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Frozen Shrimp Help!!

And no, I think it'd be fine to use with the above cooking recs. I hope it worked out perfectly for you, but I've wondered why you posted this while the bag was already open.

I'd be a lot more worried about an open bag of shrimp sitting around for an hour (before your first response), than I would be about veins, etc. The information you're seeking is available within seconds all over the intertubes. Why you'd risk all of this here is beyond me, but hey, welcome! :)

Frozen Shrimp Help!!


If you're in Spain, learn more Spanish.

If you're a foodie in Spain, learn more Spanish with an emphasis on food-related terms.

Then, ask more questions, like:

Camaron fresco, por favor?

They're fresh. They need some treatment, per your choice. Maybe deveining. Since they're fresh, yes, they need cooking.

Not too hard.

What to do with Barley

I'd think that trying them first would be a good start, Pumpkin. Apparently you're averse to Googling, but why not just do it, cook them up with some broth, and see how it goes?

On a side note (I don't think you're doing it here, Pumpkin), it is getting pretty stupid to read comments like "What to do for dinner????" when the OP lists things like pasta, tomatoes, and garlic.

Okay, I'm exaggerating (a little), but cmon, folks. This is "serious" eats, not "i'm a dumbass and i've done no research" eats.

Yeah, yeah, community. It's great. But do some homework and come here with some latent knowledge. Don't use SE as a search engine. Bring something to the party and let others riff off that.

Pumpkin, seems like you could do a LITTLE bit of homework (even a tiny bit), but if you trust SE readers more, so be it. I just think it's a little -- well -- whatever.

One good reason to buy used books...

I'll bet Joe or his daughter would love to know about it.

Serious Efforts: Choc. flourless torte @ 5280 ft. — what went wrong?

My lord -- in this age of books, libraries and the internet (imagine those tubes and those old-fashioned buildings!), can this even happen?

Muffin Paper Organization?

How about throw them out and buy them only as you need them in the future? Why you'd have a drawer full of unused muffin liners simply impies a muffin-lust that has yet to be realized.

James Beard Award Nominations 2009, No Serious Eats? WTF?

To be honest, I can understand why SE wasn't nominated -- and it has very little to do with the SE team of Ed, Adam, etc.

It has much more to do with the comments (like this one), and the vocal few here who militantly claim and define this space as their own, even while hiding under the auspices of "what the SE founders would want."

Folks like Jerzee, TheRealChiff, LunaPier, etc. -- yes, all active commenters, but really -- honestly -- the core of a group that drives people out.

This board (not SE the site) can't figure out whether it wants to be or Yes, the SE editors allow that. And not that either are the best choices. But my point is. . .this board seems small, cliquish and narrow-minded, and SE has allowed that to continue.

And until that stops, SE's message boards will have three groups:

Those who come, comment, and leave

Those who get active, but then eventually less active because of all the noise

And -- most of all -- the very few who spew opinions and judgement constantly.

It's jr. high playground.. I pick through here occasionally, but really, it's the members -- not the editors -- who ruin this site.

That's why I frequent the other sites, too, and that's why I'd be more apt to vote for them.

Banning fast food near schools? Your take.

Way too much hand-wringing here.

- Fix the parenting first. Where now are all the holier-than-thou parents whose kids adore asparagus, etc.?

- Fix the cafeteria food. Healthy, tasty food isn't that hard.

- Don't worry about BANNING fast food, which is completely, utterly stupid and a Utopian-oriented thought from nincompoops (as much as we'd all like to ban it).

- TAX fast food. Heavily. Cigarettes, for example, are taxed heavily in California. Why not fast food? There are simple ways to decide which restaurants' offerings are taxed.

- We restrict alcohol sales to those above 21. Why not restrict sugar sales to those below 18? Yeah, it seems nuts -- but we do it with alcohol. Not that hard, in my view.

But you see, this really leads to be bigger discussion. What's the purpose of banning fast food next to schools? To drive down FF consumption?

Uh, yeah, then it won't work at all.

If the goal is to drive down FF consumption and -- ultimately -- improve public health, then let's really do it. Let's tax TV consumption by the hour. Let's seriously impose a tax on certain foods with little/no nutritional value or with higher-than-average levels of fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Let's tax anything that leads to sitting on the couch or poor diet, and let's give tax credits to the healthy alternatives.

Tongue in cheek here, okay? But doesn't "banning FF within 1/10 mile of schools" sorta miss the point? Teachers are graded and fired on how well they teach -- parents should be graded and penalized on how well they feed. Schools and communities, too.

