i hate peanuts. but that's about it.

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Thin and Tender Flour Tortillas

my ex husband's mexican grandma's recipe uses vegetable oil instead of lard and warm water - hers were awesome tasting but I know she changed from lard to oil for health reasons. i'm betting the lard is even better! i'm going to try your cold lard/cold water approach to see the difference. thanks for reminding me of some good memories and a great recipe!

Taste Test: The Best Mayonnaise

i'm not vegan, but i absolutely LOVE Veganaise! super tang and none of the grassy taste you get sometimes with traditional mayo.

Know any allergy-friendly restaurants in NYC?

definitely check Sloane's site (allergic girl mentioned previously). she knows her stuff. Also, your bf knows that you can't just 'hold them to their word' about keeping him safe. There are nuts in some Korean food, but mostly I've seen pine nuts. But then the dishes also have egg, meats, etc.

Good luck - post where you end up going!

Dulce de Leche caramel in a Slow Cooker

I've done mine in the pressure cooker - so easy!

Chinese New Year: What Are You Making?

There are some great suggestions here - thank you!!! @pintchow - I'm in the SF Bay area and find a lot going on for CNY.

and @ag3208 chicken with green onion/ginger dipping sauce sounds great. maybe i'll leverage that momofuku ginger/scallion sauce and make that too! yum!

Fancy Dinner Recipes

i agree with the short ribs suggestion - that, or beef bourginon. you can also make it a day ahead and then reheat it and it tastes even better.

San Francisco with allergies and a toddler

I think beth1 means pepples donuts - they are great!

But I'd avoid as they use peanuts/nuts. Even their website discourages you. :-(

trolley - thanks for the kind words about my site. if you start a site for socal please let me know and i'll link to it :-)

San Francisco with allergies and a toddler

I blog about food allergies and i live in the bay area. If you look on my profile you'll see my website - email me please so I can help!

That yelp list is pretty awful, btw. I eat out with my PA daughter (we also avoid tree nuts to be on the safe side) and we have gone to plenty of places in SF.

Do you guys avoid places that use nuts/fish/egg AT ALL? that will be tough - but if you are willing to go to a place that is very allergy aware, there are plenty of options where you can go.

Two and a half quarts of orange marmalde. Suggestions?

First thing I'd make is a Marmalade Whiskey Sour - good lord it's tasty!

Things to put in my dehydrator?

pears are fabulous dried!

Crumbled Corn Bread - Help!

Thank you so much for all of the ideas! I ended up making stuffing, but the cornbread salad and that mac and cheese idea will definitely be tried (along with the tips for not getting 'stuck' in the first place). Thanks again!!

Dia de los Muertos Recipes?

These ideas are great - thank you so much everyone for taking the time to respond!

Rice Krispy / Cheerios Treats w/o Butter?

Are you trying to cut fat or eliminate an allergen? I would say margarine (or earth balance non dairy spread). You might even try coconut oil (not sure if that will work at all - just a thought).

Who here has a pressure cooker?

I use mine for pork shoulder, short ribs, risotto, bolognese. Love it and use it all the time. But definitely not for steaks :)

Tortilla press: Unitasker or necessity?

in my experience, they never get the tortilla thin enough for my taste.

Restaurant I Tried in Glastonbury, CT

@dashofginger - good point - don't want to be spammy!

CTMike - what i liked was that it had a really good almost city-like vibe, but you could actually talk and it wasn't snobby at all! the decor was great and the food was excellent. lots of variety, locally sourced ingredients. i had a great wedge salad with candied bacon and pistachios, a lovely plate of fish (perfectly cooked), and a delicious chocolate dessert. the other dishes i saw looked great. nice wine list too. the owner stopped by to say hi and he was really laid back. it wasn't the cheapest place to dine, it's probably more of a 'date night' kind of place (entrees hover around $30) but if i'm back in CT again I'd definitely make another visit.

Potluck Contribution That's Vegetarian?

oh my gosh - all of these suggestions are amazing!!! thank you so much guys - i knew i could count on the SE community for ideas!!! :)

Cookbook recommendation needed!

i've been enjoying the Mad Hungry cookbook lately. Any of Ina Garten's cookbooks are pretty good too.

Potluck Contribution That's Vegetarian?

