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Dinner for Two: Sweet Sausage and Pea Orzo Risotto

This was good - simple, plain, filling, a decent base for further experimentation.

It's better the second day, which is good, because this is only "serves two" if those two are ravenous. I got four servings out of it.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

An everything bagel with lots of lox, cream cheese, and onion.

Cook the Book: 'In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite'

Dinner for one or two. I would like to call it Dining with Lucullus, after this anecdote:
...but I think a modern-day editor would disapprove.

Best General Purpose Cookbook

The new edition of HTE is really good at showing one thing and then the variations. A great way to become a more instinctual home cook.

a Trader Joe's Disappointment

I had the same "wtf?" experience the first time I went to Trader Joe's. Now I go about once a month, and I swear by a lot of their products.
They are very very good for pantry staples, frozen items, and packaged cheeses. They are pretty good for chicken and turkey items and dairy. They are significantly cheaper than most of their competitors, at least in NYC, and as a previous commenter noted, they don't use HFCS in anything. If you don't rely on it as your main or sole groceries source, it's a great place to shop.

One really nice thing about the private-label approach is that you don't have to spend a lot of time comparing varieties of, say, roasted peanuts. I find it makes the shopping experience less stressful, and I get done faster. (Except for the killer lines....!)

Inconsistent post tagging

Thanks, that's great!

(I would suggest that you get rid of the unreliable ways of browsing while you're at it, though...)

Cook the Book: 'Put 'em Up!'

Pickling and canning. Looking forward to making peach jam again this year!

Fast Food International: Tim Hortons

The Tim Hortons in Union Square was just unpleasant when I went there - dirty and bleak. I love Tim Hortons, but I think I will mostly be giving these a miss.

What's Your Favorite Way to Cook Potatoes?

Lately, it's roasting fingerling potatoes with salt, olive oil, herbs and garlic. The only problem with them is getting them to the table before they get devoured!

Cook the Book: 'Forgotten Skills of Cooking'

Whatever St Patrick's-themed goodies my coworkers bring in, I guess!

Welcome to Our New Homepage

"It's been interesting to read all of the comments and find out what everyone liked about the "old" SE."

I don't mean this as a slam, but this is precisely why good design projects include some user research before the design begins. Obviously, you have a wealth of analytics to tell you how people behave on the site, but no Google tool is ever going to tell you WHY they behave that way, or get to people's interests and motivators. If you don't know what people liked about the "old" SE, you can't design a better "new" SE.

I don't know if you did any qualitative research behind the scenes, but given that you have and value an active user community, it should really be part of any future design project. No one would say you should design by majority rule, but take users' insights as a critical input into the process. Indeed, sometimes people will say they behave a certain way but actually do something else - and then understanding what's going on in that gap can lead to some really great design.

For myself, I really like the new tabbed navigation between SE sites, but I think the headline area with the big images will take some serious getting used to.

2 lbs of White Mushrooms and I don't want soup!

The NYT ran a recipe for mushroom-onion-chipotle tacos back in the fall: I can't even tell you how many times I've made it since.

The Best Oatmeal in New York

Oh, man! I go to Joyce all the time but have never even considered the oatmeal. Next time...!

Cook the Book: 'Mad Hungry'

Seven-layer dip, always.

There's also a great wings spot near me that does a brisk takeout business. :)

Glasgow's Scooby Snack Is Binge Food Par Excellence

And that, my friends, is (part of) why the average life-expectancy in Glasgow is somewhere under 60 years of age.

Video: How To Make Eggnog

I made Jeffrey Morgenthaler's eggnog last year, and now the family wants it again this year. I'm not objecting.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

The Salt Lick, outside Austin. Best part of work travel to Texas!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

The fish suppers (fish and chips) wrapped in newspaper I ate when I was a student in Glasgow. Not my favorite food, but the ritual of ordering and carrying it home still hot to my flat is probably my favorite food memory from my travels.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

Thin slices of prosciutto on top of a just-cooked margherita pizza with mushrooms - the heat makes the prosciutto just that much more salty and fatty-delicious, and the taste and texture combinations are fantastic.

Serious Efforts: Cassoulet

I have fallen for Bittman's cassoulet with lots of veggies, which you can find on his site:

I add both the zucchini and the cabbage rather than his suggested either/or; it comes out very nice and hearty, and not quite as heavy in the stomach as some more traditional cassoulets I've had. I do still recommend the confit, though!

Vegetarians, How Do You Do Thanksgiving?

We always have vegetarians at the table, so there are more vegetable dishes than meat ones! One stuffing is always made vegetarian (and mushroom-less, to account for one attendee's odd tastes), and I'm planning on making a roasted root vegetable medley along with a creamed spinach casserole and probably something else as my contributions.

The one time I hosted, I went by the 1/2 lb of turkey per guest rule I found online, and even though I'd only counted the adult carnivores, I still ended up with half a turkey left over -- we all like the vegetable dishes so much that we end up filling our plates with those!

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

Bitten, 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, The Amateur Gourmet, the Kitchn, and here, of course!

Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

Fresh mozzarella cheese. My mom would get it every so often, and I always called dibs on the knot!

Gadgets: Trudeau Silicone Vegetable Steamer

Really? The little metal steamer inserts for pots are also size-adjustable, fold up significantly smaller than that seems to for storage, and can cost under $5, not $13 plus shipping. If you want to get fancy, you can even get one that has a handle on the top, solving your problem above - those still cost under $10.