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  • Last bite on earth: Not possible. One bite? Not enough.

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This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I just can't handle this right now. SOMUCHSAD.

Giveaway: Win a Sunday Funday Kit from Mrs. T's Pierogies

The smoked salmon and everything pierogies.

Smoked salmon on everything!

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

Robyn, I have always wanted to follow you around for a day, but it sounds creepy when I put it like that.

I love reading your writing style haha, as my stream of brain words sounds quite similar.

Ask the Critic: My Brooklyn 'Vacation,' a Guide for Manhattanites

I'm disappointed that anyone would be nasty to people who are trying to expand their horizons. That attitude can turn people off from exploring new areas and places.

I hope this couple enjoys their "stay-cation" of sorts, and reports back on their findings.

A Hamburger Tuesday: Steakhouse Burger, Sautéed Mushroom Burger, and More

Yum, yum as always! Particularly loving the look of the cheese melting down the sides on Cheesus' burger. I love a good melty cheese on my burger!

Poll: Which Burger Execution Issue is the Most Unforgivable?

There should definitely be an all-of-the-above option, as each one can definitely ruin my burger experience.

However, I selected doneness issues. I would far rather eat a burger that's a bit pinker than I prefer, versus being so badly charred it may as well be a hockey puck.

Poll: How Often Do You Order Burgers at Non Burger-Centric Restaurants?

Sometimes, ordering a burger at a non-burger-centric place works out.

A lot of times, it doesn't.

Alas, these are the trials we must submit to.

A Hamburger Tuesday: Worcestershire Sauced, Stuffed, Short Rib, and More

Dat cheese drip on Marco's burger. I am drooling!

They all look amazing, as always. I would eat any of these!

A Hamburger Tuesday: Homemade Chili Cheese Burger, Kenji Mac, and More

Every week I come in here hungry, and every week I leave knowing that only a burger will now fulfill my craving.

Poll: Fries on Burgers: Way or No Way?

I spent some time in Pittsburgh, where they're known for putting french fries on both their sandwiches and salads.

I am not a fan. All I remember are soggy, soggy fries. I do not want my french fries covered in mayo/ketchup/pickle juice/burger grease/cheese from the burger. I enjoy loaded french fries with all sorts of crap on them, but I cannot get behind adding french fries to any sandwich, burgers included.

Los Angeles: The Burger Mess at Village Tavern

The chef/owner would have been best off apologizing and comping the meal, with an invitation to come back at a later date.

Admitting your beef is of suspicious provenance (at best) is a grave mistake on his part.

A Hamburger Tuesday: Bacon-Stuffed, Pastrami, Wasabi Sliders, and More

SO awesome to see so much participation!!! I am not able to make burgers right now, so I was hopeful to see a lot of amazing burgers. Great job all!

Equipment: We Test The New Breville Crispy Crust Countertop Pizza Oven

@PrimalPinoy: I look forward to hearing about your first wreck ;)

Maybe then I will share about the time I cried over oven fries...

Equipment: We Test The New Breville Crispy Crust Countertop Pizza Oven

@PrimalPinoy: I do not use crazy fancy statistics, or super fancy flours. My pizzas are still a fan-favorite, and people devour them.

Comments are fun to read, but not everyone cooks like that (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with either way of cooking). Please do not feel intimidated! I don't know if I am allowed to link to other blogs, but this: dough is very easy and doesn't have to rise. It makes a really good thin crust pizza. Be patient with yourself (and have a back up meal, just in case!). I've had ingredients fall off, pizzas get a bit too crispy, very tiny pizzas when the dough wouldn't stretch out right, etc. You're probably not going to get it right every time, and that's okay! Just keep trying, and who knows, maybe one day you will be posting percentages too ;)

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Win This Prime Rib

Well...unfortunately for me, I have no Valentine this year :(

It's okay, though! If I won this prime rib, I would gladly cook and eat it with some lovely single friends of mine, who will also spend the holiday alone.

Do you cook well with others?

Nope. I am a total control freak, and having someone in the kitchen is a big no.

The kitchen is my sacred space.

Simple Ways to Spice Up Lunch@Desk

I rarely get takeout or go out to eat for lunch. We're limited to chains and pretty poor quality food nearby, so I prefer not to waste the money.

I try to meal plan for the week as well, which certainly affects what I buy/eat.

Some ways I have found to add some "spice" into my lunch:
1.) Try taking an adult lunchable. I love to do a mini cheese/meat plate with some prosciutto, salami, or sausage, and cheese. Add in some crusty bread and fruit, and I have a mini-buffet.

2.) Sandwiches can get boring, so I try to mix it up with toppings/breads/etc. To take messier sandwiches (like...a homemade french dip), I pack the components separately).

3.) I often make a meal for the week, and portion it out into lunches with salad and bread. Pasta works great for this! Easy to reheat.

4.) I make strata for breakfasts, and I could see them working for your office as well. The basic recipe is the same, so you can certainly change up the toppings to make it more lunch friendly!

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

A ham.

Then, I realized my thermometer is broken when it wouldn't really move past 100 degrees. Whoops!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

How can I pick just one? I would have to say it's a tie between In-N-Out and Shake Shack!

The Billy Goat's Bun Problem: Would Another Bun Work Better Than the Kaiser Roll?

Why is it such a big deal that he tried them with different buns? Who is it hurting? No one. He doesn't love the buns, wanted to try something did it, and so he did it.

People don't whine when Kenji builds a McDonald's hybrid, and McDonald's has been the same forever, and is essentially an institution.

Grow up, and get over it. If you like it the way it is, maybe rather than whining about how it's an institution and how new ideas are bad, you explain WHY you like it the way it is. Espouse your feelings on the bun.

Chicago: Abigail's Is Still Going Strong on the North Shore

@Millions: I disagree. I think that the talent of a chef shines through best when they cook a burger to rare or medium rare. It showcases his or her ability to cook the outside correctly without overcooking the inside (something that is very easy to do). While I personally order a medium burger, I want to see a reviewer order a burger that shows how well a chef can cook, whether that's rare or medium rare or medium.

Astoria, NYC: Jackson Hole Airline Diner, Where Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

I gotta say...not normally one to judge a book by its cover (or a burger by its photo), but dang, that looks like a hockey puck. It's too big, and definitely dry.

Won't be trying that one.

Gyrene Burger, New Burger Delivery Concept From Domino's Founder

That just sounds...strange.

I think it would be fun once, but then I would feel so bad for the employees (and just awkward in general!), that I doubt I would return.

Minneapolis: Surprise Winner in the Battle of Juicy Lucys Between 5-8 Club and Matt's Bar

This is an interesting review. I really liked it, because it's a great perspective on how a food being a "local favorite" can often mean it's just either not as good as it sounds or not as good as it once was.

I've been to several places where the supposed "local favorite" was served (and always famous!), and left less than impressed. Often, the quality was so-so, or the item was really not that great (and clearly just a gimmick). I'm not going to name names, as I believe that there should be something for everyone. But, people need to recognize that their beloved food isn't always so beloved by everyone else (for a variety of reasons). Also, lighten up people! As someone who is regularly teased about their hybrid accent (grew up near the American/Canadian border, eh?), this is nothing to get all worked up about!


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