Advance practice nurse for kids with kidney disease, lived in Italy 3 years and learned really good food, and I Hate Eggs!
Love to cook and bake, have managed to spread this infectious love of food to my kids, my husband is happy with a 7-11 hot dog.

  • Location: Falls Church Va
  • Favorite foods: excellent pasta, veggies prepared in a way that respects their fabulous naked state, chocolate, fruit and a great burger
  • Last bite on earth: Belly up to the bar with a delicious medium rare burger, skinny fries, cole slaw and something lovely, warm and chocolate
    Or the tasting menu at The Inn at Little Washington

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

fat free half and half 1st thing in the am and frequently thereafter

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

crunchy things ie carrots, celery, peppers and ginger

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

My Turkey- so onoriginal!

How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey

It worked beautifully. I found getting the midpoint of the back bone out to be the most physically challenging part of the whole thing but perseverance worked. I put herb butter under the skin as usual, and placed onions on the bottom of the pan, whole fresh herbs under the turkey on a rack. This was my best turkey ever and not one of those OMG do you remember when Mom flattened the turkey stories. Whew!

Serious Reads: Smart Chefs Stay Slim, by Alison Adato

fewer calories eaten, more calories burned- no secret

do you have "good" china, silver, glasses??

All kinds of stuff , much of which I gave away when we downsized. I still have good china which I only use on special occasions and Silver (both selected 38 years ago and I still love the patterns) Got rid of the crystal (sorry Mom) and use cheap glasses including for wine. I just could not deal with costly breakage of the fine stuff so I buy the wine glass sets at Marshalls.

Taverns, Lounges and Clubs hosted by Sandra Lee...

What Zinnia1 said

Chocolate-Banana Bundt Cake

although the making of this cake is far from traditional and it seemed awfully liquid as I poured it into the pan, it is scrumptious! I did substitute low fat yogurt for sour cream and threw in an extra ounce of baking chocolate (you cannot have too much chocolate) on a whim. It is very moist and I am trying to justify eating it for breakfast as it sits on my counter this am. Eggs, yogurt, bananas, walnuts- if it did not require 2 sticks of butter, you could call it health food!

We Try Every Flavor of Tillamook Ice Cream

We did the tour a few years ago and I had white licorice ice cream- absolutely wonderful!

Five Guys Tops National Consumer Survey on Favorite Burger Chain

and as that posted, a 50% off coupon for 5 guys pops up on my screen. Hmmm

Five Guys Tops National Consumer Survey on Favorite Burger Chain

5 guys? Not that great. Be very wary of surveys where participants self select. There is nothing to stop a "pile them on" campaign by the backers of that particular chain.

Dinner group dilemma--Ethiopian appetizers--HELP

seriously snarky! Knock it off folks- remember what Mom said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything>"

Bake the Book: Baking Out Loud

brownies with various spices

Photo of the Day: Is This the Most Beautiful Picture of a Pizza?

Our Cherpumple-Off Against Food52

I love dessert but no thanks!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Recchiuti Chocolate Bars

toffee- or any orange chocolate combination

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Filet Mignon Roast from Pat LaFrieda Meats

tenderloin for holidays, flank for fun

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Filet Mignon Roast from Pat LaFrieda Meats

sounds like a delicious dinner for a few goods friends

Eat Right for your Blood Type Diet - Anyone tried it?

Never thought this made a lick of sense.
I am very healthy, eat pretty much anything (although moderately), exercise, sleep enough and stimulate my mind with reading and other activities. I am of modest weight, rarely get colds, no flu since high school (I am 60). Genetics plays a huge role in our health. Thanks Mom and Dad!

This is like saying since laughter is the best medicine; if we only laughed every day ...

Least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

not a fan of stuffing and please leave those marshmallows off my sweet potatoes.

But the worst thing I was ever served? Raspberry jello with cream cheese walnut balls suspended in it. I love you Aunt Sylvia but please do not make me eat that again!

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Food Smell?

Lordy this is tough
Onions and peppers sauteeing
fresh ground coffee
burgers on the grill
Apple pie in the oven

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

large antipasto- slice melon, wrap with prosciutto, slice tomatoes, mozzarella, stagger the slices drizzle with olive oil, balsamic and fresh chopped basil, toast sliced italian bread sprayed with olive oil, top with jarred caponata (trader joes) or diced marinated artichokes. Add cherries for dessert, a lovely glass of wine.
Presto e buon' appetito!


I do watch it but only once in a while as the formulaic comments drive me nuts- and Ted Allen is just a bit too stiff for me.
I like the strange ingredients and learn pairings I would never have considered. My addiction period was when the judges and celebrity chefs were competing. When Anne Burrell made something out of Haggis that tasted good- now that was amazing.

Raisin Bread: Way or No Way?

I love it naked- a little butter perhaps but it so good by itself

Your Back Pocket Go-To Recipes

My favorite brownies (to which I have recently started adding chili powder) but otherwise, little sweet peppers briefly blanched and then filled with goat cheese, topped with a dollop of salsa. Looks pretty, easy to make and tastes great.

Heading to San Francisco

its been more than 2 years since this was discussed on SE so folks what is new downtown that should not be missed? Prefer hole in the wall, not too pricey (yes I know SF is expensive) and even quirky. Food trucks and happy hour treat suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

San Antonio and no car!

