I write about my cooking adventures in my blog, Miss Mochi's Adventures. I am a part Japanese, part American Indian, part white girl who loves to cook and use her heritage and upbringing to inspire her. I love canning, baking, and Japanese cooking.

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  • Location: Yorba Linda, CA
  • Favorite foods: mochi, margherita pizza, ranch dressing, pickled garlic
  • Last bite on earth: I'm a weird snacker, so my luck it would be something embarrassing like peanut butter and dried apricots washed down with some pickles. But if I could chose, a mind blowingly crisp thin crust pizza with lots of basil, followed by kare-don or mabo tofu

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Embrace the Wobble: Why I Love Jellied Foods and You Should Too

This is the first I've heard of mochi being described as jellied or gelatinous rather than chewy. In the beginning you talked about "wobbly, melt-in-your-mouth textures" and "quivering, wiggling foods" and used mochi as an example. Mochi doesn't melt in your mouth; it's so chewy scores of people die from eating it every year! It's a choking hazard for the young and elderly. I liked what you were trying with this article, but it doesn't make sense to include mochi in that description. If you were talking about dense and chewy foods, like gnocci, it would have been a better fit. Glutinous rice flour is used as a thickening agent, but mochi is simply not melt-in-your-mouth. Nor are tapioca pearls, for that matter.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Soy Sauce?

I put soy sauce on my cottage cheese... that's how we've always had it at my house. My coworkers think I'm insane but it's tasty.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

pineapple shrimp curry, and the sticky rice with mango for dessert!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@bigbear I think that's an unflattering shot of his midsection more than anything. In most photos he has a well defined waist and looks trim.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Puff Pastry

I had to look up "boulangerie" and "Viennoiseries." I'm learning a lot about french pastries and indeed the fervor I didn't even know surrounding it.

I really think Serious Eats needs to start writing about wagashi, both traditional and modern, starting yesterday. And none of this pansy-ass microwave mochiko stuff, I want them to take no shortcuts and show me how to pound the mochigome like a real man. There's plenty of Japanese food blogs that dedicate themselves to this, and they are super popular. Serious Eats, you need to better yourselves and teach me how to make manju that look like momoji. You already have mochi recipes, SE? Stop being defensive about this glaring lack and get on this! This isn't a niche interest, this is of the utmost importance to everyone.

Sarcasm aside, I really like Pepperidge's frozen puff pastry. I can take a wheel of brie and a sheet of puff pastry and end up looking like the star of the workplace potluck with very little effort. I haven't made puff pastry at home because I have been utterly cowed by the fearmongers at Serious Eats and I know my proper place.

The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

I have to say we once got spotted dick for dessert for no other reason than we are immature little shits at heart.

To our complete surprise (and endless mirth), we found out that spotted dick was quite delicious, and even the pickiest men in our party were fond of spotted dick.

Our Favorite Dried Seafood Snacks

I always got taunted and teased at school for eating saki ika (Japanese dried squid or cuttlefish) as snacks as well as the arare rice cracker mixes with the dried soy-glazed baby fishies (with head and dried eyeballs still attached, oh the horror!).

I had too much good sense to let that bother me, and would just tell the other kids that my lunchtime snacks were far superior to theirs.

For Christmas this year, I got a huge box of deluxe dried cuttlefish, all different flavors, from my grandmother. Obviously my grandmother is also far superior.

why are food scenes important to the film industry?

Everything that lemonfair said. Our culture, our way of live, is closely related to what we eat.

I think of literature more when I think of great food scenes, in prose the creator can really get into detail with the food more than film can. As a child, I remember loving all of the Little House books with their descriptions of food made on the farm. The avocado and crab meat dish from The Bell Jar, the food created in Like Water for Chocolate, the chowder in Moby Dick, and every dish in the Song of Ice and Fire series come to mind when I think of food that really makes the characters and setting come alive.

