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How to Make an Easy Caramel Sauce

I think the video leaves out the vanilla?

How to Combat Soggy Pie Crusts With Epsom Salt

I have a weird surplus of large tea filters for loose tea. I bet those would work a treat for homemade travel sized packs!

How to Make the Ultimate Cherry Pie

I love that SE has found dessert Kenji! I find your articles really fascinating Stella, thank you.

Beyond Casseroles: What to Cook for New Parents

Why do these comment appear out of order? They seem to be in order of time stamp but people are replying to comments that appear to be posted 10 min later?

The Food Lab: 15-Minute Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Both @ getsomeeats and @strawberryrhubarb mention that american cheese in not available in Canada. Aren't kraft slices (singles) american cheese? Those are available in every grocery across the country!

Los Angeles in 3 Days: The 25 Best Bites in LA for $20 and Under

@Osomatic: I have but for me it's just trying a bit too hard. It is delicious (mostly), but as much as I like trying more experimental flavors what I crave is a bit more traditional. For me McConnell's balances that perfectly.

Los Angeles in 3 Days: The 25 Best Bites in LA for $20 and Under

Lots of my favorites on here! Minor correction though: you missed the Sweet in Sweet Rose Creamery. Also, and this might be scandalous but I think the best ice cream in LA is actually from Santa Barbera: McConnell's at Grand Central.

Beyond Jell-O: Everything You Can Do With a Packet of Gelatin

Don't forget homemade marshmallows and pudding pops! That's where all of my gelatin stash usually ends up. Or mousse cakes of many varieties.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

This post and the subsequent comments totally made my day!

Light and Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

I just made these and I think my sour cream must be unusually thick because the batter was more like muffin batter (I did it by weight and made no substitutions). They still turned out tasty but I had to literally spread them into circles with the spatula it was so thick. I love the idea (and taste) of sour cream in the base but I think the consistency its consistency might be problematic for this recipe.

In-N-Out's Double-Double, Animal Style

Just made these, crazy good! And I live about 7 minutes from an In-n-out.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Brining Chicken or Turkey

I just finished spatch-cocking (ha!) my bird and I showered it with the dry brine. I just guessed that it would be easier to get the brine on all parts of the bird if I spatch-cocked it first? I can't find in either this article or the spatch-cocking article what to do with the dry brine on the turkey before cooking? Do I need to rinse the bird? Do I just pat it dry? If you could answer before 3pm PST tomorrow I'd appreciate it!

Manner Matters: How to Deal With Lateness

As an optimist I find it impossible to trick people into the correct time. If the event is at 7 and I tell them 6:30, I convince myself that maybe this time they might be on time and show up early myself. I can't bear to inconvenience other people and find it *almost* impossible to believe other people either don't mind, or kind of enjoy it.

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

A mushroom "bolognese" that we eat at least once a week in the winter!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Mustering the Troops

I seriously said the same thing about coke not two days ago, almost word for word! I find it so weird that people still do it, and apparently they do. I associate it so strongly with preppy 80s Wall street types. I saw someone in a bar bathroom recently doing it and felt like clutching my pearls!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My 18-Hour Work Day

I really love this series. Can I suggest one of the columns be a biography piece? The French training comment totally surprised me! The little glimpses into your past are totally fascinating.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors

Ok, just checked out out Tyson's instragram. Anyone who thinks he is throwing money around should have a look (! I now fully appreciate how much work an endeavor like that must take.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors

Thanks Tyson, I'll check it out!

Serious Eats used to have the most lovely, civil, community in the comments. It would be nice if we could somehow get back to that. One idea is to just totally ignore the people who are laying out bait.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors

I love this series! one request though: I'd like to see more photos that have to do with the particular chapter. It would be cool to see the space as it transforms.

Family Coming to LA? Take Them to These Restaurants

I think this is a pretty solid list. And, I agree that JPET's list is a real bummer. I am going to nitpick one thing though, does Mozza consider themselves Neapolitan style? I understand that to mean very thin, very simple, water, salt, yeast, 00 flour. I lova Mozza, and I'm freaking lucky that it's in my neighborhood, but the style seems much more of a modern American pizza. I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong!

Ed Levine on Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son:' The Best Contemporary Food Memoir of 2013

What's with the LA hate!!? I dream about his veggie tacos and kimchi quesadillas....... going to put this on my reading list. Thanks!

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches From Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Now in NYC

That does appear to be a macaroon, not macaron. Macaroons come from France, or Italy, originally too (the root is really the same for both cookies), and coconut is actually a North American reinvention. Nut flour was the original base. I suspect if Jeni calls it a French Macaroon I think she might be trying to warn people not to expect coconut. The ones on her website do not have feet.