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How to Not F#&k Up a Caprese Salad

Oh how I had to laugh! I mean - Who hasn't tried to make it just a little bit better at one time or another? You are SO RIGHT - just leave it alone!

How to Make the Best Pesto

Very interesting article and results. I always toast my pinon nuts, but next time I'll be bypassing it. Recently I have been experimenting with mint pesto, no basil - all mint, and have had wonderful results. I would love to try the mortar and pestle method, but will need to get a bigger mortar. Thanks for such an in-depth analysis! Well done!

Suggestions for leftover jams?

Orange marmalade makes an excellent quick bread as well as a sauce or glaze for pork. Top some brie or Camembert with jam and heat in microwave or oven. On some mornings I make an Atole Drink with a scoop of jam. I agree with zucchini, "Nice problem to have!" :)

What Are Your Favorite Road Trip-Worthy Burgers?

The O'Niell's burger at O'Niell's Pub in Albuquerque, NM - Central Ave - the old Route 66.