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7 Nut and Seed Butters for Your Pantry

It wasn't long ago that buying nut butter at the supermarket meant little more than the choice between smooth or crunchy. Oh, how times have changed. On the shelves where you used to find little more than Jif and Skippy, there is now a dauntingly vast—if utterly delicious—array of spreads. In the interest of making sense out of the wide variety of nut and seed butters out there, allow us to guide you through the different kinds you can find in supermarkets, specialty stores, and online. More

Do You Know Your Tsukemono? A Guide to Japanese Pickles

Japanese pickles—known collectively as tsukemono—can easily go unnoticed as part of a washoku (traditional Japanese) meal. Yet they've rightfully earned their place as a cornerstone food because they serve an important purpose: Japanese food culture is heavily influenced by principles of balance handed down from kaiseki (the national haute cuisine). Here's how to tell your gari from your umeboshi. More

24 Juicy Grilled Pork Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: there's virtually no part of the pig that can't be grilled. Whether it's ribs and bellies oozing with succulent fat, trim and lean tenderloins, or the whole, spit-roasted hog, the smoke and heat that emanates from a pile of well-tended charcoals does something we'll go so far as to term magical. We've got 24 of our favorite grilled pork recipes to keep your Memorial Day grill at work all weekend long. See them all after the jump! More

18 Light and Refreshing Soups for Spring

Here at Serious Eats, we're down for a comforting bowl of soup regardless of the temperature outside. With sunny springtime weather on the horizon, it's time to turn away from heavy wintertime stews and toward brighter, fresher bowls loaded with vegetables. We've rounded up 18 of our favorite soup recipes that feature silky asparagus, hearty greens, and other produce section favorites. More

Beyond the Bagel: All About Smoked Fish

It's about time for smoked fish to move beyond the bagel and become a more regular fixture in mains, sides, and other bites for the brunch spread and beyond. This special food is a great tool for making dishes memorable and giving them a distinctive flavor. More

West Coast Events for March and Beyond

It's almost springtime on the West Coast! From an Italian Passover meal in Los Angeles to a foraging trip near Seattle, we've rounded up some of the region's most promising food and drink events to help you celebrate the season's bounty. More

22 Valentine's Day Dinners for Two

Planning to seduce your significant other with a home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner? Good for you! But don't get too carried away: you'll want something that's bound to impress but doesn't require a ton of effort—don't forget about the slow jams and low lighting you'll be setting up like the charmer you are! More

Exploring Washington DC's Best Ethiopian Restaurants

I'd also have to heartily recommend Zenebech Injera. When I lived in DC, I'd stop by at least once a week to get their kitfo, dulet, gored gored, or vegetarian combo, and still make a point of going there whenever I'm in town.

Do You Dukkah? All About the Middle East's Addictive Blend of Nuts, Seeds, and Spices

Good question! Dukkah is made mostly with nuts, seeds, and spices, with all contain oils that can go stale or loose their punch over time. Certain factors, such as light and heat can hasten this decline. It's best to keep your dukkah in an airtight container in the cupboard or other dark place, but if you are holding onto it for an extended amount of time, you may want to consider moving it to the fridge.

Do You Know Your Tsukemono? A Guide to Japanese Pickles

@ballardelle With a little Googling, you can find homegrown tsukemono recipes on the internet (even more so if you can read Japanese). I also found Elizabeth Andoh and Sandor Katz's books helpful, although they are short on recipes. The only English language resource that I know of that tries to bring them all together, however, is Karen Solomon's Asian Pickles, which is geared toward novices, but should at least give you a feel for the ingredients and methods.

And yes, it's pretty hard to find real deal tsukemono in the states, whether online or in stores—it's one of the things that my expat Japanese dad would request in his care packages from back home!

10 Bartending Terms You Might Not Know

I'd also add a "tall" drink (and have even encountered a few bartenders who didn't seem to know what that is), for a mixed drink in a larger glass with extra soda or juice and the regular amount of liquor. Good for when I want something to sip on without getting buzzed too fast.