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The Real Home of Sweet and Sour Pork: Secrets of Dongbei Cuisine

Joe, are there any cookbooks on Dongbei cuisine that you could recommend, or recipes that can produce decent versions?

Going to Hawaii? 10 Must-Eat Local Specialties

If you're going to get a Loco Moco on the Big Island, skip Cafe 100. Yes, they do 30 different varieties of Loco Mocos, but none of them are any good.

Definitely get one from Ken's House of Pancakes. Actually, eat as many meals as possible at Ken's. One of the best places in Hilo.

I also second the recommendation of Punalu'u Bake Shop for malassadas. Get a lilikoi frosted one. Excellent.

One thing that is not on here that should be - strawberry mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo. So so so so ono.

Source: husband's family lives on the Big Island.

Cheap & Nutritious #5

Pretty sure canned cream of mushroom soup and fried potato chips are not the best choices for good nutrition.

Unless someone has a sodium deficiency.

Cheap & Nutritious #1

Um, if I remember correctly, your original post said you were going to post once a week. As of right now, you've posted 5 posts in a row.

You're not going to make friends on this site by spamming the talk section.

Substitution for Korean chili powder in Kimchee

Our Favorite Edible Gifts (Omiyage) From Hawai'i

This list is awfully O'ahu heavy, but understandable.

I would humbly add an assorted mochi pack from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo. My favorite is the strawberry mochi...but you can't bring that back to the mainland.

The Diablo Is in the Details at Diablo Burger in Tucson

Sorry, as a long-time Tucsonan, I have to agree with @Forcemeat on this one - SE, I'm guessing you chose Rita Connely to write for you guys because of her previous credentials. There's a reason why she doesn't write for the TW's Chow section much anymore - she's not very good and honestly, is rather mean to those who disagree with her.

@Tipsykit37 - that's a great suggestion, except NOBODY ELSE IS WRITING TUCSON CONTENT. Those of us Serious Eaters interested in the food scene in Tucson don't have a choice but to click on these articles.

Sad. Tucson is a wonderful town filled with great restaurants and nice people, but this is the one person SE chooses to write for here?

Heck, I've posted far more accurate restaurant recommendations for Tucson in SE Talk than Rita has in her days writing for the TW.

New Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Straddles the Bourbon/Rum Divide

Actually, Mount Gay Black Barrel is not new. We've had a bottle in our house that we bought at Total Wine here in AZ for almost a year.

What's your favorite ice-based sweet treat?

Hawaiian shave ice. Li hing, melona, and lilikoi flavored.

Or an Iced Teagee from Eegee's here in Tucson. So so so so refreshing.

Happy 4th of July! Get Off Your Computer!

Hey man, some of us have to work today!

Happy 4th!

What Are You Having For Dinner?

Kalua pig and cabbage, rice, mac salad, and haupia. Ono grindz, all from scratch.

Great cheap eats in San Jose and around

AnnieNT provided some great options in the Vietnamese vein, which is prominent in SJ.

In Milpitas (immediately north of SJ), Banana Leaf restaurant in McCarthy Ranch has killer Malay food. $10-15/plate. Truly outstanding.

Also in Milpitas, Mayflower Seafood restaurant on Barber Lane has excellent Cantonese seafood dishes, most under $20. Great and exotic.

San Jose is also home to a significant Indian community. I frequented Punjab Cafe on Santa Clara when I went to SJSU. Cheap, delicious Southern Indian cooking.

I also recommend heading into the Japantown neighborhood, just north of downtown. Lots of neat Japanese markets, restaurants, and a tofu factory.

What do you top your burgers with?

Lettuce, ripe tomato, grilled onions, and Thousand Island. Why? I grew up in Southern California, and that reminds me of home.

I also like grilled onions and garlic mayo, but not as often.

What Tomato varieties are you growing?

@lemonfair: I'm with @pepperhead212 - they are about the same. We grew both last year. I liked the Sunsugars a bit more, so that's what we're growing this year. As someone who lives in Arizona, I need to have tomato plants that can deal with extreme heat (100+) as well, and yes, they are heartier in warmer climates.

