i am a design student in the netherlands and want to design a few actualy usefull kitchen gadjets

  • Location: the netherlands
  • Favorite foods: sushi, jappaniess, indian currys,.... to be continued
  • Last bite on earth: a really good steak.

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What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

My favorite kitchen gadget is a bean slicer.
it cuts the runner beans in the length, and take a lot less time to cut all the bean.
i have been looking for one for in my own kitchen for 2 years, and hope to find one on my next trip to the states.

what are other peoples fav kitchen gadgets??

what cooking tasks do you think need a better cooking tools?

I am looking for all the annoying tasks that need doing when cooking that don't have a good gadget to help you.
we all have gadgets that don't work well or even at all at home. i want to redesign these tools and design new tools that help real people to cook at home easier.
Also i would love to hear about your favorite kitchen tools, mine is a bean slicer, it saves me a lot of time cutting all the runner beans. if you have photos of your gadgets please email them to me :)


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