Be serious or just shaddup.

Good Dishwasher?


Super-quiet, ridiculously customizable, and you barely need to pre-rinse the dishes.

How to Make a Cheeseburger Dress

Lame. Can we keep it to actual food instead of cute shit?

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Deep-dish pizza is over-sauced lasagne with bread instead of pasta. No thank you.

Serious Efforts: Whole Deer Neck

If I've got my hands on a deer neck -- particularly an older one -- I'm not thinking sweetbreads at all.

I'm thinking venison chili.

The best chili, IMHO, is made with tougher cuts (think "exercised"), cut into smallish cubes (maybe 1/4 to 1/3 inch) and simmered for a long time with the best chili blend, some great broth, and perhaps some onion and garlic.

Spousal Cooking: Am I a bad person?

@Tokyorosa, if he's happy being married to a bedroom wife, I'm sure theirs is not the only bedroom (or kitchen) he's visiting. You get what you want. And what you wish for.

Jerzee's question is pertinent and I hope we see an answer. Let's see some comparison between the amount of work each person does -- we can't make any judgments until then.

My Burger Has a First Name at Damon's Steakhouse in Glendale, California

Please don't feed Damon. :)

Damon, tonight I winced and then bit into your post anyway. Once again, way too much self-indulgent backstory.

It's really not the length of your posts that I mind. It's the set-up. Perhaps you could spend all those words on the burger and dining establishment itself. Or, at a minimum, please sub-head three sections:

My Backstory
The Actual Review
Final Conclusions

Please, pretty please? Because the former does nothing for me in terms of enhancing the latter two. No offense intended. I appreciate a good story.

But I also appreciate serious eats. . .and burgers.

What's the Longest Wait You've Had at Di Fara?

@southlake98 and oregonpinot -- hey geniuses, Di Fara has zeppole, too.

Are America’s Best Croissants in Princeton, New Jersey?

FANTASTIC post, Carey! My Lord, I'm craving a croissant.

Just checking: Any progress on 'SE Offline' get-togethers?

** Izzy, CarolMISSFLORDIA whatever, Dearrie, AM I right?**

not and. . .am

Just checking: Any progress on 'SE Offline' get-togethers?

Okay, based on only this long-winded inside joke, I can only guess the following, since it seems there was clearly a get-together that ended oddly.

Keep in mind -- before anyone freaks out on me with PC crap -- this is just for fun, and meant to actually encourage get-togethers. There will always be hit or misses. :)

Izatryt: Mild, slightly boring, diplomatic, practical. Very much a mental person. Thinks and says. . .not much, in person, unless a bond is there.

Carol: Bristly, often mildly-drunk, fake tan, thinks she's younger than she is. Former cheerleader. Still a bit bitter. Thinks she knows more than she does. Constantly seeking approval and nasty to anyone who doesn't give it. Says more than she thinks.

Dearrie: Very polite, wallflower, often a victim but with a killer, wry sense of humor, too. Thinks more than she says.

Izzy, CarolMISSFLORDIA whatever, Dearrie, and I right?

Bodily Functions at Serious Eats

Glad you took it for what it's worth, and with good humor, LPC. No harm, no foul.

The 20 Dishes you need to know

As dbcurrie said, 20 dishes will give you 20 dishes. Perhaps these 20 "dishes" will give you thousands.

Veggies (steamed, sauteed, blanched, braised, roasted)
Basic dough
Potatoes (baked, boiled, mashed)
Tomato sauce
Gravy (brown, et. al., sauce)
Any cream sauce
Oil/vinegar emulsion
Searing meat
Basic meat cooking (pan, broiler, grill)
Roux (any fat/flour combo)
Cooking fish
Roast chicken
Melting cheese into a liquid base
Properly assembling a basic casserole
Breading (dry/wet/dry)
Eggs (hard boiled, fried, poached, etc.)
A good broth (veggie, chicken, beef, etc.)
A good mirepoix

HELP! Oh, wise Serious Eaters...

Hi Jen,

Here's a thought:

Buy a salmon filet (long/flat, not salmon steaks). About 3/4 to 1 pound. Skin on is fine. Get an onion, some fresh dill, and a lemon too.

Just set your oven on 450F. Lay out a long piece of foil and spray in with non-stick spray. Lay that filet on top. Salt and pepper. Chop up the onion and dill and throw it on top. Slice up some lemon and squeeze some juice on top, then put the lemons on top of the fish. Now just take another equal piece of foil, spray it too, and lay the sprayed side down on top. Fold it up carefully on every edge. Small folds. You're sealing it up tightly.

