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Egyptian cake ???

@all -- thanks for replies

@Jerzee -- wasn't sure if was some particular sort of flavoring that was unbeknownst to me (banana??? Vanilla????). I couldn't tell from the pictures

@shecooks -- I tried GoogleTranslate and it kept telling me the "protein layers"... I'm like WTP* "protein layers"???? I'm all up for some healthy stuff, but I think I call it at "protein layers" in my desserts

@Teachertalk -- hoping to get back here a lil more often... nice to be missed. Although gone (mentally and site posting-wise) my abilities to be a half cooked posting fool still live on LOL

side note : WTP = what the phooey???

Eats in El Salvador!

I stumbled upon this a while back and put it in my "to try someday" file, but thought I'd pass it on.

El Atol de Elote is a dessert/drink made of ground corn, cinnamon and milk. It’s thick, sweet, and it has cinnamon.

I found this recipe for it on Saveur

How to Shuck Fresh Corn Easily

@ everyone -- thank you for the mini-welcome back!

@jo_wang -- perhaps it's the guy's microwave and its wattage isn't high. Perhaps try different time intervals on your microwave. I know I'd probably need 8 because I have one of the "elder" Amana Radaranges from the 70s.

August 19th -- National Potato Day

-waves- hey ya'lls... another spare 3 mins so i popped for a few minutes.

Well, I'm glad to see all the tater lovers out there. My guilty sin is Mcdonald's french fries.

Catpoop taters ended up not being so great. No disernable #2 flavor to worry about per se, but it was the fact that we had such scorching heat and no rain that it really ruined the skins and the insides were almost dry. We made a small pot of creamed peas and potatoes with them

I'm not gonna wait for National Tomato Day -- but just found out tonight that I've got a catpoop tomato plant near where the taters were! LOL

THANK YOU Saucy Johnny!

Hello everyone from burnt up, hotter than Hades Kansas.

Thanks again to Saucy Johnny for tipping me off to this thread. =)

I have been extremely busy with work these days. A mixed blessing in that I don't get much of a chance to be here, but do hope when things slow down i will get back into the swing of SE things.

My family issue dynamics have changed as well and as such very limited time for any sorts of fun. i think often of all the great people here at SE and miss you all terribly. I learn so much here and expand my knowledge exponentially to cooking and foods i never would have dreamed of trying before.

I don't FaceBook but always feel free to drop me an email (it's on my profile). I can't say i'm always great about getting to them super-timely but that's about all I have time for computerwise these days.

Thank you again all... Bon appetit and I'll try (just for bleu!) to drop in and leave a National ________ Day ;)

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- sorry to hear of the difficulties. I'll have to get consensus of the family, but i might be able to part with my sweet quick bread recipe ;). If you see this, email me.

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- sorry to hear of the difficulties. I'll have to get consensus of the family, but i might be able to part with my banana bread recipe ;)

David Chang Strikes Back at Kenji!

David Chang's childishness is so indicative of what the outside world reads of haute cuisine cooking and dining experiences and wonders what the hype is about sometimes if they can supposedly craft great food, but act like a 2 year old.

What's your opinion on Alton Brown?

I don't know where it happened, or if the weight loss caused it, but he got just incredibly strange to me a few years back. The Feasting on Saphalt was borderline, but then he started on Iron chef and he was ... weird! I can't watch that show anymore... he's just can make some of the strangest commets. I surmised it's be surrounded by an army of kitchen unitasking equipment that has taken him hostage.

So many Ritz!

I realize you said yu had no form of oven, but do you have some heat source (i.e. microwave, toaster oven?)

It's near the most redonkulous thing ever created... and the dang near best 1 am snack... I refer to the humble... Redneck Toffee

It calls for saltines, but Ritz work just mighty fine!
Bon Good Eatin'!

It's Harder Than it Looks

My Achilles Heel is pie crust. We have such a nasty history together we don't go to the same cooking parties anymore.