My Sunsugar already has tomatoes on it, I'm so excited!

Oh, and the other variety that I forgot yesterday is Indian Moon.

What Tomato varieties are you growing?

I forgot to mention that here in AZ, I will have tomatoes within the next month. SO EXCITED I LOVE TOMATO SEASON!

What Tomato varieties are you growing?

We're growing the following varieties:

Mr. Stripey
Black Krim
and another that I can't remember right now (I'm at work).

The Black Krim and Sunsugar are fantastic.

Chris Bianco is Opening a Pizzeria in Tucson!

As someone who lives in Tucson, I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am at this news.

I'm sorry Niki, but you can always move down here! The weather (for most of the year) is significantly better than NYC, too!

A Brazilian manioc question

I believe it's called farofa - one of the most common side dishes in Brazil. That said, you probably can't buy farofa, as AnnieNT said above, you'll need to make it.

There are a lot of recipes for farofa online, calling for different additions. I'd play around with a few of them to find out what will be closest to what you had.

Type 1 Diabetes cookbook

My boyfriend (age 29, diagnosed at 18) is a Type 1 diabetic.

For the most part, he eats what he wants - he's an avid baker, but does his best to make baked goods with complex carbohydrates.

I know the worst things for him are white rice and HFCS.

The best thing for him thus far (since we've been dating, nearly 2 years) in terms of blood sugar control has been activity. Since we both have started going to the gym, he has far fewer extreme highs/lows.

Keep in mind that Type 1 diabetics will be insulin dependent no matter what, so do not try to eliminate carb intake. However, you should find out what his son's daily carb count is and do more planning (carb information is easy to find).

No books necessary.

Indian Recipes for an Indian Newbie?

I always fall back on Titli's Busy Kitchen for my Indian recipes.

As someone who has recently (within the last 8 months) started cooking Indian at home, Titli's site has been a godsend.

That said, be sure to hit up a market with a wide selection of spices. You really cannot be successful with Indian food if you do not have at least turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, cardamom pods, chili powder, a decent garam masala, cloves and cinnamon.

Cook the Book: 'Vietnamese Home Cooking'

Finally having high-quality Vietnamese food in San Jose, California when I moved up there for my undergrad. Have not had such high quality since.

Newport Beach: Chronic Tacos Has Some Serious Ailments

Actually, that location is in Redondo Beach, at the corner of Torrance Blvd. and PCH, which is nearly a mile west of Torrance. Just FYI.

Colorado Springs

COS is kind of a culinary wasteland, as folks said in the post I made when I was up there 1.5 years ago. But here is what they recommended anyway.

We Taste Every Flavor of Zapp's Potato Chips

@tea-and-syncope: Yes, the World Market on Broadway has them. Also, the crawtators are available in, of all places, the vending machines in Costco. Seriously.

We Taste Every Flavor of Zapp's Potato Chips

@tea-and-syncope: Where in AZ are you? I live in Tucson and I've been able to find Zapps.

And yes, Poore Bros. makes a fine jalapeno-flavored chip.

5 days in Colorado Springs - where to eat?

I will be in Colorado Springs for a big conference at the end of July, and the conference ends the day before my birthday. I've never been, and am looking for good stuff to eat.

I will be staying at a hotel by Circle Dr. and Janitell Rd., and all I see in that area are the usual suspects - McDonald's, Burger King, Fazoli's, Chili's, Arby's, etc.

Now, here's the problem - I will not have a car available to me, but I am more than willing to use the bus system or walk a considerable way for a non-chain meal.

Is there anything quintessentially Colorado Springs that I must try? Any good, locals-only places for breakfast? I'm looking to keep it under $15 per meal, if that helps. Decent farmers markets, places that deliver to my area, good pizza - I'm not that picky, but I don't want to resort to the chains.

Any help is appreciated, and I thank you all in advance.

