ad revenue get tiresome.

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

@800lb, I get what you're saying but where do you draw the line? You're called into work? You have a cold or the flu - which is worse? I just think the circumstances argument gets too complicated. They make their policy crystal clear from the beginning, it's a contract, and if you don't like it don't reserve...

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

What it all boils down to is that your right to swing your fist stops at my face. Screaming baby on a plane? Yeah, it happens - babies have to travel, deal with it. Babies also have to eat, as do their parents. But babies do NOT have to go to fine-dining restaurants. Patrons are paying for an experience which is carefully curated by the staff and if the ambiance is shattered the experience is less-than. Did they have a no-babies rule? No. Does anyone with common sense know that you don't bring a baby to a $250 a plate dinner? Yes. If not, these people would have never gotten a sitter in the first place, right? They got a sitter because they wanted to enjoy this experience sans child - when they couldn't, they decided that no one should. Rude, inconsiderate, and selfish.

Is anyone sous-viding at home?

I got a SousVide Supreme for Christmas and I have been making a ton of stuff but all the same basic drill - season protein, bag it, bathe it, remove it, torch it.

I am dying for some real recipes but man, there is not much out there that's not written by a scientist or intensely complicated and meant for a real chef.


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