i like food !

  • Favorite foods: lasagne, steak, ice cream, mushrooms, EVERYTHING ....

What have you eaten today?

@ Kitchenista ........ welll today i had a bowl of weetabix and 3 slices of toast and tea for breakfast, 2 ham sandwiches and a bag of crisps and a yogart for a snack, chinese takeaway lo mein noodles for dinner and for snacks i had another bag of crisps and 2 more ham sandwiches .................... i eat alot !

Are you eating/drinking this very second? If so, what?

im eating my dinner right now ........ grilled cajun chicken breast with a tossed side salad and a big bowl of pasta with roasted tomato sauce

what's your favourite candy bar?

@Kitchenista - snickers and reeses FTW ....... i like dark chocolate with almonds also ..

Healthy foods.

Im looking to gain some healthy weight. Can any of ye please give me some snack ideas and or recipes that are high calorir but good for you.

Very easy soup recipe.

Is there any simple chinese like soups with few ingredients. would something like stock, chili sauce, white wine vinegar and cornstarch make a good soup.

Big appetite?

I'm a teen and I have a massive appetite. Do you or did you have a big appetite when you were a teen, and if so, what would you eat?

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