Recommendations for Portland, OR near the Lloyd Center

Hi SErs,

I'm heading up to Portland this weekend for a conference, and I'm looking for relatively cheap, tasty places within walking distance of the Lloyd Center. Breakfasts would be great, late night works as well. Quick service a must.

I'm also ISO great dive bars that serve mean cocktails.

Anything I must try? I've never been and am very excited.

Thank you so much in advance.

Soft scrambled egg whites - is it possible?

So, in order to improve my overall health, I've given up on whole eggs for breakfast, opting to add a bunch of flavor to scrambled egg whites in the form of herbs and spices.

However, I'm having problems getting my egg whites to a soft scramble. Is it simply impossible to get my egg whites to that point?

I do understand that I've removed the fat content from the eggs, so I comprehend that this could be why I can't get the soft scrambled state I want. I'm just curious if it's possible.

Quick, cheap lunch by Fullerton College?

Hi SEers,

So, I'm going on a road trip to California, but the ultimate destination is a fraternity installation at Fullerton College, and while I am from CA, I am completely unfamiliar with Fullerton.

My fellow alumni and I are looking for a tasty, cheap lunch (under $10) by FC - perhaps something ethnic, and unique to the area. No chains. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Cruise ship food

Hi SEers.

I've been on a few cruises now (12 total, and I'm 27), and the cuisine has always been hit or miss, depending on the cruise line.

Have you been impressed or disappointed with the cuisine on cruise ships? Have you had a memorable meal on a ship? I'd love to hear what you think.

Recommendations for an Ethiopian cookbook

Hi SEers,

So I finally tried Ethiopian cuisine, and I'm completely hooked. I was wondering if anyone has an Ethiopian cookbook that they really love and would feel confident recommending to others. If so, I'd love to know. If you could mention a few recipes you liked from a particular cookbook, please mention that too.

Thanks in advance!

SF - Herbst Theater on a budget

Hi SEers.

Turns out I have to make an emergency trip up to San Francisco for a Friday night concert at the Herbst Theater by the SF Civic Center.

Any recommendations for a nice, pre-concert dinner on a grad student budget within walking distance?

I appreciate any info. Thanks!

Substitue for Crawfish?

So, since the Saints are in the Superbowl this year, I'm going all Louisiana for my Superbowl party - crawfish etoufee, shrimp and andouille gumbo, red beans and rice, etc.

A few years ago, I was able to buy frozen crawfish tails here in Tucson, but now it seems like I can't get them anywhere, which makes me sad.

What can I use as a substitute? I don't want to use shrimp, but my local TJ's carries langostino tails, would that work? Thanks in advance.

The stench of Lean Cuisine - HELP!

So my roommate, as part of her quest towards weight loss, eats two Lean Cuisine meals a day. Now, while her meals don't splatter the inside of my microwave, the smell left from them is omnipresent and, dare I say, choking at times. I mean, I'm trying to lose weight, too - but with plenty of exercise and cooking my own food.

How can I remove the smell without leaving the microwave door open? I can't move it, it's one of those combination stove vent models. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

A good duck recipe?

Hi all.

We purchased a fantastic free range whole duck at Bristol Farms for New Year's Day dinner.

Anyone have a great duck recipe? I'm trying to get my mom away from duck a l'orange.

Thanks, and happy new year!

It's Bowl Week - what are you eating?

My beloved Arizona Wildcats are playing Nebraska tonight in the Holiday Bowl, and I'm having fellow (band) alumni over for dinner and to watch the game. We are roasting a brined turkey, having Hawaiian sweet bread dressing, yams, garlic sauteed spinach, and a bourbon pecan pie.

Are you folks watching any bowl games this week? What are you eating for them? I'd love to know.

Dinner party tonight - help with wine

Hi everyone!

I've been invited to a coworker's dinner party tonight, and I thought it would be nice to bring over a bottle of wine.

The problem is that what we'll be eating is a 'surprise'. What sort of wine would be of decent quality, around $20, and pairs well with a wide variety of foods?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks SEers!

