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Egyptian cake ???

@all -- thanks for replies

@Jerzee -- wasn't sure if was some particular sort of flavoring that was unbeknownst to me (banana??? Vanilla????). I couldn't tell from the pictures

@shecooks -- I tried GoogleTranslate and it kept telling me the "protein layers"... I'm like WTP* "protein layers"???? I'm all up for some healthy stuff, but I think I call it at "protein layers" in my desserts

@Teachertalk -- hoping to get back here a lil more often... nice to be missed. Although gone (mentally and site posting-wise) my abilities to be a half cooked posting fool still live on LOL

side note : WTP = what the phooey???

Eats in El Salvador!

I stumbled upon this a while back and put it in my "to try someday" file, but thought I'd pass it on.

El Atol de Elote is a dessert/drink made of ground corn, cinnamon and milk. It’s thick, sweet, and it has cinnamon.

I found this recipe for it on Saveur

How to Shuck Fresh Corn Easily

@ everyone -- thank you for the mini-welcome back!

@jo_wang -- perhaps it's the guy's microwave and its wattage isn't high. Perhaps try different time intervals on your microwave. I know I'd probably need 8 because I have one of the "elder" Amana Radaranges from the 70s.

August 19th -- National Potato Day

-waves- hey ya'lls... another spare 3 mins so i popped for a few minutes.

Well, I'm glad to see all the tater lovers out there. My guilty sin is Mcdonald's french fries.

Catpoop taters ended up not being so great. No disernable #2 flavor to worry about per se, but it was the fact that we had such scorching heat and no rain that it really ruined the skins and the insides were almost dry. We made a small pot of creamed peas and potatoes with them

I'm not gonna wait for National Tomato Day -- but just found out tonight that I've got a catpoop tomato plant near where the taters were! LOL

THANK YOU Saucy Johnny!

Hello everyone from burnt up, hotter than Hades Kansas.

Thanks again to Saucy Johnny for tipping me off to this thread. =)

I have been extremely busy with work these days. A mixed blessing in that I don't get much of a chance to be here, but do hope when things slow down i will get back into the swing of SE things.

My family issue dynamics have changed as well and as such very limited time for any sorts of fun. i think often of all the great people here at SE and miss you all terribly. I learn so much here and expand my knowledge exponentially to cooking and foods i never would have dreamed of trying before.

I don't FaceBook but always feel free to drop me an email (it's on my profile). I can't say i'm always great about getting to them super-timely but that's about all I have time for computerwise these days.

Thank you again all... Bon appetit and I'll try (just for bleu!) to drop in and leave a National ________ Day ;)

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- sorry to hear of the difficulties. I'll have to get consensus of the family, but i might be able to part with my sweet quick bread recipe ;). If you see this, email me.

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- sorry to hear of the difficulties. I'll have to get consensus of the family, but i might be able to part with my banana bread recipe ;)

David Chang Strikes Back at Kenji!

David Chang's childishness is so indicative of what the outside world reads of haute cuisine cooking and dining experiences and wonders what the hype is about sometimes if they can supposedly craft great food, but act like a 2 year old.

What's your opinion on Alton Brown?

I don't know where it happened, or if the weight loss caused it, but he got just incredibly strange to me a few years back. The Feasting on Saphalt was borderline, but then he started on Iron chef and he was ... weird! I can't watch that show anymore... he's just can make some of the strangest commets. I surmised it's be surrounded by an army of kitchen unitasking equipment that has taken him hostage.

So many Ritz!

I realize you said yu had no form of oven, but do you have some heat source (i.e. microwave, toaster oven?)

It's near the most redonkulous thing ever created... and the dang near best 1 am snack... I refer to the humble... Redneck Toffee

It calls for saltines, but Ritz work just mighty fine!
Bon Good Eatin'!

It's Harder Than it Looks

My Achilles Heel is pie crust. We have such a nasty history together we don't go to the same cooking parties anymore.

