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Chef Todd English spotted in Gramercy Park...

His son is a junior at The Hotel School at Cornell, where I go to school, and apparently he is around all the time. He did a guest chef thing a few years back, and has been spotted drunk on campus at times...I think he as mixed reviews on campus.

but that is awesome that he stopped at talked to you.

WD-50 NYC???

I ended up at wd and it was out of this world. We did the sampler and thought the textures and flavors were outstanding. Our waitress arranged for us to tour the kitchen and meet wylie. Such a great night.

Best Farmer's Market you've been to

@Embackus - I can't wait for the Ithaca market. I am a senior in highschool in NC and will being going to Cornell next year. I made a quick trip to the market while I was up there this past summer and wish I had had more time to look around. What are some of your other favorites? Ithaca favorites to eat?

Questions for Anthony Bourdain

Thanks for the ideas so far. I have two extra tickets if anyone in the Raleigh/Durham area is interested. 252-567-2688. I am going to try and ask travellers question if I can.

Seriously Delicious Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Snow's Barbecue Brisket

Deep sents of smoke waft
Crispy crust and the moist meat
What more is true love?

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Devil's Food Dictionary'

Krab: (n) A member of the crustacean family, Krab is light a flakey delight common to such treats as lobster and octopus. Super white and full of lumps, Krab makes an appearance in many middle-rate grocery stores across the U.S. and is favored as an ingredient in "Krab Dip." It is unknown the origins or stomping grounds of this wild and abundant creature, but its low price and pale white color make it a favorite among sea food connoisseurs around the globe.

Alien Fruits and Vegetables

guanabana from costa rica... Or water apple.

Old-Time Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Sauce

or pepsi...if you want to get technical about true eastern nc roots. Founded in new Bern, nc about 30 minutes from my house.

Has anyone heard of the famous B's BBQ in Greenville, nc- the very best.

Cook the Book: 'Second Helpings of Roast Chicken'

I would have to say it is sugar that cook with most often...and as for the food that goes bad on my in sour use it once and then return 2 weeks later to find a yummy green surprise.

Sweet Tweaks Pumpkin Sponge Cake Round-Up: Cast Your Votes Now!

i know mine is on my not sure about the others. ill post the link when the voting is over.

Most embarassing food moment?

when I was about 8 i baked an apple pie for my neighbor across the street. At the time, they went on and on about how much they loved it and ate every bite. I now date those neighbor's niece, and have recently learned that when I left the pie out on the front stoop it became infested with ants in about two seconds.

I guess its the thought that counts.

What is a foodie?

when your hungry, you make jello instead of buying the store brand...thats a foodie.

A Zingerman's Education: Exclusive Student Care Packages

being in fact a senior myself, ( and no, not the wiser variety) I am well qualified to answer in on this subject. Here's what my ultimate care package would be:
-Claudio Corallo's Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - To get me though those late night study sessions
- One big loaf of cherry chocolate bread- this thing sounds intensely good
- Blanxart Spanish Dark Drinking Cocoa to warm up before one of those mid-term exams
-Fruit Jellies from Northern Italy - every student loves candy, and these seem to be the finest around
- 1/2 lb of Aged Italian Provolone - to kick up cafeteria sandwiches, lord knows they need it
2 Orange Almond Brownies - one for me and one to make a friend
-Bronte Pistachio Cream- I think I could find 1,000 uses for this

This would be the ultimate gift package and taking notice to the trend, would cost around $100. Please someone send this to me now.

What do I do with 6 ripe persimmons?

I made persimmon cupcakes. recipe is on my blog. I would probably use a different icing that I used for this particular recipe but the cakes were awesome.

Peter Piper picked a pumpkin - Now what?

@ fastfoodcritic- haha I was going for an alliteration, but thanks for the background info.

Cook the Book: 'The Modern Baker'

i once baked an apple pie for a neighbor and left it their front steps. a few hours later i received a call asking why i had left a pan full of apples and ants at their door! ill never pull that one again.

Making your granola a cluster event

can you bake the dried fruit with the oats or do you add them after? what are the best additions in the granola?


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