@sobriquet - great idea! doing it!

@tupper cooks! - HA!

@AnnieNT - that's a great idea - unique!

Food Practical Jokes

Here's a link to a talk topic i posted last year - lots of great ideas!

Four Globe Artichokes: What to do with them?

You guys, these suggestions are excellent - thank you! Off to the store now for ingredients for stuffed artichokes (and you can bet I'm going to do the risotto some time @coreyo!).

Great tofu dishes?

mapo tofu!!! here's a recipe i use alot that has basic asian ingredients:

with this recipe i double the ingredients for the sauce (just my personal preference)

so good!

Honolulu and Maui Eats --

try star noodle in lahaina on maui - it's fairly new and excellent!

also, try Aloha Mixed Plate next door to the Old Lahaina Luau - totally laid back and good.

April Fools Jokes?

@dbcurrie - I just read your post and I agree. What's the point of making something fun if it's inedible (well, except for that 'glass' of jello juice :->). I think I'd make your 'eggs on toast' any day of the year!

if my daughter ate fried eggs, i would totally do the apricot/whip trick.

and @carmason - i'm glad i could bring a smile to your face!

Dipping sauce for fries

I second the sriracha mayo - only I use Vegenaise (it's a little more vinegary than regular mayo) and I make a paste of garlic and salt (about a clove to a pinch of salt) to add to it. SO GOOD!

Separating iceberg lettuce leaves?

Totally random topic, I know!

Do you guys have any tips for separating iceberg lettuce leaves (say, for minced chicken in lettuce cups)?

I'm always tearing the leaves and wonder if there's some big secret I'm missing.



Chinese New Year: What Are You Making?

Chinese New Year is coming up and I'm wondering what you all might be making?

I'll have my 8 year old (who's allergic to peanuts, but nothing else) and I'd love some ideas.

She doesn't shy away from exotic foods, but we avoid anything too spicy.

I was thinking of some sort of noodle (maybe with beef and chinese greens?), chicken in lettuce cups, rice, and sesame cookies.

I would love to attempt a whole fish, but wouldn't even know where to start.

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!


Dia de los Muertos Recipes?

I'm hosting a Dia de los Muertos celebration on November 2nd.

Any suggestions of what to serve beyond the traditional pan de muerto, tamales, and mole?

I'd love to add something new to the mix.


Crumbled Corn Bread - Help!

I made some cornbread muffins yesterday - the flavor was amazing!

Getting them out of the pan? Not so much. The tops came off, but the bottoms stayed in the pan.

So now I have a bunch of broken corn muffins. Yes, I greased the pan.

I hate to throw them away - last night I crumbled their remains over some chili, but I'm at a loss for anything else to do with them.

Any ideas?

Portable July 4th Picnic Dessert?

We are headed to a concert venue to hear the symphony and watch fireworks on the 4th.

I'm bringing some food to the event to nibble on - cheese, crackers, olives, etc.

I'd also like to bring a fun dessert that's portable and not too messy that will appeal to grown ups and kids. Beyond cookies and brownies - do you have any ideas that will travel well?

I was thinking pie pops - too trendy? lol

Restaurant I Tried in Glastonbury, CT

I was in CT last week for a visit and a friend took me to a really good restaurant in Glastonbury called 2Hopewell.

Highly recommend it - and NO I am not affiliated with them whatsoever (I live in California). Just passing along a place to go if you're in the area. :)

Potluck Contribution That's Vegetarian?

Hi everyone! I'm going to a memorial in a few weeks that will be in a park. People have been asked to bring food for potluck. I love to cook so I'm in!

I'd love any ideas you guys might have that would be good for vegetarians (for vegans would be a bonus). Don't want anything mayo based since it will be outside.

The obvious idea is a pasta salad - pasta, artichoke hearts, olives, etc.

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much for your help!!

Four Globe Artichokes: What to do with them?

I got a package of four globe artichokes (the size of small softballs) at Trader Joe's and I'm wondering what to do with them besides boil them?

Anyone have a good recipe for roasting them (or something else)?

Thanks in advance!

April Fools Jokes?