It's Harder Than it Looks

@Traveller -- in no way do I claim to have the save all for quickbreads, but a couple of recommendations.

1.) Glass loaf pans -- they don't cook the outside as fast/faster than the middle, giving the whole loaf a chance to get done

2.) don't fill them but to 1/2 way. I know they say 2/3 or 3/4 but the only time i've got mine to work is 1/2 pans. They're not as pretty but they get the loaf done. I've seen those gorgeous thick loaves of breads and shake my head, but have resigned to my lil "halvies" and having completely cooked bread.

It's really not that hard...

Gravy -- I don't understand how people get lumps in it. Make a slurry first and if necessary mix the tar outta it before adding into the hot liquid.

Do you like getting a cone?

rarely eat ice cream out. At home, it's always metal spoon and ceramic bowl, dishwasher safe & reusable. Rare instances I'm out, I try to get plastic spoon & pastic cup and recycle them.

Yea or Nay? Fruit and/or Nuts in your Chicken Salad?

Nay all the way around. I don't like any cruchiness factor except vegetables (celery and onion) and no sweet factor to any chicken salad I make or eat.

Have you ever pre-cooked your fruit-pie filling?

Family recipes dictate... all fruit pie fillings are cooked.

Cold Stone Creamery

hands down favorite if I go there is the cake batter ice cream

Chorizo Dogs or Chorizo Meatloaf

draggin up a old thread to say thanks again for the suggestions. So far I took 2 chorizo sausages out of the casings and put it into a pot of macaroni and cheese (they were already cooked chorizo). Gave it a nice lil kick, but was informed by the family never to mess with grandma's M&C again. *sigh*

HEY..yer not supposed to use it for that !!!

@ all concerned for the "cat paddle"... lemme rephrase so I don't get hunted down by PETA. Cat paddle is me taking the cutting board and shoving their butts (ones 30 lb and one's 27 lb cats) out of my way when I'm cooking in the kitchen. Verbal commands of "GIT!" do not work. They do hear but use their size to block every attempt of me moving effeciently thru the kitchen in the attempt of getting human food. I'd lock them up but one claws their way through the wood door and the other does the stick the paw under the door to where I feel guilty or even more angry at the ruined wood.


+1 Teachertalk

Who's doing Look Who's Talking now? Those posts always had me in stitches. Yes it was just editing but it was a chore to find the seeds of funny in all that talk!

Kudos and still missin ya Adam!

Una ayuda para que todo sea un poco más sencillo (I)

for the SE management crew -- i did a Free Translation on Google on this post. It's Spanish Spam.

last supper

dangit, I thought the world wasn't ending until 2012, which means I mowed the grass for nothing!

MY last supper would be fried calamari with lemon and salt with a "I don't care how many freakin calories it has" dessert of cherry ooey gooey cake.

HEY..yer not supposed to use it for that !!!

I've used the rubber mallet to pound chicken for parmesana

I know it's a sin, but I've used sharp kitchen knives as box openers

Old wooden cutting board for a cat paddle.

Tupperware lids as make-do frisbees for visiting kids

@boobird -- they made a great antiseptic liquid that forms a hard but flexible "bandage" I keep around the house called Liquid Bandage.

Bread Epiphany

I think my epiphany for cooking was when i got unscared to trying to make baked desserts because everyone said how hard baking was and realizing how much better homemade cakes, cinnamon rolls, etc. were. A lot of epiphany comes from fear conquering.

Did you ever eat.....

commercial cat snacks... but by accident.

the 3cats always get a small handful of snack and each one gets them in the morning & evening. I got home and had a handful of skittles in one hand and a handful of kitty treats in the other. I slipped the cat treats into my pocket when i couldn't find kitty #3. I went about evening chores only to get sidetracked and thought I had put my skittles in my pocket. I reached in a grabbed a few and they went into the mouth...

WTF... Tuna flavored skittles???

