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Sunday Brunch: Eggs in a Basket

ever since i saw moonstruck i have been obsessed with these !!!!

funny i was home sick over the weekend and made this on saturday before i even saw this post!!! I was also too lazy to make an omelette!!!

I made it with left over brioche and shredded some cheese on top!

I also save the bread to sop up extra egg - i make them runny ----yummy

Finding a decent sammich in Flushing


Yes you are right nothing to compare to park slope!!!!

ONLY roosevelt ave, northern blvd, ditmars, murray hill - thats all......

Finding a decent sammich in Flushing

I missed your comments grockerfellar prob what i was feelin!!!

How do you organize your Spice & Herb drawer/cabinet?

I have a spice rack tower on my wall that i found online and I separated the spices by cuisine - italian, asian, indian, dessert, etc - that way if i am making a dish - all the usual spices are there.

I am going to say 60 but it depends - if i find something interesting I will buy it.

It depends on the week what I am making what I am in the mood for!!!

What do you feed your pets?

I feed my dogs a combination of pedigree kibble & human food -
Generally chicken, rice, and/or veggies. - sometimes beef or pasta.

I stopped feeding them wet food as one of them was getting sick often and no more milk bones.

Finding a decent sammich in Flushing

I am not sure why its regrettable to be in flushing but there are numerous 7 elevens in your area and Northern Boulevard has a lot of delis!

Finding a decent sammich in Flushing

why dont you be a little bit more specific ?????
Flushing is a big borough - are you in Main street, flushing????

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

wish i had smellovision!!

What no dumpling pictures !!!!????? the outrage !!!!!!!

BTW, what kind of toaster oven is that one - mine died :(

3 lbs of Ricotta???

Toasted bread slices with ricotta, honey & a bit of pepper - very addictive in front of the tv or for a party !!!!!!!!!

I know it's an old wive's tale, but I _____ anyway.

Rubbin a piece of tomato on a burn; using baking soda to clean stainless steel; honey & warm milk to go to sleep; never take a shower after eating; baby powder on grease stains on tablecloths;

Mapo BBQ in Murray Hill, Queens: Is This The Best Kalbi in Town?

@soozieq - I like to say its not a good korean place if you dont come out smelling like bbq !!!!!

Its a pretty raucous area at night!!!!

I go to korean restaurants regularly and my lack of korean & their lack of english is not a problem. However, once I did order the steak tartare (by mistake) at a restaurant and didnt realize it was raw. The waitress tried to explain but it was like a bad abbot & costello skit. It was very good - if it hadnt been a cold afternoon.
I have been mistaken for korean when I have pronounced jap chae a little tooooo well. The waitress started to run off and I got lost - good reason to learn korean LOL
Oh well :) but i do love korean in the fall & winter.

First Look: FoodParc

My job is pretty close to here -I want the pastrami bacon & the potstickers.
I am drooooooooooooooooling!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon snacks??? BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast Food International: Paris Baguette

Foods good but pricey. Ther real problem is that the place is completely unkempt - it doesnt look like they have swept and all the furniture has rips, etc. Im not sure what the issue is - they certainly have enough staff. I havent been to the one on northern yet.

Mapo BBQ in Murray Hill, Queens: Is This The Best Kalbi in Town?

SSHHHHHHH dont tell them about murray hill!!!!!!! Bad kenji!!!!!!!!!

Flat metal skewers

@moeats - Really?? which grocery???

Flat metal skewers


LOL yeah my bf and I have this running joke of good band names since he used to be in several bands including a death metal band !!!

since we both look food & cooking anything is food related is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Self-Service Check-Out Registers

I love self checkout - they should have more of them in stores!!!


One lady hogged it up and then didnt buy a thing she had a FULL cart!!!!!!! - another lady kept running back to the aisle to check the price on cereal even though they were ALL on sale!!!!!

I dont see any body losing a job over these - they have the same dumb cashiers they just moved the bakery stuff over.They just move them over to the self checkout so they can chew gum, text and hang with their coworkers. At cvs they just moved more crap over! Cashiers are slow & full of attitude and dont know half of what you are buying. (This is only good when they charge you dill price for 2 pounds of fennel - awesome :)

Eat for Eight Bucks: Ratatouille and Chickpeas

I guess i know what i am having for dinner tonight - with some grilled chicken or pasta.
This is perfect - Thank you

What's for Dinner: Pantry and Freezer Frugality

Just raided my freezer this weekend in fact - Chicken & roasted pepper sausages from costco & tomatoes - made it into a quick sauce over pasta.

Made several batches of fried rice & stir fry noodles - as long as you have eggs or chinese sausages & add any leftover bits & pieces of veggies.

If it gets colder, i will defrost some already made soups!!

Barbecue and Fried Fish: Foods of the Colombian Llanos

tho i havent been to bogota; the picture of the eggs & hot chocolate have brought me back "sigh" Thank you so much :)

Fun At An Elmhurst Strip Mall: Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, and More

i was just here on Thursday shopping & again on Saturday!!!

Make sure to go to the supermarket as well - they have dim sum & banh mi during the day at the counter.

Where's the best Italian cheesecake in New York City?

no other but with food you never know - always something new around the corner ; enjoy !!!

P.S. You might want to go early these guys sell out and theres always a line!!!!!!!!

the little pastries are to die for too :)


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