fun, free-spirited, love to laugh, love to bbq! love a beer or glass of wine every now and then...or maybe every other day :)

  • Favorite foods: bbq including (bbq chicken, ribs, steaks, fajitas, sausage, etc...any kind of bbq is great!), chinese, japanese, mongolian, italian
  • Last bite on earth: what does this mean? like what i want my last supper to be? probably bbq

eating alone

LOL, these comments are great! thanks for your comments everyone, they were amusing, sincere and most of all truthful. I am happy to hear that there isn't any shame in eating alone. thanks guys :)

mid-night potato salad

i chose to put out this recipe because its simple, and very traditional of us down here in deep south texas. usually, when there is a potluck party i need to attend, i volunteer to bring this whimsical potato salad. its cute, easy and fun to make, and doesn't require all that mumbo-jumbo to your knee grocery list tonite, i am making my simply infamous tater salad for a potluck we're having at school tomorrow. right now, i am boiling the potatoes, and i've already chopped up my celery. i called it a mid-night potato salad cause well! look what time it is!? and im barely boiling them taters! so my question... what kind of other ingredients, (spicy, fruity, etc...) would you add to this or your own potato salad? and give it a funky name too, like mine!

eating alone

i really have tried to do the whole eating alone thing, and it works out ok for me, but yeah i do end up feeling self-conscious or you know...just slightly uncomfortable, so i guess thats why i rather eat at home by myself...turn on the fire pit & bbq something nice and fancy for me! but today i felt tired, so i thought you know, i could try and go out again....hmmm, thinking where can i go? to have a beer, maybe something tasty...enjoy the environment...thought about chili's or applebees but not sure yet. anyway, thoughts on eating out alone anyone?

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