Food in Outer Banks, NC

also, have enjoyed rundown cafe...

Food in Outer Banks, NC

Actually don't usually eat out down there. Usually pick up a bunch of stuff and prepare food every night. Can second Blue Point. Harris Teeter seems to be the better of the grocery stores down there.There is a good place to get beer (make your own 6 packs) with a big international selection a few miles south in Kill Devil Hills (think its called Chips) and I seem to recall a good bakery near there.

Served: The Dos and Don'ts of Serving

Well said Ross.

Places to eat on or near Shelter Island

Always claudios on the pier in greenport

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Olde Savannah Sweet Tea Wine

but wont be giving this sweet tea wine a second look.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Olde Savannah Sweet Tea Wine

Guilty pleasure is sweet tea vodka half and half with lemonade.

Looking for a pulled pork BBQ sauce recipe.

I like ketchup, brown sugar (just a bit), apple cider vinegar, garlic, ancho chili powder, crushed red pepper.

Having a Fajita craving!!!

Agreed, cast iron or grill works. I like a grill better. I Typically do skirt steak or chicken breast marinated in lime juice, garlic, tequila, and a little bit of sugar, and serve on tortillas with grilled pepper/onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and rice

Ideas for peaches

i agree re: grilling. personally my approach is a little brown sugar, vanilla in a bowl, toss the peaches in there, grill until caramelized and top with ice cream.

The 87 Greatest Food Moments in Hollywood History

No 4 whole fried chickens and a coke from Blues Brothers?

Kitchen Gardeners: Whatcha got so far?

Things slow here so far. Kale, Arugala, Lettuce has been good. Radishes and Beets failed. Tomtatoes, peppers,zucchini, cucumbers not quite ready for harvest. Have corn, potatoes and garlic for later on also.

Best Way to Make Some Freshly Caught Tuna?

I like it grilled with garlic/orange/rum butter. Put some butter in a pan, melt, add garlic, a bit of fresh orange or other citrus juice, a dash of a light or golden rum... drizzle over tuna, and sear on a hot hot grill.

Philadelphia Cool Food

Second the Italian Market. Also a big fan of Village Whiskey.

What is the best way to cook hotdogs?

on the grill. only way that counts.

Let's talk iced tea

Boil water in a 2 qt pan, add tea (about 10 normal size bags) and let brew and 1/3 cup sugar. I then pour this mixture into 2 qts of ice cold water in a big pitcher and stir.

The Food Lab: Wicked Good Lobster Rolls

i agree with jsar70. split top white bread is a joke compared to any other kind of hot dog bun. nothing beats potato which can also be grilled. i like the tip on roasting, will give that a shot, but when it comes down to it, i'm a crab man.

Wiener Roast!

Kayem Old Fashioned with natural casings...

Hartford, CT lunch

I actually like pizza at Vitos by Park for lunch

What to eat at Reading Terminal Market in Philly?

Can't say enough about Dinics... whenever I'm in town, pork provolone, peppers....... drooling. And definitely pretzels to go.

Big Alcohol

@Kenji, NH booze is cheaper due to tax differences between NH and MA rather than the fact that it is state run. Some states with State liquor stores tax a little, some a lot so there can be a discrepancy.

Personally, I think ingredients should be posted. Less concerned about nutritional information and how they market it. I find regulation of advertising to be completely ridiculous (as in what can/can't be advertised and in what formats).

Annapolis, MD for Graduation Week

I also like Carrolls Creek.

Annapolis, MD for Graduation Week

Cantlers for crabs! Not too far out of town and really good. Informal, but can't beat it.

Update on East Coast Seafood

Steamers are traditionally supposed to be softshell with long necks...

littlenecks are delicious and can be served steamed as well. less noticeable siphon on these guys

East Coast Seafood

Not going to get crabs up in New England.... save that for a trip to the Mid Atlantic. Lobster/Lobster Rolls, Clam - Chowder, fried, steamed, Oysters (Wellfleet) on the half shell, Should be able to find a Clambake on the cape somewhere. I actually like Jakes Seafood in Hull - good sample of everything, about 20mi south of Boston.

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test

I do like 5 Guys better than In n Out but perhaps I've just had good luck with preparation. Living in Boston, unfortunately no regular access to I-n-O or Shake Shack. I will say a place called 5 Napkins just opened thats also in NY and Miami, based on initial tasting I can only hope they open more locations. That is a serious burger.

Can we change the Food System?

Can we change the Food System?
Thursday, November 11, 2010 _Ruth Reichl Journal

"It was a beautiful drive down to Princeton yesterday, the sun illuminating the bright yellow trees lining the road along the way.

And it was a beautiful hall, all carved antique wood, where Marion Nestle, David Kessler and I sat down to discuss the politics of food and health care.

But it was not a beautiful discussion. Interesting, yes. But ultimately depressing. They each began by addressing what they consider the major problem with the current food system. For Marion it is that the government encourages farmers to produce too much food - and then encourages us to eat it. That is the basis of our obesity problem.

David does not dispute that. He agrees with it. But for him the basic problem is that we are literally being addicted to food; that the food companies are creating combinations of fat, sugar and salt that are driving us to overeat. We cannot help ourselves. And so we continue to eat to excess, even when we know we shouldn't. Even when we don't want to. As he says, "Everybody in America's on a diet; everybody's living in inner torment."

We are all agreed on these basic facts. The question is, what do we do about it? And that's where the most depressing part comes in. Because these politically connected people (David, after all, was the FDA commissioner who took on cigarettes), both believe that there are only two paths to political change. Campaign laws must be rewritten to prevent large corporate contributions. And the first amendment must no longer be interpreted as protecting advertising as free speech. Until that happens, political change is not possible.

In other words, change is up to us. They both believe that it is going to take grassroots efforts to change the current system. The upside? They both believe it's possible. But it's going to require a lot of work."

Not sure what everyone thinks of this... but I disagree.

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