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- in no way do I claim to have the save all for quickbreads, but a couple of recommendations.

1.) Glass loaf pans -- they don't cook the outside as fast/faster than the middle, giving the whole loaf a chance to get done

2.) don't fill them but to 1/2 way. I know they say 2/3 or 3/4 but the only time i've got mine to work is 1/2 pans. They're not as pretty but they get the loaf done. I've seen those gorgeous thick loaves of breads and shake my head, but have resigned to my lil "halvies" and having completely cooked bread.

It's really not that hard...

Gravy -- I don't understand how people get lumps in it. Make a slurry first and if necessary mix the tar outta it before adding into the hot liquid.

Do you like getting a cone?

rarely eat ice cream out. At home, it's always metal spoon and ceramic bowl, dishwasher safe & reusable. Rare instances I'm out, I try to get plastic spoon & pastic cup and recycle them.

Yea or Nay? Fruit and/or Nuts in your Chicken Salad?

Nay all the way around. I don't like any cruchiness factor except vegetables (celery and onion) and no sweet factor to any chicken salad I make or eat.

Have you ever pre-cooked your fruit-pie filling?

Family recipes dictate... all fruit pie fillings are cooked.

Cold Stone Creamery

hands down favorite if I go there is the cake batter ice cream

Chorizo Dogs or Chorizo Meatloaf

draggin up a old thread to say thanks again for the suggestions. So far I took 2 chorizo sausages out of the casings and put it into a pot of macaroni and cheese (they were already cooked chorizo). Gave it a nice lil kick, but was informed by the family never to mess with grandma's M&C again. *sigh*

HEY..yer not supposed to use it for that !!!

@ all concerned for the "cat paddle"... lemme rephrase so I don't get hunted down by PETA. Cat paddle is me taking the cutting board and shoving their butts (ones 30 lb and one's 27 lb cats) out of my way when I'm cooking in the kitchen. Verbal commands of "GIT!" do not work. They do hear but use their size to block every attempt of me moving effeciently thru the kitchen in the attempt of getting human food. I'd lock them up but one claws their way through the wood door and the other does the stick the paw under the door to where I feel guilty or even more angry at the ruined wood.


+1 Teachertalk

Who's doing Look Who's Talking now? Those posts always had me in stitches. Yes it was just editing but it was a chore to find the seeds of funny in all that talk!

Kudos and still missin ya Adam!

Una ayuda para que todo sea un poco más sencillo (I)

for the SE management crew -- i did a Free Translation on Google on this post. It's Spanish Spam.

last supper

dangit, I thought the world wasn't ending until 2012, which means I mowed the grass for nothing!

MY last supper would be fried calamari with lemon and salt with a "I don't care how many freakin calories it has" dessert of cherry ooey gooey cake.

HEY..yer not supposed to use it for that !!!

I've used the rubber mallet to pound chicken for parmesana

I know it's a sin, but I've used sharp kitchen knives as box openers

Old wooden cutting board for a cat paddle.

Tupperware lids as make-do frisbees for visiting kids

@boobird -- they made a great antiseptic liquid that forms a hard but flexible "bandage" I keep around the house called Liquid Bandage.

Bread Epiphany

I think my epiphany for cooking was when i got unscared to trying to make baked desserts because everyone said how hard baking was and realizing how much better homemade cakes, cinnamon rolls, etc. were. A lot of epiphany comes from fear conquering.

Did you ever eat.....

commercial cat snacks... but by accident.

the 3cats always get a small handful of snack and each one gets them in the morning & evening. I got home and had a handful of skittles in one hand and a handful of kitty treats in the other. I slipped the cat treats into my pocket when i couldn't find kitty #3. I went about evening chores only to get sidetracked and thought I had put my skittles in my pocket. I reached in a grabbed a few and they went into the mouth...

WTF... Tuna flavored skittles???

Yup.. you guessed it. So 2 chomps down I'm deciding whether to spit or swallow. I swallowed. I wouldn't intentionally do it again.