We will be in San Antonio on the River walk for a meeting with no car. There are no recent threads on restaurant recommendations so I am asking the eternal question:
Where would you go and what would you eat? No chains please and good bars with delicious bar food is a plus.

going to Austin

Spending a weekend in Austin and have never been there. Any recommendations for good food, with and without music, not too pricey and dives are OK as long as they are good. Having cut my teeth on NC barbecue, not sure that that beef stuff is the way I want to go.Thanks in advance!

pie suggestions

I am expected to bring a pie to dinner Sunday which is fine. With all the gorgeous fruits in season I thought it would be easy however I have been told no peaches, no chocolate.

enhancing strawberry flavor

The strawberries I picked up this am at the farmers market are disappointing- I think we have had too much rain.
My plan was a pie so the question is:
Can I get more flavor out of them if I roast them? any suggestions on how best to do this?

Was that a goat?

When I lived in Italy as a child, I would go food shopping with my mother. The butcher shops had real meat hanging from the ceiling- pigs, chickens, lamb and even chicken feet was the decor. No sanitized packages of who knows what in the shop.
Today I ran into the local Lebanese butcher for some lamb and there hanging from the ceiling was a skinned goat!
Not an everyday sight in the suburbs!

organizing a freezer drawer?

My refrigerator has a lower draw style freezer which I have so far failed to organize in any way. All of the food gets mixed up and it is impossible to find anything.
Have any of you smart people figured out how to work with this?

Virgin Islands eating

Headed to St John and then Tortola for sun, sea and relaxation. I am looking for recommendations for casual restaurants that are affordable in this expensive paradise. We will have a kitchenette in both places.

Help! My blender is useless

This terrible machine that masquerades as a blender cannot mush bananas much less frozen fruit. Any suggestions for an affordable blender that can help me with my morning smoothie would be most welcome.

How fast does food disappear at work?

We are a large medical office full of health conscious eaters and exercisers. Seriously, at lunch you see yogurts, salads, whole grain pastas, hummus, roasted veggies etc. People talk about how far rhey ran and when they are going to the gym and you can tell they are not making it up.

But if someone brings in goodies ie brownies or biscotti to name recent offerings, it disappears immediately. All you find is the empty plate with crumbs or the empty container which is never thrown away. We actually found an empty pizza box in the fridge.

Is the empty plate/container phenomenon as universal as the vanishing treats?

grocery deliveries?

I don't love the grocery store but, as I was walking my dogs I saw a home grocery delivery truck go by and thought about it for a minute. It would likely save money and I would have to meal plan but I think that the selection of food but sight, smell and feel is an integral part of my cooking. Even in a crowded grocery store I get a few "zen" moments when I spot some lovely produce or whatever and think "I could make such and such" and on good days I can imagine the taste in my mind. As for farmers markets- well you can imagine.
So SE folks, would you have groceries delivered?

lentils in a pouch?

I bought a pack of lentils at Trader Joes- in a pouch and ready to go. Has anyone come up with a way to make them more interesting?

She is a vegetarian, he is lactose, gluten intolerant...

My daughter is engaged to a delightful young man who will eat anything and everything. His mother is a vegetarian (dairy but no eggs) and his father has lactose and gluten issues and does not eat red meats.
Other than roasted veggies and rice, any ideas?
Did I mention they don't drink alcohol?

Quinoa pasta?

I saw Micheal Chiarello make an entree with Quinoa pasta on Master Chefs and it looked great, so last night I ordered Quinoa pasta with sauteed vegetables when I saw it on a menu.
It was delicious!

Any tips on using/cooking this ingredient?

dessert rules?

I am on vacation and we did have salad for dinner so which rule applies to my chocolate cake with lemon cream cheese frosting? I have to have dessert because I am on vacation or I have to have dessert because I had salad for dinner?

Thoughts on cake you can "cut out" for a child

I was thinking of a making a cake in a jelly roll pan and letting the 3 1/2 y/o use cookie or biscuit cutters to cut it into shapes she could ice. We then could decorate her little cakes for an indoor activity. Any suggestions on a recipe that would stand up to this treatment?

Is there more than 1 kind of artichoke?

I picked up some large, artichokes that were very round in shape. The leaves were rounded on top as opposed to the pointed look I am more familiar with. This had to be the meatiest, most delicious artichoke I have ever eaten. Is this a different variety? Does anybody know their nutrition stats?


We were having lunch at work and talking about quick dinners. Many of us use Quesadillas as a default but the funny thing was someone had never heard of quesadillas! This 50+ pediatrician is married to a vegetarian which makes it even odder. So we explained how to make them which started a conversation about what you can put in them.
So what is in your quesadilla?

Suggestions for cooking for many at the beach

In 2 weeks the whole clan will be together at a beach house. We will be 12 with a few more on occasion and range from 3 to 83. While I will get help in the kitchen, it is a lot of people (1 vegetarian) and I need to keep down expenses not to mention time commitment- after all its my vacation too!

What is in your salad?

I just threw together a salad with leftover chicken, caulifower, spinach leaves, butter lettuce, avocado, feta and dill dressed with hazelnut oil and lemon juice.
The recipe? Whatever can I find in my kitchen.
So what is the strangest thing you ever put in your salad?

Help me keep my pizza dough stretched please

For a pizza fix, I generally buy a dough ball at Trader Joes and then I can have all the veggies I want on one end and add meat to the other end (it is a mixed marriage). Getting the dough to stay stretched out is a challenge- rustic shape is fine but I like a thin crust. Any good tips?

Video: Dutch Cuisine 101 with Comedian Mark Malkoff

Buttered toast topped with chocolate sprinkles. Why aren't I eating this right now? Because I'm not in Holland, land of sprinkles-on-toast lovers. After watching this video about Dutch cuisine by comedian Mark Malkoff, who's making a series of videos on what to do in Holland, I want to go to Amsterdam and put hagelslag (sprinkles) on everything, stuff my face with stroopwafels, visit an automat, eat raw herring, and more. More