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Drink the Book: 'Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes'

I used to get Jamocha shakes after swim meets when I was younger...So.damn.good.

Cook the Book: 'The Sweet Potato Lover's Cookbook'

I could live off sweet potatoes. They are my absolute favorite food. And while do I love them in various recipes nothing beats a plain baked sweet potato. Nom nom nom :)

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

Rwanda. To eat and enjoy the real food of such an amazing culture that I had never even heard of was truly an amazing experience. Loved all of it.

Are There Foods You Can't Keep In The House?

1. Ice cream (I've been known to make a whole pint of B&J Phish Food disappear in one sitting...this is why if I want ice cream I go to an ice cream shop and never bring home any from the store.)

2. Cereal. In particular, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, or Honey Nut Cherrios. (I don't even allow myself in the cereal isle anymore. It's just too dangerous.)

3. My mom's rice pudding. (Thank god she only makes it once a year at Christmas. Instead of eating like most people do on Thanksgiving, which I am not a big fan of, I save all my calories for rice pudding at Christmas.)

4. Peanut Butter. (I haven't quite mastered this one yet. But hey, in my credit, I buy the all natural, just peanuts, kind from Whole Foods.)

5. Cauliflower. (Yes, I know...weird. I love roasted cauliflower but I literally can eat an entire head in one sitting. I just can't stop.)

6. Mexican restaurants. (The chips, the guac, the salsa, the margaritas, the burritos...put it in front of matter how big the portions...I will clean my plate. I try to avoid them at all costs now.)

Coconut Butter

@luswim06, how do you add it to your oatmeal? do you add anything else? that sounds the a delicious idea. As does the addition to banana bread...mmmm

Restaurants in Boulder CO

As a student at CU and a Boulder native I'll just list some of my favorites. I recommend checking out the websites to see their menus/sample menus and pricing.


Radda Trattoria
Tuscan/Northern Italian
Moderately Priced

The Kitchen
A little more $$

Salt Bistro

Brasserie Ten Ten

Frasca Food and Wine
Very good but very expensive


I love there rice pudding porridge!

Brasserie Ten Ten


Glacier Homemade Ice Cream
I love ice cream, and Glacier has a wide range of flavors and really is good

These our just the first restaurants that came to mind but I will add some more if I think of any. Boulder has a lot of good food, let me know where you go and how it was! :)

Cook the Book: 'My Bread'

I made my mom breakfast in bed last mother's day which included (my first ever attempt at bread) cinnamon raisin toast (her favorite). I loved it most of all (not because it was pretty dang tasty) but because she loved it. :)

Fun food for a baby shower

since the guest of honor can't drink, maybe a milk martini with a cookie as a garnish...

Your childhood favorites: Are they still guilty pleasures?

Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Honey Nut Cherrioes

Peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich (with way too much peanut butter and way too much honey)

Dairy Queen Blizzards

Good Times wild fries eaten dipped in their frozen vanilla custard