Meeting Adam Richman (Man v. Food)!

So I spent a sweltering Friday afternoon waiting in line at a Tucson restaurant with my MvF crazy friends. After waiting in 99 degree heat for 3 hours, we got in to a burger joint close to the U of A right as Adam and the crew began filming.

All I can say about Adam is that he is extremely humble and thankful for his fans. He is just as much a lover of good food as he is funny and dorky. It was an awesome experience, and if you get the opportunity to meet him, don't pass it up.

Oh, and if you want an interesting, different burger, visit Lindy's on 4th Ave. in Tucson! Thanks for reading.

Where to eat/farmers markets in Malden, MA?

Hi SEers.

I'm making my first trip to Boston on Friday to visit a friend. She lives in Malden (north of Boston), and she's not as big of a foodie as I am, but she is always open to new things.

Anyone been to Malden and had a great meal somewhere? Are there any farmers markets that I can't miss? Please share.

I'll be there for 5 days - and yes, I do know that it's restaurant week.


Tucson based Serious Eaters - posting?

Hi all. I know there are a few of you out here in the Old Pueblo - I would love to see some posts on the main SE site about the amazing (but mostly ignored) food culture we have here. I know I have quite a few pics of some of my foodie adventures (mostly alone...oh well) around town.

Anyone around here interested in starting a Tucson Serious Eaters eat and greet of sorts? Adding photos to the SE Flickr? I'm open for ideas/suggestions.


Cook the Book: Fojol Bros. Butter Chicken

The Fojol Bros' everyday roster includes two vegetarian and two meat-based dishes, such as this Butter Chicken adapted for Heather Shouse's Food Trucks. As wild as the Fojol Bros' concept is, their take on butter chicken is pretty traditional, with chunks of chicken rubbed with a chile-lemon butter, marinated in a spiced yogurt mix, and grilled, kabob-style. The skewers are finished by simmering in a creamy tomato based gravy laced with all sorts of warming spices, including cardamom, ginger, and cloves. More

Dinner Tonight: Koshary (Rice, Lentils, and Pasta with Tomato Garlic Sauce)

I've probably watched the Egypt episode of Anthony Boudain's No Reservations at least four times at this point, but this is the first time that watched him eat koshary and decided I had to have it. To be sure, the dish sounds slightly off. You might have read about it here on SE last month. It's a combination of rice, lentils, and pasta (!), which is then topped with a vinegary tomato and garlic sauce, and caramelized onions. It looks slightly ridiculous, but apparently the carb fest is one of the most popular dishes in Cairo. More

Cakespy: Homemade Do-Si-Dos Girl Scout Cookies

Do-Si-Dos (sometimes called Peanut Butter Sandwiches): where peanut butter and oatmeal cookie work together to make one beautiful baked good. This homemade version comes out a bit fatter and more moist than the original (not such a bad thing, right?), but the flavor is fairly spot-on: sweet, nutty, lightly salty, and very buttery. That is to say, dangerously addictive. More

6 American Cheeses You Should Have at Thanksgiving Dinner

We can only speculate, but it seems likely that cheese was a prominent part of the first few Thanksgivings. Many of the Puritans came from dairy farming communities in England. Some historians estimate that nearly half of the settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were dairy farmers. Thus, it's probable that the early dinners featured new world interpretations of Cheddar, Wensleydale and Cheshire. Let's look at six stellar American hand-crafted cheeses that should highlight your Thanksgiving cheese plate. More

Seriously Asian: Chả Cá, Seared Fish with Turmeric Over Rice Noodles

The restaurant Chả Cá La Vong in Hanoi makes the definitive bowl of Chả Cá, but everywhere we went in Hanoi, there were noodle joints serving their unique version of the dish. The major elements of the dish were as follows: a white-fleshed fish like catfish or snakehead seasoned with turmeric, seared, with plenty of dill and green onions on top; a bed of rice noodles; roasted peanuts; and an assortment of herbaceous greens. More