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Surprise! 7 Foods You Thought Were Vegan!

I think what it outrageous is that some products seem like they would not need to have animal products. I had a friend who was eating Halal, and she checked everything. She found an additive derived from HUMAN HAIR in certain breads. These weird ingredients seem unnecessary, and make food an industrial, mass-produced product, not food, which people are putting into their bodies. I don't think these ingredients should be used in products that seem vegetarian.

But I am even more shocked that there isn't a public outcry to stop the use of these ingredients. When I told a friend about the hair ingredient, he said, "If it doesn't hurt me, I don't care." I can't get over things that easily. I'm not a vegan, I'm vegetarian, but some of these products would not be acceptable for me either. I don't think we should need to make an exception for sugar or red-dyed foods because animal products shouldn't be used in the first place.

Spot of Tea: Republic of Tea Holiday Spiced Plum

I like Harney & Sons "Hot Cinnamon Sunset/Spice." It's spicy and sweet, with dried orange pieces, and it somewhat reminds me of Red Hots candies.

What food smell do you hate?

I thought more people would say tuna, but maybe that's too obvious?
I hate the smell of ground beef cooking and canned vegetables.

Oreos with DQ Blizzard Creme

I haven't tried them, but I was thinking...what if they made an Oreo blizzard cream cookie BLIZZARD! That's even more mind-boggling.

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

There was a little shop in Pittsburgh that made vanilla ice cream with birthday cake chunks, sprinkles, and swirls of blue frosting mixed in. I've found birthday cake-flavored ice cream, but not chunks of cake. I really wish I could get some with cake chunks in the Midwest.

Vegetarians: would you eat something cooked in a skillet...

I've been a vegetarian for 17 years, and I haven't considered this idea before. Over the years, my reasons for being vegetarian have changed, but my general philosophy has not. I have a kind of phobia of dead things and taxidermy, and the smell of raw meat and (especially) cooked beef, along with the sight of meat, somewhat trigger my phobic symptoms.

For me, I've learned to pick my battles. I'm much more concerned (especially living in a small town in the Midwest) about my hosts' assumptions that I will be able to "pick out" the meat from the dishes they prepare, or that a dish is still vegetarian if it contains meat broth or cream of chicken soup.

My cast iron pan is completely vegetarian, since I never cook meat at home. I try to be reasonable and enforce my expectation that the dish in front of me has no meat products, including fat. Although, I do not expect a cooking vessel in a carnist home to be free of animal products.

I don't think it would be wrong to inquire whether a dish was cooked in a meat-tainted vessel. I might suggest that one could take one's own food contribution to a party if this is a concern. I regularly do this, when I'm not sure the "vegetarian-ness" of the dishes that will be served. If I don't know the host well, I explain that I'm a vegetarian and offer to bring a vegetarian dish to the party because I don't want the host to stress over figuring out what to make for me.

a Trader Joe's Disappointment

I was originally disappointed with TJ's too. I expected it to be more like a natural food store with lots of bulk bins.

However, I'm hooked on some items. TJ's kefir is cheaper than in many other stores. The dried fruit and nut mixes are good. Sometimes they have high fiber muffins, which I haven't found anywhere else. They also stock cheaper whole grains, specialty pasta, and soy milk. I found these to be cheaper when TJ's was nearby, but maybe not worth a special trip to a store that is far away. The cheap wine is good for the price, too.

Do you cook for your pets?

Hard-boiled eggs and mini-muffins with cornmeal and crushed egg shells for my cockatiels. I cut up veggies and fruits, or give them ingredients, like cheese, or oatmeal, from something I'm cooking for myself. They much prefer seeds and pellets, so I don't cook for them often.

Vegetarians, How Do You Do Thanksgiving?

Sides are enough for me. I don't remember liking turkey much before I was a vegetarian, so I don't really enjoy tofurkey. I've tried tofurkey, and it does taste similar to turkey. I've never liked gravy either, so I don't worry about a substitute. Lentil loaf sounds really good though, I'll have to try that suggestion from fritesandfries.

Should Bagel Shops Charge For Toasting?

I agree with elron. You are lucky enough to live in a place with fresh bagels that have all the right amount of chewy, bready goodness...and you want them toasted. I live in South Dakota, and the bagels here are pretty sad. Here toasting is necessary because most of the bagels come as frozen donut-shaped bread.

However, you aren't getting any more product through the toasting process, so it seems just snobby and nit-picky to charge for toasting. (Maybe they should charge less because toasting just ruins the deliciousness of fresh bagels, but that's my opinion.)

Wal-Mart Accused of Knock-Off Girl Scout Cookies

I hate Walmart, but I don't know how to get Girl Scout cookies when I don't know any Girls Scouts. I have to admit I'm a little excited about a knock-off product being more readily accessible to me in my current situation. (I've seen store brands at Kroger's and HyVee that are similar to Girl Scout cookies, so I don't know why it's such a big deal when Walmart does it too.)

Would You Go to a Chain Restaurant on a First Date?

I don't think I would think less of a guy for suggesting a chain restaurant. It depends on the chain. When I first saw the title of the post, I thought the author was writing about fast food chains. I'm impressed when he explores enough to find good, little, out-of-the-way places. Chains seem like he's making little effort.


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