Yup.. you guessed it. So 2 chomps down I'm deciding whether to spit or swallow. I swallowed. I wouldn't intentionally do it again.

Egyptian cake ???

Can anyone help me with this connundrum?

This lil picture of food porn came floating onto my screen in the form of something that looks like a 3 tiered/layered pie translated from the original Polish blog calling it Egyptian Cake

I Google'd it and nothing like it comes back at least in picture form. Looks like simple vanilla pudding, some type of nut pastry crust and maybe whipped cream???

Thanks in Advance!

How to Shuck Fresh Corn Easily

hi everyone... been gone too long but hoping to get back ot SE more frequently now...

I did a quick search and didn't see this technique posted anywhere (if it's a repost I'm sorry)... and of course I get this too late this year to appreciate it, since it's post fresh corn season, but if you keep these thing bookmarked or have a good (photographic) memory... here's the info (and a reason to keep your microwave cleaned out and not used for dish storage!!! LOL)

Easy Way To Shuck Corn

August 19th -- National Potato Day

Be they spuds or taters....
Purple, yellow or blue
pluck a couple from your kitchen veggie basket
and celebrate for a few (hours!)

okat so my rhyming skills are completely absent but August 19th is National Potato Day. here's a whole bunch of recipes

what's your favorite potato recipe? Do you prefer taters on their own (i.e. french fries) or moreso in a recipe (i.e. soup)
Your secret closeted way of enjoying potatoes? funny potato stories?

I'll share mine quickly... I had a garden this year... that I never planned on. I threw some rotten potatoes and the smelll ewwwww.. out the back door they went with the intent to go out and get them & take them down to the compost pile. I have severe CRS and forgot. My cats ended up using the area as a makeshift litterbox and ultimately half-buried the taters. I jokingly threw somemore soil on top and lo & behold in a year when the weather is the utmost terrible for growing anything, I had 5 lil potato plants that put out 5-12 lil new potatoes with no care.

They're affectionately referred to as the catpoop taters!

THANK YOU Saucy Johnny!

Just wanted to give a shout out and a public thank you to SE member Saucy Johnny. SJ was in my town today and took this newbie to her first ethnic grocery market. He was kind enough to wait for me (to get off work), brought me some nice homemade things and walked around the market showing me some of the interesting things they had there. I'd driven by this place a 100 times and never thought to go in.

He is a great asset to Serious Eats and overall, a very kind gentleman.

Thanks again SJ! =) =) =)

Chorizo Dogs or Chorizo Meatloaf

throwing this out for help!

I've got chorizo links. Never worked with it before. I'm thinking of making chorizo dogs somewhat like a corn dog with a slightly sweet batter to counteract the heat of the chorizo. My other thought was using it in meatfloaf with some ground beef.

Am I completely off base? If I am can you help with a recipe that might counterbalance/take the heat of chorizo down a few notches. Most of the recipes I see use chorizo as a jumping off point to amp up the heat/spice of a dish.



Does anyone know much about this Italian savory pastry? It sounds something like a stromboli or a calzone. I googled it and couldn't find very many recipes. Is there a traditional filling? Even Wikipedia didn't have info on it.


Deep Dish Apple Pie in a springform

So I'm cruising around looking at recipes, and i run across the most gorgeous looking super deep dish apple pie... which was made in a spring form pan. Brilliant so I thought.

Problem? No recipe. No guidance. It sorta looked like a Dutch apple pie but there was a complete top crust, not just lattice. The blog author gave a hint that it was cemented together with a custard filling?

I'm wondering if anyone has tried to do a pie in a springform pan like this. Suggestions, hints, no way jose?

I would like to see about doing this method but using blueberries instead (I got a patchful of berries in the freezer that need to go).


Kitchen Scale for baking -- really a necessity?

