Has anyone tried making fried goat cheese?

Yes, I fry goat cheese all the time - - mmmmmmm! I cut into medallions, then coat with breadcrumbs. Most importantly, I then place on wax paper and freeze for about a half hour - hour. This way, you won't end up with a messy pan!

Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

.....and that's just for B'fast......
.....same for Lunch and Dinner!

Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

ICE CREAM.........
ICE CREAM.........
and more ICE CREAM!!!

Chocolate Covered Star Cookies


Chocolate-Covered Star Cookies

So....does anyone know of an actual store where I can buy these star cookies? I too have been searching on Long Island. Thanks!

Chocolate Covered Star Cookies

.......still searching for these graham cracker cookies on Long Island. They were sold in a large white box. The cookies are small star shaped graham carcker cookies, covered in chocolate with tiny white edible ball sprinkles?

Anyone know where I can buy these?

There was an outlet in Hauppage....which I can no longer locate.

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