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Pizza in Louisiana

Fleur de Lis Pizza in Baton Rouge.
They only sell pizza, drinks and pickled eggs. The pizza is rectangular and packed with flavor. I usually get the "Round the World" flavor. Delicious.

Pizza in Louisiana

In Baton Rouge, Fleur de Lis Pizza is the place to have a great pizza. The website is

Cook the Book: 'The Sweet Potato Lover's Cookbook'

A plain baked sweet potato. South Louisiana has the best ones and there is no need to alter their flavor.

Cook the Book: 'The Book of Tapas'

A little piece of tortilla from Candido in Segovia to go with whatever cheap beer is on tap. Maybe some morcilla.

WTB: Whole Chicken In A Can

Not too shabby with curry sauce after a hurricane knocks your power out for two weeks. Pour the broth into a pot and make some soup over the campstove and in a separate pan add the shredded chicken meat to some canned vegetables and curry sauce. After living off of MRE's for days it's really not bad at all.

Spanish and a general cooking cookbook suggestions

Okay, I managed to find three of them since we're in the process of shoving things into boxes for a move.
1)I really like "400 recetas cocina espanola" from Everest publishers. It's a fat, little book with easy recipes from various regions.
2) I have "Cocina tradicional Extremena" by Susaeta publishers. We went to Merida last year and thought the food was wonderful. Susaeta has a book for probably all the regions throughout Spain. Food from Extremadura is really hearty and simple, focusing on high-quality local ingredients.
3) One of my favorites is "La cocina Segoviana" from Anaya. It was done in collaboration with La Caja Segovia, so I don't know if you can buy it in stores. La Caja Segovia is like a savings bank, but they do a lot of projects tied with the history and heritage of Castilla y Leon. They have collaborated with many people to put out lot of cookbooks through the years, so I recommend contacting them. Can you guess where my family is from?

Super Bowl Giveaway: The Bacon Explosion

"Bacon is so good, to improve other food they wrap it in bacon."
Jim Gaffigan

Spanish and a general cooking cookbook suggestions

I have bought and enjoyed the following ones here in the States:
1)"Cooking from the Heart of Spain: Food of La Mancha" by Janet Mendel
2)"The New Spanish Table" by Anya Von Bremzen
3)"1080 Recipes" by Ortega (I have this one in Spanish, though)
The rest of my Spanish cookbooks are from Spain, but I can give you the names if you wish.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Corn bread dressing with pecans and bacon


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