I've been baking probably longer than I've been cooking. I use a lot of family recipes and in all this time I've never have used a kitchen scale for weights measurements. I read a lot of comments here at SE and from friends who shy away from baking saying something like "oh baking is such an exact measurement process" and "it's too tedious" or don't have the right equipment.

I am confused. My baking comes out fine. I use some basic plastic measuing cups. I don't even knife off the excess flour when measuring. I'm slowing getting more brave to try harder breads, such as cinnamon rolls but find that not even that has really gone haywire. Most of my baking is 9x13 cakes, cookies, and loaf pan quick breads.

Is is pure luck that I'm doing ok or is it that the types of stuff i'm making is more forgiving?

Povitica aka Slovenian Nut Roll

I decided to bite the big bullet and buy a coupon to try this bread (for $20 bucks, I get 2 2.5 lb handmade loaves, which at $4/lb seemed like a good deal). The place I bought it from has 10 varieties. I'm not familiar with it at all, so was wondering if anyone has info on it. The company will give storage and cutting instructions, but what are the traditional flavors? Any special tricks to it?



So I get an offer for these in my email. And I'm like WTH is a Knork? I see Serious Eats posted up about them 2 years ago:

but not much comment/feedback was left about them. Has anyone here used or own these knorks since then?


Missing Ingredient -- Water?

It seems to be a new trend or maybe because I'm working with new recipes, but there seems to be more common to have recipes that require water in them but don't list it in the ingredient list.

Now I know that sounds strange that I bring it up, but I think it's important for some recipes (I know the Slice people are particular to certain water in the bread dough). I also have issue with it because I have variable water hardness and that can affect cooking situations. i try to keep a bottle of distilled water around for special situations (cooking, ironing,etc.).

Do you think it needs to be in a recipe's ingredient list or is it nit-picking to wish it was there?

March 28th -- Something on a Stick Day

Time to pull out the BBQ grill
March 28th is sure to thrill

today we celebrate food on a stick
what are you going to going to pick??

I'm thinking pork and parboiled root vegetable shiskabobs
maybe creamsicles & fudgesicles for dessert ;)

One day, I'm gonna get around to trying.....

What is your list of 5 ingredients/ dishes that you just have never gotten aroudn to trying ever? Not necessariy because it's a rarity ingredient or cost/location prohibitve but just simply a "someday I'll get around to it" thing

Mine list (no particular order):

dragon fruit
pad thai

Oriental Market Virgin

I'm going to be traveling to another city where they have ethnic markets, a few mexican/latino and some oriental ones. I'm interested in going to the oriental market this time and getting a few things.

I have never cooked oriental food. I know a few chinese dishes at the chinese restaurant (like lemon chicken and moo goo gai pan). I don't have the proper cooking equipment (i.e. wok, bamboo steamers) to make them though. I know i won't touch sushi (no raw meat/fish ever) or even sashimi. I've tried seaweed and tofu and those are not going in my mouth ever again either. I don't like hot spices, so i think anything szechuan (? spelling) is out. I like noodles & pasta but not whole wheat/whole grain.

Suggestions on a few things, maybe $20 worth total to try?


muscovado sugar

Hi everyone. So I stumbled upon a food blog post mentioning this unrefine sugar. I've never heard of it, never seen it either (except in picutres).

I hear all sorts of uses for it, from stir-ins into oatmeal and coffee to replacing other sugars for making gingerbread.

Do you have a use for it? Is it worth the price? I'm gathering anything this obscure has a fairly hefty pricetag. A particular brand better than others?


March 7th -- National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day is intended to celebrate the anniversary of the invention of corn flakes by William and John Kellogg around 1897.

The idea of cereal was invented during the colonial era when housewives started to serve popcorn with sugar and cream for breakfast.

Today, nearly half of all Americans start their day with a bowl of cereal and there are approximately 2.7 billion boxes of cereal sold each year -- enough packages to circle around the globe thirteen times!

what's your favorite cereal, past or present? Which one do you wish they'd bring back? Do you prefer hot or cold cereal?

