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'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' Viewers Choose Their Top 10 Burgers of all Time

The Nook is one of the premiere spots in MSP for a juicy Lucy, a huge improvement over the "original" spots.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

I'd introduce my family to what a properly cooked steak should look like

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Carrie said what my response was going to be almost verbatim. I would eat that stuff during dinner and for dessert.

Cereal Eats: Where Have You Been All My Life (...Cereal)

Life, like life, often goes unappreciated. However, it just takes one moment to make you realize that it truly deserves to be savored. A metaphor for breakfast!

Ask the Critic: Here's How Tipping Actually Works

The way I see it, tipping should have been retired long ago. Simply build it into the check, and if service is sub-par, you can complain. Complaints add up, server gets fired to avoid costing repeat business. And everyone still makes a reliable wage (which should actually be a living wage, not this 7.25 BS, but I digress).

Food Ignorance Frustration

Fair enough, and I really do try to avoid those, because I'm generally put-off by that too. This just had so many things "wrong" with it that it became more of a reminder of its own error than reminiscent of what I know.

Food Ignorance Frustration

First, thanks all for some perspective! Also, I think this warrants some context. First, I am at a private, very well-funded college that does take care generally with its food. Even our sub-par hamburgers are made with local beef and such. With the quality of food generally being comparatively high, the dismissive attitude toward this food that reminds me so much of my home is frustrating. I do like the effort, but it was just so half-hearted that it irked me. Also, being out every day for months just compounded that. And I do want to add this isn't intended to be an irate tirade, just wondering about my experience of a little alienation because of this attitude to something I hold rather close. I would equate it to a NYer going elsewhere and served "NY-style" pizza that was french bread pizza, with the locals calling it "pizah" or something. Not a huge thing, just irksome over time.

The next ingredient trend..any predictions?

The pho approach, basic construction with a bunch of DIY add-ins.

Bad Food Anger

This makes me so much happier about generally going to mediocre chains when I go out. Expectations are set, and the evening is much more about the people I'm with than the food. Sometimes, that's all you need from a restaurant. If you want culinary innovation, do it at home, the food lab alone has enough fodder for a while.

Travel + Leisure Ranks America's Best Pizza Cities

#6 on the list, and about 2 entries on the site. If anything, this may be a guide to new cites to explore.

Poll: Is Pizza "Unhealthy"? Yea or Nay?

Are you hungry? Do you want pizza? Have some pizza! Then have some veggies, and be on your merry, satiated way.

Pizza Obsessives: Niki 'Lady Slice' Achitoff-Gray

I have also quoted zoombinis in that exact situation, and have had it play in my mind far more often. Also, mushrooms and olives are a fantastic regular topping option. Fantastic answers in general, welcome!

How Close to Closing Can You Start a Meal At A Restaurant?

There's a big difference between how long a restaurant should be ready to serve customers, and at what time one should feel comfortable walking in. I would generally say a half hour before is fine for a busy casual place. But if it's empty and a bit more formal, I'd extend that minimum to about an hour.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

vegetables mostly, it makes raw broccoli and cauliflower actually pleasant.

How Do You Think We Should Rate Restaurants?

Determine what they want to accomplish with what they do, and rate them on how they well they fulfill that. As long as you define the rules and assumptions they're following, rating should be easy.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

raw vegetables. Nothing quite make healthy eating enjoyable than a tasty dollop of barely contained fire

15 Chili Recipes We Love

Maybe this is my mom's influence talking, but to me chili = hotdish with a bunch of tomatoes and chilies. I go to the grocery store with the thought of "what would taste good in chili today?" That's how I end up with a chili full of lentils, ground meat, salsa, serranos, and more vegetables than I can remember. And you know what? It worked, so I did it again, but with inevitable variance. Someone asked me for the recipe, and I almost laughed. Cooking isn't always about precision, and chili can be especially forgiving.

Video: Alton Brown on the Future of Recipe Writing

Just add hyperlinked or drop-down additions to steps where feedback can be given to a specific step along the way. To use the scrambled eggs example, in the step where one would add milk to the eggs, there could be a link that would give the variations people do use on milk (amount, type, another sub, etc). Then later, the step on frying in butter could contain those alterations, giving a comprehensive tree of possibilities that do not require piecing together individual full recipes.

Poll: What's Your Biggest Crust Pet Peeve?

@Pizzablogger, I get that you're upset, but dude, it's just pizza. Really, you could hand me a piece of white bread with ragu and kraft on top of it, call it pizza, and I wouldn't be insulted. It may not taste very good, but you won't see me entering therapy over it.

Food to comfort in hard times

Good times or bad, a swing by a super-Americanized Chinese buffet never fails to make me happy. Generally that's because of the people involved (family or close friends), but it's hard to deny the appeal of eggrolls and general tsao's chicken. More importantly though, just make sure you are surrounding yourself with those you love, that's the biggest part in getting through the tough times.

What's your go-to potluck dish?

My approach is generally put a bunch of stuff that looks good together into a crock-pot for a while, then try to come up with a name as it cooks (thankfully I also hail from the land of hotdish, so if all else fails, I always have a fallback name).

Quirky Eating.

This one isn't too odd, but it can definitely drive my family nuts. I tend to like to eat while either standing or walking, even with utensils and a plate. Not in an at all compulsive way, but I've certainly been called out for eating something I've grabbed in the middle of a meal while still standing near the fridge.

The Scoop: On Ice Cream Samples

Or you could just get a single split at Grand Ole Creamery, more of the new flavor, while still getting plenty of your safe flavor. (Managing to combine a Twin Cities rivalry with Minnesota passive aggression, the ultimate MN post!)

Mother's Day Breakfast Idea - Is This Feasable?

Thanks guys, these are exactly the problems that I wanted to check out, it gets sorta hard being a college guy with very little time/space to experiment with things. I may just go normal french toast, but we'll see how it goes.