i like food !

  • Favorite foods: lasagne, steak, ice cream, mushrooms, EVERYTHING ....

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What have you eaten today?

@ Kitchenista ........ welll today i had a bowl of weetabix and 3 slices of toast and tea for breakfast, 2 ham sandwiches and a bag of crisps and a yogart for a snack, chinese takeaway lo mein noodles for dinner and for snacks i had another bag of crisps and 2 more ham sandwiches .................... i eat alot !

Are you eating/drinking this very second? If so, what?

im eating my dinner right now ........ grilled cajun chicken breast with a tossed side salad and a big bowl of pasta with roasted tomato sauce

what's your favourite candy bar?

@Kitchenista - snickers and reeses FTW ....... i like dark chocolate with almonds also ..


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