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The Best Way to Grill Hot Dogs

The 'locally sourced' dogs I buy (from Frick's) use a natural pork casing (rather than sheep) and they really give a good snap.

The Food Lab: Bringing Home General Tso's Chicken

Do people generally eat the chili pods? I love the flavor and mild heat they add to the dish, but the texture isn't great and there are often bits of stem attached, so I tend to leave them on the side of the plate (even though I hate to look like I'm wimping out on the heat!)

Chain Reaction: We Try Papa John's Double Cheeseburger Pizza

A month ago every other food blog panned this pizza, and the comments from people who hated it quickly followed. I don't know why Slice is so behind the times these days.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

I'm in St. Louis and have been looking for a frozen chicago deep dish option for a while. One local grocer (Dierberg's) just added two varieties: the Uno you spoke of, and a KC brand called The Dish Pizza. I haven't tried the Uno but The Dish brand isn't bad although I found it overly sweet. At $6.99 on sale it's a good deal, too.

Mixed Review: Pillsbury's Funfetti Glazed Chocolate Lil' Donuts

Play-Doh definately has a distinctive taste, and don't pretend like you don't know, Erin! BTW, when I was little my mom would fry Pillsbury pop-n-fresh biscuits in oil on the stove top (after stretching them into donut form) and dip them in a chocolate glaze (we didn't have ganache back then :) ) They were actually pretty tasty back in the day.

Open Thread: How Do You Say These Food Words?

Only recently did I learn that "jimmies" is a New England thing; the rest of the world apparently just calls them chocolate sprinkles...

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

A beautiful day, good friends, and rock'n'roll!

Taste Test: We Try Four Frozen Vegan "Cheeze" Pizzas

@justin h: I was just thinking, "at least they're not gluten free too!"

Ask a Bartender: What's The Most Ridiculous Drink Order You've Ever Gotten?

I love David Veis' comment! And on this side of the bar, I have to say I hate bartenders trying to upsell me; if I order a screwdriver it's because I want orange juice with a little kick -- I don't need your $12 top shelf vodka in my Minuit Maid.

Chain Reaction: Little Caesar's Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza

I have to third of fourth the K-Mart issue. At least the K-Mart LC near me is basically a snack bar. The stand-alone store, though, is actually surprising good (when you figure in value for the dollar and convenience.) They actually make their dough in house in one of those big Hobart mixers, unlike other chains (I'm looking at you, Pizza Hut!) That being said, it does seem like there have been cooking issues with this particular product judging from other reactions on the web.

A Sandwich A Day: The Pambazo from Metro Balderas in Los Angeles

I hear ya! The pambazo at Siete Luminarias is one of my top 10 dishes in town (St. Louis).

Serious Eats Chicago Visits Ed Debevic's So You Don't Have To

@crispyduck I'm sure the food at Tchotchkes is better!

Clever New Ways to Eat Your PIzza

Those pull-apart wedges reminds me of how Casey's General Store sells their slice:

We Try the New Doritos Locos Tacos Chips (!)

Gonna have to try these. I hope they come in one of the smaller bag sizes.

Cereal Eats: Retro Cereal Boxes from General Mills

Didn't someone else do retro cereal boxes recently? Or maybe I'm confusing it with some other grocery product.

Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut's Crazy Cheesy Crust

I think you mean millimeters in slide 8! It still sounds like this might actually work if consumed hot out of the oven in-store.

Cook the Book: 'The Chinese Takeout Cookbook'

I used to get awesome Hunan Chicken from a stall in a now-shuttered market. They included straw mushrooms which is something I don't see at most take-out places.

New at McDonald's China: German Sausage Double Beef Burger

How do you keep the sausage from popping/rolling off the burger?

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Moments in Movies

The 'Mr Pizza Guy' scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing"
"Learnin' about Cuba, and havin' some food!"

Reality Check: Prosperity Burger from McDonald's Hong Kong

@J Guns, and kind of off topic, but I miss Hardee's curly fries, discontinued in 2011 or so. I'm a fan of Rally's fries which are basically a straight version of curly fries. I don't think I've had Jack's curly fries; most of my experience with Jack is in the wee hours of the morning, as it should be!

VIDEO: These Kids Bands Are Really Serious About Pizza

Is it just me or does the pizza kid on the left look like Drew Barrymore and the one on the right look like Corey Feldman? Yeah, probably just me.


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