Not so starving student.

  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Favorite foods: Definitely carrots. I actually turned an orange tinge from eating to many. I've since cut back. A little.
  • Last bite on earth: Crosscountry skiing to a dinner of grilled elk tenderloin with blueberry port reduction at Tennessee Mountain Pass Cookhouse (a yurt with no electricity) in Leadville, CO.

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Mediterranean Chopped Salad With Tomatoes, Peppers, Feta, and Basil

This was wonderful! So great with garden produce. I will definitely make it again.

Manner Matters: The Knife-and-Fork of It

While living in the UK, we put our cutlery touching parallel with handles pointed at 6 o'clock to indicate we were finished. Slightly different.

Sometimes You Need a Microwave, or Lessons Learned From Taco Bell's Latest Desserts

Sorry, never going to Taco Bell, but your writing is great! So great that I will read it, even though I will never come anywhere near the food you are reviewing.

Who Makes the Best Tuna Melt in NYC?

Hands down: Beecher's at 20th x Broadway. Excellent cheese. Excellent bread. Excellent Tuna along with carmelised fennel and capers!

Ask a Cicerone: Your Favorite Pumpkin Beer

Fat Jack by Sam Adams all the way. And Shipyard's tastes like Nutmeg Water. Disgusting.

Breaking Down 'The Dating Game,' a Report on Food Expiration Dates

I ate a can of tuna that expired 2 years before. Still alive! I do make questionable food choices though... and dumpster dive.

Snapshots from Kenya: A Traditional Meal in the Mombasa Countryside

After living on just about only ugali, rice and beans and bananas for 2 months in Tanzania, having my fingernails stop growing and other joys of terrible diet, I must say your post made me a bit nostalgic for the stuff.

British foods to bring to US friends?

Definitely Branston pickle. I also miss all the lovely cheese and some of the apple varieties, and blood pudding but that'll give you grief.

Video: Hunting Invasive Canada Geese in Virginia

Depending on the state, farmers can usually get permits to kill pest species that cause crop damage. Also non-migratory geese can be hunted (again depending on local laws) during times when migratory subspecies have left the area.
Kudos to you for knowing the MBTA though!! :)

Video: Dumpster Diving at Trader Joe's

I have dumpster dived! Never gotten sick and had lots of tasty Whole Foods pastries still in boxes. Also, one bakery I went to would throw out their ugly breads in a different trash can and wrap them all up in plastic. Good free food for a college student.

When so much fine food is wasted in the USA, don't hate on people preventing some of it from going to landfills. It's their choice to eat it.

How to celebrate July 4th abroad?

This 4th of July I'm escaping back to the USA from England. I thought it was an appropriate time to leave the country ;)

I've only been abroad on the 4th once... and was so sick I couldn't really think of eating anything that day, so that's not helpful.

For Thanksgiving I hosted a meal for a bunch of Brit friends and they enjoyed hearing about the traditions. Could you do a little party for your German friends?

Weirdest Sausage We've Ever Eaten: Rattlesnake and Rabbit at Wurst Tex in Austin

One of my classmates, a fellow hunter, served me up a homemade pronghorn-elk-mule deer sausage. Delicious!

Goodbye, Dumpling

Farewell Dumpling, pictures of you always brought a smile to my face.

Favorite Obsure Ethnic Cuisine

Polish food for sure... There's a lot of Polish folk in CT so I was always really familiar with it but no one knew what I was talking about when I mentioned pierogis to my classmates in Colorado. Naturally I had to make some for them :) I also recently traveled to Poland solely for the eating. And boy did I eat.

Other regional favorite: Peruvian=

What's that sexy thing they do?

Super sexy: When my other half home brewed me his version of our favorite beer. Also when he cooks me up some delicious elk dishes... which he harvested.... or when he's half inside a WholeFoods dumpster fishing out something tasty and free.
We all have our quirks :)
@carmason- I like your little saying!

Cook the Book: 'Super Natural Every Day'

My fav healthy quick meal is oatmeal with spinach, scrambled eggs and Worcestershire sauce. It looks a right mess, and I wouldn't serve it to someone but I love it.

What atmosphere turns you on or off when you are dining out?

When I was a kid I loved restaurants that had paper placemats that I could draw on. I suppose it kept me quiet... and I definitely liked booths as a little one because then I could bounce around and not feel like I had to behave perfectly :p... fancy restaurants were the devil and luckily for my ankle-biting self I didn't really have to go to those.
My adult atmosphere preferences/dislikes have pretty much been covered by everyone above. But I do love me some taxidermy. I'm biased though, it reminds me of home. Only seen it in restaurans in Wyoming/Colorado, etc.

Lovin' some beef jerky !!!

My dad makes a maple-syrup sweet jerky using thin slabs of deer meat... kind of bizarre but I love it. Dehydrators are awesome! Another fun thing to do with it is to mash up blueberries with a spritz of lemon juice and make fruit leather (if you've got the right type of tray).
Good luck :)

Spot of Tea: Twinings Jasmine Green Tea

This is my daily tea! I love it, the jasmine hint is just perfect :D

Cambridge (UK) Beer Festival... any UK beer suggestions?

Hey! Thanks for the suggestions! I tried a few different local Cambridge perrys, ciders, and brews. Gave the Copper Dragon orange wheat a try and was happy with it. My favorite was a Belgian black currant ale... which you can hardly consider a proper beer but it was delicious! There were some great, smooth meads too.... really lovely event overall.

Care to introduce yourself?

I'm 22 year-old American now living in the UK and just about finished with my master's degree from Cambridge. I'm outdoorsy and love being in the middle of nowhere, which could explain my upcoming stint in chimpanzee census work in western Tanzania. I'm working on the field of community-based wildlife conservation.
But besides critters and trees I also love food. Cooking is my favorite way to relax as well as entertain.
I also do taxidermy. Sometimes on the kitchen table. Be careful in my freezer, because you might just pull out roadkill.

Serious Reads: How Bad Are Bananas? by Mike Berners-Lee

Thank you @thesatguy.

Let's not politicize that which is objective.

Denver and Fort Collins Eats

I went to Colorado State in Fort Collins, so I'm very familiar with some of the tasty food and fun activities there. Colorado is a very outdoorsy kind of place, so most of my time was spent hiking/rock climbing/etc., but for cultural things:
Mishawaka Bar usually has music playing and the venue is right on the Poudre River up highway 14
Colorado State University has a few small galleries and you can check their calendar if there's any events going on
There's a few FoCo farmers markets scattered about on different days, I'm sure info is online
I second Cycorider's Celestial Seasonings tour recommendation (Boulder). I enjoyed that, and there's also a nature art museum nearby.

FoCo food: BeauJo's, definitely with honey on the crusts
-Ras Ka is near campus, is tiny, but full of delicious Ethiopian-inspired food
-Austin's and also Coopersmiths have some generally tasty/fancier burgers and steaks (including bison!)
-Choice City Butcher has awesome sandwiches
-Chocolate Cafe only serves chocolate. And its delicious!

I was always generally happy with food in FoCo :D Another option is to buy some delicious food at the Food Coop and then go picnic along the Poudre River or go up to Lory State Park and enjoy the resevoir/red rock/foothill scenery.

I'm going back there this week too! Writing this up has made me realize how much I miss Colorado :D