Hi guys,

I need to put my serious foodie persona aside today. April Fools is this week and I trick my daughter every year. One year it was faux grilled cheese (orange buttercream between two slices of pound cake that i torched to look 'toasted'), another it was candy sushi (she was young and totally fell for it). The best was when i gave her a 'side' of mashed potatoes with gravy that was actually ice cream and dulce de leche.

Making jello in a juice glass always a hit too :)

Have you fooled anyone food-wise on April 1st? Tell me!

Have you seen Mad Hungry yet?

I just discovered the show Mad Hungry on Hallmark Channel - have any of you guys checked it out? What do you think?

I'm loving it! I recognized Lucinda Scala Quinn from the Martha Stewart Everyday Food show. She's so different in this show (it seems less 'uptight' than the EF show (for lack of a better word) and brings some really yummy looking recipes to the table. And I love how she gets her sons involved.

I've seen at least one thing (or more) that I want to make from every episode I've caught.

Remodeling My Kitchen: Need Your Ideas!

We're renovating our house and completely redoing our kitchen - i'm so excited! We're just in the planning stages with our architect so we have a blank slate.

After reading today's talk post about which kind of oven to buy , it made me realize that there's probably all kinds of advice just waiting for me here.

The things I DO know I want:
- an island with a sink and stone counter (not sure what kind - any suggestions?)
- a double wall oven (electric)
- a gas cooktop
- a pot filler (trendy I know, but i still want one)

Things I DON'T want:
- a trash compactor

So what am I missing? What's the one thing you wish you had in your kitchen that you don't have? Is there a brand of appliance that you love? Are there any cabinet accessories (like those lifts for mixers) that you use all the time?

Money, of course, is a factor so I wont be getting a $4000 built in espresso machine, but a kegerator, maybe :) I was also thinking about getting a single drawer fridge for the island for everyday stuff/easily accessible drinks and snacks for kids. Too much?

Looking forward to hearing back from you with suggestions!

Food Dehydrator Recommendations?

I'm looking for a food dehydrator and would love any recommendations from the SE community. I checked the archives and didn't see any previous threads with product recommendations. They don't seem terribly expensive, but I'm just not sure which ones are better than others.

I'll be using it for drying fruit and veggies (and maybe even beef jerky after seeing the korean beef jerky mentioned in today's NYT).

Thanks in advance!

Did you guys catch these nuggets of goodness from Big Daddy?

So I've never seen an episode of Big Daddy's House on Food Network. And I probably never will.


I was watching one of the FN Thanksgiving specials this week and caught Aaron and the 5 ingredient woman (eek) making his 2 in 1 gravy recipe. Here it is.

Ignore the gravy recipe. The thought of using canola oil just doesn't seem right to me.

But check out the rest of the recipe: balls of stuffing with a piece of sausage in the middle and deep fried and then dipped in gravy.

Holy Moses I'm trying this. It's got three of my favorite things: stuffing, pork, and frying.

I'm gonna be running a lot to work this off.

Cooking for a Diabetic?

My father-in-law has diabetes and my motherinlaw hasn't made much of a difference in her cooking until recently. I hate to say this, but she's not a great cook to begin with, so the changes she's implemented have resulted in some pretty awful food so far. Really bland and tasteless.

I was trying to talk to her about what exactly makes a recipe good for diabetics and she couldn't give me a straight answer.

It seems to me that tasty food is an option here as long as I look out for sugar/carb content. Or am I totally off base?

So I look to you all - can you give me some guidelines for cooking for a diabetic? What should I keep in mind? Any good sites out there I should check out? Any tasty recipes you can suggest?

Any help is appreciated.

Went to Surfas in LA - what should I do with these?

I was down in LA last week and hit Surfas ( I came home with a bag full of fun stuff, including a few items I grabbed just because they looked interesting.

So I need your help. What would you do with these?:

- dried epazote
- powdered coconut milk (beyond the obvious of reconstituting it to make coconut milk).
- a jar of palm sugar

Hot Weather Meals?

The temperature here in my neck of the woods is supposed to hit 97 degrees today. Any ideas for a dinner that requires minimal use of the stove so I don't heat up my place? I was thinking of a vietnamese noodle salad, but I'd love some other ideas.


Thanksgiving Appetizers

I've been instructed to bring an appetizer to Thanksgiving that doesn't require heating (to save on oven space). I have a few ideas, but what would YOU bring besides a salad?