Scientist/food enthusiast.

  • Location: So Cal
  • Favorite foods: Sushi, Buffalo Wings, Pork, Pastries, Dumplings, Noodles
  • Last bite on earth: Rice, sunny side up egg, sesame oil, soy sauce - all mixed together. Pretty much all Korean people ate this growing up.

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Cook the Book: Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son'

New years - rice cake soup with the whole fam.

The Best Places to Eat Near Wrigley Field

How about p.s. Bangkok? My fav thai restaurant in the city.

Best seafood in Boston

A second vote for Neptune Oyster, one of the best lobster rolls in the city and their menu all around is amazing. I would skip legal, the atmosphere is underwhelming as well as the food. If you're looking for best seafood overall, I'd recommend Woodman's in Essex (a little out of the city, but totally worth the drive). All around best place for whole lobster, steamers, fried oysters etc (apparently Best seafood in america according to forbes magazine?). Pick your own in front, they throw it in a big pot and comes out with bibs and red plastic trays. Best onion rings I've had in my life.

2 days in Chicago

Third for Lou Malnati's for pizza (sausage and mushroom). Hot doug's is great. Frontera grill and the publican are fantastic.

Poll: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Big fan of runny yolks in general, my favorite way is basted.

What Cookbooks Would You Recommend To Others?

The Zuni Cafe cookbook. It's beautifully written and talks a lot about why they do certain things in addition to providing a wonderful range of recipes. I've only skimmed through it, but ad hoc at home by Thomas Keller looks intriguing. I agree with the Rick Bayless suggestion above also, his books are fantastic.

Advice needed on best electric stand mixer

I'm very happy with my kitchen aid artisan. No problems in over four years and I use it fairly regularly for just about everything.

Sauces for Belgian Fries

I love the horseradish sauce. I think it's mostly sour cream + prepared horseradish?