Staff Picks: Design Your Dream Ben & Jerry's Flavor

Tea Thai'm sounds amazing! I think if you made the mochi with enough corn syrup or something like that you might be able to keep it pliable. They keep it pliable for ice cream daifuku, so obviously the technology is there. Condensed milk, mochi bits, and berries are my toppings of choice for frozen yogurt, so I vote for that mix!

Utensil Pot Clips Are a Great Alternative to Spoon Rests

I have the first clip, and some of my utensils don't want to stay put, and some don't even fit.

Any love for soggy fries?

@otherworldly I've never seen a plastic container for fries! I live in California, and they come in little paper baggies. And I love hash browns of all sorts, but especially the fast food kind that are soft and beige and greasy.

Any love for soggy fries?

I love soft fries, like the rare soft Mcdonald's ones hidden in the midst of all their crispy ones. I'm probably alone in saying I love love love In n Out's limp fries.

Behind the Scenes in Daniel's Home Kitchen

The otoshibuta can also be used as a jar opener, since the silicone is nice and grippy. So a drop-lid to keep food submerged, a microwave-safe cover that lets steam out, and a jar-opener all in one!

You know all that was just my own justification for getting another cute cooking tool from Daiso.

One Easy Base, Three Awesome Peanut Butter Ice Creams

Okay I want a recipe or tips for the toasted coconut and red chili add-ins. You have me curious!

Open Thread: Do You Lick Your Beaters?

Yes. Although I once got the bar in my tongue piercing mildly stuck as I was licking a whisk and no one in living memory has laughed so hard as Mr. Mochi as I freaked out and got icing all over my face.

What to do With Leftover Condensed Milk

@Irene- There is such a magical thing as chocolate condensed milk? I don't know why we don't have it. We should. I feel cheated. Chocolate condensed milk. I'm going to build it up in my head so much I know it won't live up to the hype. I'm sad.

What to do With Leftover Condensed Milk

@Jamie Feldmar That's because you're doin it right!

@Smellslikesunshine Yes, yes, and yes.

Also, tasty on toast with butter, put it in the toaster oven or broiler first or just in your mouth.

Share Your Sweets: Vegan Desserts

I am a sucker for the look of lattice topped pie. That is one glorious looking pie, and the photo is stunning.

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

This was the way I was taught at cotillion classes, and I'm not too thrilled with it. Obviously the idea of leaving a buttered piece of bread with a big bite taken out of it on your plate seems a bit gauche and unattractive, just like taking a bite of sushi and setting it back down on your plate is gross.

However, especially with a nice crusty baguette, or similar, I end up with crumbs all over my bread plate, the tablecloth, and often myself when I tear it. And tearing it into bite sized pieces, any bread soft in the middle with a nice crusty exterior in my experience leads to crumbs everywhere. So I end up being "correct" but frustrated.

Food-related deal breakers when dating?

I once dated a man allergic to seafood, but it was a long distance thing that was shortlived.

I realized that it never would have worked when I tried to make something from my pantry on whim because I didn't want to go out, and every dish I would have prepared would have made him ill.

We ended up ordering pizza.

Open Thread: What's at the Top of Your Pizza Wish List?

A baking steel for cooking pizzas! (No place for a WFO or even a pizza kettle in this apartment)

I also want to be able to make Japanese pizzas at home, with the mochiko crust and the crazy toppings like spicy roe, mochi, and mayo. I'm not practiced enough with pizza dough to even attempt it yet without some sort of recipe to go onto. Visiting my relatives in Japan who own a pizza franchise and I hope to come back with tips.

And yes, I fully realize that this second wish is probably nothing short of an abomination to most pizza lovers.

savory or sweet breakfast?

Savory. Biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon. I do like sweet (pancakes, etc), but it's a rare occasion.

All Caramelled Out

I like salted caramels, but I am in agreement that most of those items riding the caramel train are poorly executed: too sweet and not a discernible grain of salt.

Actually I'm just tired of trendy desserts in general, most of them are just full of sugar and taste horrible, regardless of the theme.