March 6 -- National Frozen Foods Day

Considered the bane of civilization by some and a salvation by others, but be there no argument -- very few things have changed the our lives the way frozen food has. March 6 is designated every year as National Frozen Foods Day.

Frozen foods first hit store shelves in 1930 in Springfield, MA by Clarence Birdseye who is considered the father of frozen foods. In 1953, the frozen TV dinner made its first appearance.The whole month of March is designated as National Frozen Food Month.

What is your one secret vice frozen food?
What one frozen food staple do you always keep on hand?
What food do you wish was commercially available (and viable) as a frozen food that isn't, perhaps because you would eat it more or extend the season of enjoyment longer?

March 5 -- National Cheese Doodle Day

Time to don the laxtex gloves, grab some napkins, or just enjoy the neon yellow orange glow of your fingers and dive into a bag or can (fondly missing Planters in a can!) of cheese doodles. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to grab up a small bag (the large one isn't safe in my prescence!) and celebrate.

What's your favorite... white cheddar or yellow cheddar? puffs or crunchies or balls? Are you a closeted finger licker?
Any recipes or use in a dish for cheese doodles, please share!

Freezing Mozarella

Question or maybe a poll type response on the title question. Can mozarella, or certain types/forms of mozarella be frozen? I've read everything from "yes for a couple of months" to "never freeze fresh or buffalo milk mozarella". What prompted this was my belief that the simple answer is no, but I was taking a food related quiz and the comment on the question was "mozarella is actually one of the few cheeses that improves with freezing! I'm thinking most chefs/cooks don't usually like to use frozen cheese because it isn't the same as fresh. However, I'm reading that mozarella "authority" Paula Lambert says it's fine.

What is your opinion?

March 1st - National Pig Day & National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

Besides both being a good source of protein, it seems that the porcines and the goober lovers have a common reason to celebrate.

National Pig Day is all about celebrating the pig, primarily in the Midwest, but is often celebrated by consuming in them in all their deliciousness.

Should you not be a fan of Babe on your plate, perhaps plan on have some sweet goober lovin' to finish off your meal.

How might you celebrate one or both holidays? Maybe a combo dish or in the same meal?

I'm thinking a batch of homemade peanut butter cookies, and true to form I was a couple days ahead and made baked BBQ sauced ribs today.

February 25th -- National Clam Chowder Day

Doesn't matter if your a red (Manhattan) or a white (New England) fan, it's National Clam Chowder Day!!!
(though January 21st is also set aside as National New England Clam Chowder Day)

I did see that the some of the restaurant group McCormick & Schmick's (locations in various states) have a $1 cup of chowdah with entree purchase.

So which is your favorite? What crackers go best with chowder? Are crackers allowed with chowder?

Feb 24th -- National Tortilla Chip Day

Now personally I would've like to seen this day pairs with National Margarita Day, but I'm not about to not celebrate the humble nacho delivery system known as the tortilla chip.

Must have been something in the air -- I brought chips & salsa for lunch.

What's your favorite use for tortilla chips?

Tippler's Taxonomy: A Guide To Cocktail Categories

Almost from the moment the first drops of liquor dripped from the end of a still, humans have been mixing these potent spirits with wines, fruits and other substances in pursuit of bibulous glory—or simply a tasty tipple, depending on your priorities. Over the centuries, many different styles of mixed drinks have emerged; some have faded, some have evolved, and some have endured for generations. Here is a guide to the major categories of cocktails. More

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

Have you seen the Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies that have been going around the web? We went one better with Nutter Butter–stuffed chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and since we had Girl Scout cookies on hand.... More

Strawberry filling for Whoopie Pies

I'm going to making these for a coworker for her birthday. I've never made them. I'm torn between doing a strawberry filling or a filling with sliced strawberries peeking out (kinda a cookie--filling--sliced strawberries--filling -- cookie). Also considering doing a... More