Put that foil bag on a cookie sheet and run it for 20 - 25 minutes in the oven.

Serve it with baked potatoes, or rice, or just some pan-steamed/braised asparagus. Or both. With some basic store-bought rolls. . .yeah, that'll be good.

Bodily Functions at Serious Eats

Hey, LPC --

I hope it's okay if I share feedback, since "this place runs just fine."

Is it okay?

LPC: You and anyone else are welcome here. Really. Honestly, seriously, you are welcome here.

Okay, thank you, LPC. I appreciate that.

LPC: But there's also something else. . .

Yeah, yeah, we'll get to your "something else" in a minute here, bud.

LPC: As others have pointed out this community has been around for a while now.

Dude, can you chill? It's pretty clear SE's been around for a while. But thanks for that.

LPC: It's also owned and operated by some folks who are quite intelligent. They are in here all the time making sure things are running well. . .

I agree! Things ARE running well. Case in point, this thread -- it hasn't been deleted yet because these intelligent webmasters and webmistresses "get" the difference between offering an opinion and "trying to make changes to what they want to see." If they ran these boards the way you might, it'd be Europe in 1933. But that's another story.

LPC: There are folks who think hamburgers and pizza aren't serious enough for a place called Serious Eats (missing the real point). . .

I actually found AHT and Slice a long time ago. Who would think those foods aren't serious enough? And I'd love to hear you explain the key and missing "real point," on behalf of your tender masters.

LPC: . . .Those who think certain words should be banned from use (yes dammit, I'm a foodie)

Okay, calm down now, buddy. . .you're a foodie. Established.

LPC: . . .Those who think the place needs a redesign, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

It does need a redesign, my friend. I hope it's okay that I suggest that. Many others have, too. Even your tender masters would agree to that, given the responsiveness they've shown when given suggestions. Take a note.

LPC:. . .These are unnecessarily harsh and are not the kinds of things we do around here.

"We"? Or "you"? Like you said, LPC -- it's the job of the owners/operators here to decide what is and isn't done. Not you. Like many here, your over-inflated sense of ownership is turning this board into a massive clique. Thank God that the owners/operators have shown a more open-minded, even-handed fairness than some of the small-minded, ego-driven posters here. So far, the operators' fairness has prevented this board from denigrating into a Chowhound -- your efforts notwithstanding.

LPC: Any censorship belongs to those intelligent folks who own and operate this place

I never asked for censorship, LPC. What brought "censorship" to mind for you? f you read my post, I clearly asked whether or not people agreed or disagreed with me. That's called expressing an opinion and asking for a vote -- not that my vote would mean anything, as it shouldn't -- again, as you said, the ultimate monitor here is the owner/operator.

But my original post was an opinion and a "yay/nay."

If you have other issues with this, I suggest you contact me at charmingamanda93 (at) Yes, that's really my name (wink). And yes, I'm really willing to take you down privately, as opposed to continue this on this fine site.


Bodily Functions at Serious Eats

Nope, I'm not Laurel E, and she is not me. :)

And no, @calliope, I never once claimed that I've read "all the posts." Reality check please, k?

So if I have to be more specific (and I guess I do), it's Cassaendra, with her constant mentions of "diarrhea." Apparently, she's proud of tripping small children and flouting her body functions constantly.

Everyone else, just chill. K?

Did You Watch the Premiere of Hell's Kitchen?

Getting back to the actual topic -- the contestants on this season's Hell's Kitchen look like a bunch on inbreds.

Bodily Functions at Serious Eats

Jerzee, I'm not saying that these issues are raised in thread titles. In fact, nobody here ever posts something like, "I Have The Runs."

What happens instead is, these things are "snuck in" by way of various comments.

It's not a matter of "don't read what you don't feel comfortable with" -- I already do that, based on thread title. Your advice is a little, er, rote and pedestrian. "We have been around a few years now. . ." is in the same category. Evolution is good, dear, as well "open ears" and "willingness to hear new ideas without immediately responding with 'no one is forcing you. . .'"

Your sentiment is essentially a common, politically-correct salve intending to soothe "newbies" on most of the 300 blogs and boards I frequent (or run). What it is NOT is a logical vote for basic behavior guidelines that others may/may not agree with.

Why don't we actually let people respond without a Board Matron weighing in with some PC stuff?

BTW, there's no need to welcome me again. :) You already have, love. But I do appreciate it!


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